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Boat Plans From The Internet


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Boat Plans From The Internet

  1. 1. Boat Plans From The InternetBoat Building Plans for your first project are right here! Take a look atthis unbelievable Boat Building Plans package!It’s the dream of many of us: To get out there into the workshop, spend a few months sawingand planing and sanding and varnishing. And then being able to announce to the family “Here itis! I’ve done it! Now let’s go for a sail!”If only it was as easy as that. If you’re a beginner in the business of building your own boat thenyou’ll need a good deal of guidance both before you start and as you go along. And that’s whyI’m going to recommend a boat building plans package called simply My Boat Plans. “What’sthat?” you ask. Well, quite simply:“…it’s the best boat building plans package available on the entire Internet!”This is the sort of thing I’m talking about. The My Boat Plans package gives you everything youneed to get started on your first boat building plans project.Now, you probably heard the guy say ‘…500 boat plans…’. You might have thought youmis-heard him. Well, you didn’t! The downloadable pack contain five hundred eighteenseparate boat building plans for all sorts of boat designs.Here’s a (very) partial list of the boat building plans included in the package. You can read thislist and tons of other stuff on the My Boat Plans but I’m including it here so you can see whatI’m talking about:34 Sailboats Including:?Bannock – Versatile Craft; Sail, paddle, or use a small outboardmotor, Biloxi Moon – Easy to build; Smart starter sailboat, Breeze-Baby – 16-foot cruisingsailboat that can be built on a low budget, Cat’s Paw – 12-foot sailboat that planes with onlyone person aboard, Crescent – Very forgiving 12-foot sailboat that is easy to build, Dart – Fast13-foot sailboat ideal for protected waterways,Falcon – 14-foot frisky centerboard sailboat;Seats 4 and great design, Graifen Ten – Ideal for learning the basics of sailing but fun forall, Gypsy – 24-foot sailboat with a 9’2? beam; 6,000 pound displacement, Boat building plansfor Hobby Kat – Fast catamaran that can reach speeds up to 20 mph, Jamaican – Funfiberglass sailboat, Manu – 20-foot sailboat with speeds up to 30mph, Missile – Small, 19-footracing sailboat with a 50-inch beam, Pet rel – 16-foot sailboat; Can be built a daysailer or anovernighter, Sea Mite – 10-foot sailboat with an inverted V-bottom, Southwind – 22-footdory-sharpie; Capable of moderate speeds, Star-Lite – 27.5-foot sailboat with a private headand working galley, Tabu – 18-foot, sport sailor; Rides over the water surface, Boat buildingplans for Tern – 72 square feet of sails; Let nature foot the power bill with this one, Zephyr –14-foot international dinghy class sailboat; Good in rough water.46 Rowboats, Canoes, and Kayaks Including:?Anyone’s Rowboat – Easy 12-16-footrowboat, Blue Bill Kayak/Canoe – 13 foot kayak and canoe combo, Can’t Sink Dinghy – Just tryto sink this great little 9.5-foot dinghy, Canvasback Kayak – Great little kayak, Boat buildingplans for Car Top Boat – Fun, lightweight rowboat, Cheap Canoe – 13-foot canoe, ChessyRowboat – 15-foot skiff; Row or use an outboard, Cork Fishing Auto Topper – 9-foot, 52 lbsrowboat, Folding Kayak – Folds like a book; Can be carried on the roof of your car?Glide EasyCanoe – 15-foot plywood canoe, Handy Andy Rowboat – 10-foot folding boat, Hunting Kayak – 1/3
  2. 2. Shallow, draft 2-seater, Jolly Roger Boat – Small rowboat; Great project for the young guys, JonBoat – Flat-bottom scow; Great for fishing in shallows with weeds, Boat building plans for aJunior Dinghy – All purpose rowboat; Easy to build, General Kayak – Folding kayak, KingCanvasback – Lightweight kayak, King Fisher – 9-foot pram boat, Little Chief Canoe – Easy tobuild, large canoe, Multi Use Skiff – 13-foot, 9 -inch rowboat, Northwind Kayak Boat –Flat-bottom, cruising kayak; 19-foot, Pedal Cat Water Bike – Cruising water bike; Verycool!, Boat building plans for a Pintail Duck Boat – Lightweight duck boat, Plyak – Small,plywood kayak, Pod – 15-foot rowboat, Redwood Canoe – 16-foot, 74lb canoe, Row and SailDory – Rowboat that you can sail, Boat building plans for Sea Skiff – 13-foot, 9-inch boat thatcan be rowed or use a motor, Sea Midge – Small, 3-way pram, Sneak Box Duck Boat – 12-foot,historic duck boat.36 Runabout Outboard Boats Including:?Ace 2-Seater – Speedy runabout for towing waterskiers, All Purpose Portable Boat – Inexpensive, easy to build, and safe, Banta 12-Footer –Lightweight, utility boat with easy handling, Bebop Kid’s 8-Footer – Costs almost nothing tobuild, Blitzen – Speedy outboard runabout for Class B racing, Blue Streak – Prop riding on herhydro-conic bottom; Great racer, Boat building plans for a Buzz – Lightweight hydroplaneadapted to car top carrying, Cobra 15-Footer – Fin-tailed outboard runabout, DragonFly II –Super fast yet very stable hydroplane, Firefly – Speedy hydroplane; Guaranteed fun, FlyingFisherman – Fast outboard utility; Easy