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Will Humanity Survive on Earth?


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Earth and humanity is in danger. Every one is aware of it. Stephen Hawking gave call to “Abandon Earth or face Extinction”, James Lovelock, the father of Gaia has given “Final Warning” do we hope of surviving on earth? What is the fate of Humanity?

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Will Humanity Survive on Earth?

  1. 1. Home 2012 Science Meets God Will Humanity Survive on Earth? Or Will “Final Warning” of Gaia Unfold? Do we need to Abandon Earth to Survive? The Truth of how Earth and Human Future is Unfolding  Introduction  What is the cause for this pessimistic thinking?  The Scientist who understood the Reality of Nature and what he thinks about Future of Humanity  Advancing Gaia and Knowing the Truth to Transform and Survive  The Platform that can Transform the World  Advancing Gaia to know the Truth and Transcend 2012 -The Secret of Awakening of Consciousness and Intelligence  The immediate steps humanity needs to take to stem the collapse  References Introduction The above questions, I am sure should have erupted in the minds of all intellectuals who have cared to observe the nature and the society that is unfolding before our eyes. Powered by science and its advancement, we are engaged in reckless exploitation of material nature. Money and market seems to engage our mind.
  2. 2. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, control and so on. But one look at the world shows the opposite results. The disorder in the world is increasing as never before, corruption, conquering motive and hatred rules it. Humanity has turned against humanity in the name of God. The world is silently getting polarized in the name of God and religion. With all the weapons of mass destruction at their disposal, the situation is much more serious than the era of nuclear hostility between two big nations - America and Russia. Dispute over lands of Birth of God, is threatening the nations to stand still. The earth and its four forces, which otherwise supported life, today has turned highly destructive. The Climate change and global warming is there for everyone to see. Everything appears gloomy for humanity. There is something wrong in the knowledge on which we exist and function. Recently, well known and highly acknowledged theoretical scientist, Prof Stephen Hawking gave a call to humanity ”Abandon Earth or face Extinction” [Ref -5A ]. This summarizes the failure of Temples of science to protect and lead humanity in the right path. He is not alone, another famous scientist Prof. Michio Kaku who often speaks of grand fairly tale visions of science leading us to planetary, stellar, galactic level of civilizations [Ref- 50 ] did speak pessimistically about the upcoming days. [Ref- 51]. Many reports that came from NASA gives a grim picture [ Ref-2,3,4,5]. The most important however came from Noble Lauret and father of Gaia Hypothesis/Theory, James Lovelock, who gave the bell of “Final Warning” of the Gaia. [Ref –49, 48, 47, 46 ] What is the cause for this pessimistic thinking? The principle cause is that we don’t know the interrelationship and oneness of nature and its working holistically. Theoretical physicists have been changing their vision of nature from time to time. With recent developments in “string theory” they have come out with “Multiple Universe Theory”, making the system more complex and beyond the comprehension of common man and their own wildest imaginations. Science is built on the fundamental assumption that universe is made of matter. Initially it was built on a single force called gravity, later they ended with four basic forces; gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear that could not be united. Further the foundation of science that was based on predictability broke down with unpredictability theory.
  3. 3. With “Unpredictability Theory” science split into two - “Quantum Mechanic Group” that deals with subatomic world and Einstein’s, relativity group that deals with large scale structures from above atoms to planets, stellar systems and galaxies. With advances in “Quantum Mechanics” man could not over look his role in nature. Terms like mind and consciousness became integral to science. T he balance is now shifted towards the age old spiritual thinking that universe is conscious and intelligent being and mind and consciousness plays an important role. But the dispute is unsettled. Peeping beyond atom to stellar levels and peeping into atom has added complexity and truth is becoming murkier than before. The attempts of theoretical scientist to imagine the origin of the universe ends in a pessimistic state where either everything collapses into a point and explodes into fire ball, or the system shears down and goes into oblivion due to the expansion. [References 53 series speaks of developments leading changing cosmological Picture], further developments in recent time have led to bizarre pictures that lead you no where and leaves the whole world confused [Ref -54 and 17 Series]. The quantum mechanics group that broke up an atom and looked for particles within atoms, ended in a sea of energy where particles are born spontaneously and disappears spontaneously in pairs. Some of these theoretical physicists are attempting weave a picture of conscious and intelligent Living Universe Theory in line with spiritual scripture of ancient east [Ref- 10, 11, 35]. Some other physicists like Fritjoff Capra, a pioneer in showing the parallels in eastern and western knowledge [Ref -55 series] are attempting visualize the universe in the living mode applying the system thinking. But the clarity to their thinking has failed to emerge. The key to our survival exist in comprehending the simplicity of the living universe form the building block level and goes to incorporate all the developments in science and spirituality in a sensible way. Of all the laws of science only two laws seems to be permanent. They are the first and second law of thermodynamics. Time is inevitable reality and thus all ancient Spiritual scriptures, which visualized universe as living also speaks of an end of time. From the point of Great Mayan civilization, the present time cycle ends in December 21 2012. Though such accurate prediction is not done in any other scriptures, every
