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Performance Appraisal Training


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Foundation for California Community Colleges
Human Resources Department
August 8, 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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Performance Appraisal Training

  1. 1. Performance Appraisal TrainingFoundation for California Community Colleges Human Resources Department August 10, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Purpose of Performance Appraisals• Performance Management Cycle• Developing Goals and Assessing Performance• Foundation Performance Appraisal Process• Performance Appraisal Forms• Q&A
  3. 3. Purpose of Appraising Performance• Performance Management and Goals, Mission, etc.• Organizational Goals• Departmental Goals• Individual Employee Goals
  4. 4. Performance Management Cycle• Performance Appraisal and Goal Setting• Feedback, Check-in Initial Goal Setting• Adjustments as appropriate Meeting• Annual Review Annual Performance Performance Performance and Goal Management and Goals Review Cycle Regular Feedback Meeting
  5. 5. Developing Goals• Tie to organizational and departmental needs and goals• Account for: • Competencies • Skills • Experience • Professional Growth • Available Resources
  6. 6. Developing Goals• Create a plan to achieve• SMART Goals • Specific • Measurable • Actionable • Realistic • Time-bound
  7. 7. Performance Appraisal Process• Self-Evaluation• Supervisory Assessment• Performance Appraisal Meeting• Finalize, Sign and Send to Human Resources • Due 8/31/12 • Send to Shannon MacGregor • Include Job Description
  8. 8. Performance Appraisal Meeting• Identify areas of agreement and difference• Gather information• Keep an open mind• Meaningful discussion/adequate time• Be specific• Be fair and consistent• Be constructive• Discuss development (plans, actions, goals, etc.)
  9. 9. Things to Remember• Keep your scheduled appraisal meetings• Measure what is important• Avoid surprises• Be honest, but sensitive• If you made a mistake, be willing to fix it
  10. 10. Appraisal FormRating Scale• Exceptional (5)• Exceeds (4)• Meets (3)• Needs Improvement (2)• Unsatisfactory (1)
  11. 11. Appraisal Form SectionsSection 1: Goals Review & Rating• Ratings reflect: • Level of Completion • Quality • Obstacles • Adjustments• Add meaningful comments
  12. 12. Appraisal Form Sections (continued)Section 2: Goals for Next Period• Based on needs and goals (organization and department)• Plan• SMART • Specific • Measurable • Actionable • Realistic • Time-bound
  13. 13. Appraisal Form Sections (continued)Section 3: Performance Competencies• Combines similar competencies into groups• Select appropriate competencies based on job duties and goals• Use examples• Keep an open mind
  14. 14. Appraisal Form Sections (continued)Section 4: Job Description Review• Opportunity to revise• Update to reflect current and future responsibilities• Reflects department and program needs• Email all job descriptions to Shannon MacGregor at
  15. 15. Appraisal Form Sections (continued)Section 5: Signatures• Supervisory Comments and Summary• Employee Comments• Send signed, and completed Appraisal Form to Shannon MacGregor by 8/31/12
  16. 16. Questions?Thank You!