drive hull and 11.5-feet, Jumping Jack – Generalpurpose small outboard.12 Paddle Wheel Boats Including:?Bicycle Pedal Boat – Consists of two pontoons and an oldbicycle frame, Foot Pedal Catamaran – Paddle across the lake in this fun catamaran, Boatbuilding plans for a Kid’s Paddle Pusher – Sturdy and easily build; Great for youngcaptains, Marty Paddle – Colorful appearance and pedal operated, Paddle Wheel Bass Boat –Great for fishing in hard to reach spots.7 Runabout Inboard Boats Including:?Churn 15-Footer – Speedy inboard runabout, Large SeaSkiff – 17-foot, Seabright skiff, Nancy Jane 19-Footer – All purpose craft for a variety ofuses, Boat building plans for a Panther 15-Footer – High-speed inboard runabout, Riveria17-Footer – 17-foot luxury boat designed for ski towing, Sea Scout 14-Footer – Single cockpitinboard runabout, Small Inboard Boat – Small inboard; Perfect for the kids9 Novelty Boats Including:?Battle Surfboards – Small craft with shoot balls made of cork, Boatbuilding plans for Cold Lightning – 100mph Skeeter class iceboat, Corky – Non-sinkable vesselthat’s great for the kids; A quick build, Floating Swimming Boat – A floating platform great forthe whole family, Motorized Surfboard – The name says it all, Pontune – Great pontoon familyboat for parties, fishing, swimming, etc., Boat building plans for a Sport Submarine – Great boatfor underwater explorations, Boat building plans for The Thing – Unconventional looking boat.just check out the plans., Whizz – Slick looking ice yacht, 5 House Boats Including: Bayou Belle– 25-foot, 8-inch scow that can be built as a houseboat, Budget Houseboat – Like a camper thatgoes on the water, Boat building plans for a Float a Home – Luxurious 21-footer that is verystable, Parti-O Boat – About 20-feet long and easy to build, Boat building plans for PlatformBoat – You can build any type of floating fun on top of it12 Cabin Cruiser Boats Including:?Caballero – Designed for the amateur builder; Roomy andfast, Dolphin – 16-foot boat designed for use with a trailer, Eager Eve – 18-foot, fast luxuryboat, Flight – Speedy outboard runabout cruiser, Boat building plans for HaPenny – SmallV-bottom express cruiser, Sea Angler – 20-foot cruiser of the deep; V-hull, Sea Babe – 15-foot 2/3
  3. 3. cruising comfort and speed in one package, Sea Craft – 25-foot cruiser ideal for large lakes and rivers, Sea Hawk – 12-foot outboard cabin cruiser perfect for overnight trips, Boat building plans for Sportsman – 18-foot day cruiser great for day cruising and short trips, Sunfish – Unconventional looking cruiser and weighs only 375 lbs, Sunapee – Sturdy 22-foot cruiser for the experienced boat builder. 19 Hydroplanes Including:?Air Marine Special – Class F hydroplane; Not for the faint of heart, Boat building plans for Atomite – 9.5-foot hydroplane; Fast and furious, Banshee – Z-Class racing runabout; Will do about 45mph, Boat building plans for a Cab Over Hydro – 3-point hydroplane with speeds up to 75mph, Dingbat – 8-foot water scooter; Can be built in a day, Doodle Bug – Trim, single-cockpit outboard, Boat building plans for Dragonfly – 10-foot hydroplane adapted to all classes of outboard motor, EL CTD – Sport boat that you can build in days for very little money, Flyer – Gives maximum speed under normal competitive conditions There are about five times as many boat building plans in the actual package than I’ve shown above. PLUS, you get: Forty five videos (that’s over ten hours) of high quality presentations that help you along with visual, step-by-step instruction on many facets of boat building, from a total beginning to end walkthrough to selecting materials and even boat repair (should that ever be necessary!). There’s a very helpful video on calculations, a must if you’re planning to use the Boat Design Software (see below). A fully licensed copy of 3D Boat Design Software. I know for sure that this sells at $49.95 (I know because I bought a copy!). This is a superb piece of software for anyone wanting to go just that bit further than following pre-drawn boat plans and who’s keen to design their own boat hull. The Complete Boatbuilder’s Guide. Over 600 pages of illustrations, tips, guidance and instructions on just about every aspect of the practical side of boatbuilding. Essential reading for beginners. Boat Building Secrets. More of the same sort of information, culled from different sources with a wide range of material covered. Well worth a thorough read before you decide on which boat plans you’re going to use and then embark on your project. Boat Safety Regulations Guide. Again, essential reading whatever type of boat you’re planning to build. Covering all the essentials from electrical systems to ventilation and fuel systems to loading requirements. And…Full lifetime membership of the My Boat Plans Forum, a busy boat building plans forum where you can interact with like-minded individuals discussing just about every aspect of boat plans and boat construction. You can learn a lot here so be sure to get involved! You can read more at This boat design site 3/3Powered by TCPDF (