  4. 4. scripture some how has prophesies that point to a time around this point that could turn crucial for human survival [Ref -1]. No body knows clearly what would happen and at this point of time. This has become central point of worlds pessimistic thinking. There has been revival in spirituality in the last 3 decades. The cause seems to exist in natural process. The time seems to be stressing human mind and consciousness to evolve to conquer time and survive. The spiritual revival is good but is happening within the frame work of religions. In the absence of truth of oneness of God, the human population that works and lives from his mind is polarizing in the name of religion and is growing restless. The unenlightened religious leaders constantly work for quantitative advancement of their religion virtually filling hatred about other religions, than infusing love and causing qualitative transformation and growth of individuals and collective humanity. This has made the world situation that is already filled with weapons of mass destruction highly volatile. The one single cause for the whole situation thus is the lack of truth and oneness of nature. Theoretical physicists came as liberators of humanity from the clutches unenlightened spiritual leaders, but have failed to find the Truth of Nature, its oneness and working in a sensible way to lead humanity in the right path. Their partial contribution has led to reckless exploitation of material nature. This in turn has added huge amount of heat into the environment and has led to breaking of the time and energy cycle and interfering into the process of Earth’s functioning to maintain order. Consequently the whole world has grown highly unstable. The increasing heat of the environment is actually shearing all the systems enclosed in it. The systems are losing energy and collapsing. We are witnessing it every where on earth as natural catastrophes. This is also reflected in the instability of individual and collective minds of humanity and fall of quality in human beings and thus the social structure. No wonder people speak of Doomsday. Before going any further, I find it appropriate to quote from Einstein "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - - and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." The one man who made such an attempt was Noble Lauret James Lovelock and his co-worker Margulis Lynn
  5. 5. The Scientist who understood the Reality of Nature and what he thinks about Future of Humanity In my opinion the only people from science who came close to understanding the reality of nature are Noble Laurets James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn. The hypothesis they developed is known as Gaia Hypothesis [See Ref -45 series]. It described the universe as self organizing Living Systems. They were not bothered about peeping into distant galaxies or into an atom, but were sensitive to the reality of the world we live in. They elegantly argued that nature cannot be understood as a material system, but needs to be understood as a composite system, where life and material system are intertwined into one inseparable system. But the world has failed to grow beyond the hypnosis of Theoretical Scientist to understand its Truth or explore his path. In his book “The Vanishing Face of Gaia-”, James Lovelock has given the “Final Warning” to Humanity. In an interview to Mr. Oliver Morten of Journal Nature he says very clearly “When a system grows unstable it goes into positive feedback. When the positive feed back strengthens, then any small perturbation in either direction gets amplified. Then the tendency to cool gives really cold winter, and tendency to heat gives really hot summer, and it finally flips and flips right away to its hot state” [ Ref -49]. If you stand back and observe nature and its environment we note that what James Lovelock predicted is coming true. The heat is peaking and falling abruptly leading to huge forest fire and flash flood. The frequency and magnitude of this peak and fall is increasing as never before, causing huge catastrophes. James Lovelock clearly says that we will not have any time for space exploration, rather we humans will be struggling to survive on planet earth in the very near future and that human population would be reduced drastically [Ref -48 ]. The signs of his pessimistic outlook are already written all over earth. Advancing Gaia and Knowing the Truth to Transform and Survive
  6. 6. As a freelance researcher, agriculturist [who once worked with some high priority national biotechnology research] I also have come to similar conclusion independently from James Lovelock, with first hand observation of nature and life and some simple logical thinking that has led me to visualize universe as self organizing living system. The only difference is that, I hold a golden future to humanity in the midst of all destruction. But this did not come to me from my mind and its potentials, but its death and its initialization into spirituality. This is explored in my site. Here are the basic observations and abstracts of the logical thinking. 1] Earth is designed into minimum of two parts a right and left or west and east. When west awakes to sun light and the material matter in it goes into disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order. When light peaks in the west, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in east and gives way to light. There appears to be a point perceiver in the system that perceives the limit and flips, creating a wave that changes the day into night and vice-versa. The system is instantaneously connected and designed for change. The instantaneous change is then communicated in time to the external world forming 12 hour day and night cycle. The day and night cycle and the energy flow on earth resemble the working of a double pump or heart of a living system. What is important to note is that there is an internal world where there is instantaneous communication that is beyond time, and there is an external world that is bound by communication in time. The left and right that we considered is the lower limit, the actual system should consist of multiples of 2 and more left and right frames. It also means there are a minimum and maximum and an optimum. This limitation to communicate and sustain the system may not be applicable to internal world that is instantaneously communicated but would become limiting factor for the external world. Note- Space it self has a minimum of three left and right frame. To know it take an apple cut in vertically at right angles through the center and once horizontally to the vertical through the center. 8 thus forms stable unit in space. In the article “Dynamic
  7. 7. Nature” it is argued that the minimum for a self organizing living dynamic system is a pair of 8 component systems – male and female 2] The 12 unit day and night cycle is embedded in 12 month climatic cycle, with a heat and cold peaks of its own. This can be extended into 12 year cycle and eventually could be related to 2012, end time, return of Christ, Dharma Yuga and such enigma’s 3] Very important point to noted here is that, the above process we discussed helps the earth system to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter and thus the temperature of earth. The problems and the predictions that James Lovelock gave us begins to manifests when this design and functioning of earth is disturbed. We already noted that the system is designed for instantaneous and time bound communication. What this means there is spiritual action field and material action field. The action in spiritual field is spontaneous and is beyond time. It basically functions to create order in the material world. But the act ion and reaction in the spiritual world needs time to spread out and function in material world to create order. When this time is shrunk below some limit the climate begins get disordered. Note – Two 8 component living dynamic system is the simplest. The advanced one consist of a pair of 72 component system with 8 component internal part and 64 component external part, together forming 144 component dynamic system. Read “Dynamic Nature” this means there is a minimum number of grid point through which energy and information flows forming the climate changes. When the number of grid point is deceased climate begins to show aberrations. Thus nature is designed with two simultaneous but opposite cycles. When this double cycle is disturbed unilaterally, the only way the system can survive is by unwinding such that the temperature is kept constant. But there is limit to this unwinding, beyond which the system would collapse and flip. Probably 16 components with 96 grid points could be the minimum. Beyond this system would begin to c ollapse at rapid phase and flip and reorganize. As the system approaches this point, it shows the sudden peaks and fall in heat before it flattens out. One can imagine this situation by looking at the cardiogram of a patient before the death. The pessimistic
  8. 8. thinking of the father of Gaia hypothesis probably comes from this and it is happening. It is definitely is a sign and call for humanity to awaken. 4] The two laws of thermodynamics are the foundation of nature. By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, the material world we discussed in time should collapse to a point, without any reason for existence. The big bang or singularity comes from this reality. Thus the more appropriate way to look at nature is to look at it as Gaia described by James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn. 5] Let us now see how life influences material world. Plant life absorbs light and heat and thus works against disorder, when night falls and material matter winds, plants assimilate energy and matter creatively to produce mass that grows against gravity. When second law of thermodynamics is applied to material and living systems, we note that they are oppositely directed. This means plants deny the gravitational collapse. In short plant systems are anti-gravitational by instinct and thus we see a second force that opposes gravity. This is a proven fact in science but is over looked by theoretical scientist. Technically this means so called singularity or big bang visualized by modern theoretical scientists is impossible even if one living cell exist. Material world with plants forms a two dimensional system. If the plants are not controlled it takes the system to anti-gravitational collapse. Thus herbivore controls plant and carnivore control herbivore and the whole system is dynamically self sustaining. It is a three dimensional system and it is Gaia that is self sustaining with no preferred direction of time. Important point to note – Whne Newton framed his therory of Gravity, he assumd a non-eauilibrium. Logically this means anti-gravity and life is founded on some form of symmetry or eauilibrium. This explored in “Dynamic Nature” 5] The scenario changes, the moment we bring adult human beings into the picture. Adult humans break the law, turn corrupt, seek “self” at all cost and become slave to material force. Human mind creates the time direction to gravitational collapse. An adult human mind gets disconnected from His consciousness and inner intelligence and come to live by the mind of the body or the inferior intelligence. [How it manifest is discussed under “Dynamic Nature”]. We think that we adult humans are intelligent but in reality we are the most unintelligent life on earth. The truth and
  9. 9. complete comprehension nature cannot come to humanity by the faculty of the mind and its extensions. This reality is beautifully written in spiritual scriptures and forms the foundation of their science. It clearly says that the Truth cannot be perceived from the “mind of the body”. It comes to humanity by Grace and as part of Divine Plan. It reveals through chosen minds that has surrendered. Thus the ancient cultures especially of the East speak and teaches means to silence the mind and grow beyond the mind to seek truth that exist in the realm of heart. All the power of life and intelligence exists in the realm of heart. This aspect is discussed in the site. It is the foundation of Jesus’ philosophy and its root exist in Vedas. This power is awakened in many and is working to sustain the world. 6] The truth is simple; universe is living, it is a conscious and intelligent being. It is one whole conscious field that contains both light and darkness, but in time its Master [Intelligence] divides it in two and manifests a mind. This reality can be perceived from one celled zygote twitching and dividing one cell to form two cells. The single cell is only passing state where time is conquered and creation occurs. Once the creation process [DNA replication] is done a bright stellar objects arises on one side of the cell wall called “Centriole”, which later divides and moves to the pole twitching the one cell into two. The process continues to form the multiple celled beings. One can view this as enfolding of consciousness by the intelligence or the Master of the field to sustain the system. The reality thus is two and multiple of two celled state with a mind. In the two folded state of consciousness the mind is simple and pure and is capable of comprehending the truth. Its comprehension decreases when it enfolds further to form four celled state. It further decreases when the system enfolds into eightfold structure. It goes into darkness when it goes into 16 celled state. The sixteen celled state actually differentiate two worlds of 8 out of one conscious and intelligent field. Here minds capacity to comprehend truth is lost. It loses the direct connection with inner realms. This evolution of mind from simplicity to complexity is described in ancient Vedic culture in terms of deterioration of justice and truth and there by qualitative deterioration individualand society. They consider it as time cycle of the universe and describe it in terms of four yugas - Golden age, Silver age, Bronze age and Iron age. It can be understood form life
  10. 10. cycle, as childhood, first part of adulthood and second part of adulthood where “self” manifest and man comes to live by his mind and senses that connect to the material world. The deterioration begins here. From the Biblical point it is the point at which Adam and Eve or humanity is thrown away from Kingdom of God and humanity is left to grope in darkness. Time direction exists even in this disordered situation and thus the system reaches the third critical point at which collapse becomes inevitable. See Fig:QD-5. These aspects are discussed in the site.
  11. 11. In short there are two universes one male and female, which are one. They form the right and left of one whole. In time it creates many universes. This multiple universe is not beyond time or the second law of thermodynamics. The creator actually works against time. It resists time direction by means of a law. The famous and singular law the Creator puts on the created is not to eat from the “Tree at the Center”. This invariably means God the creator was resisting humanity from becoming slave to material world and its force leading the world to gravitational collapse. Today man is at the peak of this slavery and is leading to self destruction or collapse. The question is can we survive? If so How? The survival now depends of the realization of “Truth of Nature” or its living reality and awakening at individual and collective level to transform the world. The platform for this transformation can only emerge when humanity knows the truth of the universe. It calls for advancing human knowledge from material to living. In short we should understand the “Living Universe Theory” by advancing Gaia Hypothesis. The Platform that can Transform the World The foundation of this transformation should come from Unification Theory that is sensible and comprehensible to common man and explains the interrelationship and oneness in a simple way so that every one can understand The most sensible way to understand universe is to understand it as interplay of two forces the gravity and anti-gravity. It needs to be understood as interplay of two worlds, the material and living. This is explored in the site in detail in various contexts. This calls us to review the very foundation of science and its assumption that the universe is built on four forces. The whole confusion and complexity emerged with discovery of electromagnetic force and its wrong interpretation as a new force. If you review and re-visualize this development in science we note that electromagnetic force is the only force in nature. Gravity and mass is simply a manifestation of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is associated with electromagnetic particle that exit as pairs and can take two possible manifestat ions. 1] Where pairs of electromagnetic particles exist separated then the forces between the particles are directed away from the center.
  12. 12. 2] When the particle exists united the forces are directed to the center. When it exists united, it forms a system that has minimum non-equilibrium or [mass]. We must note here that the two particles cannot be equal; it should exist as a ratio. Equal and opposite forces cancel then it cannot have a mass or property of gravity. This is discussed under the “Dynamic Nature” in the site. The system works to maintain this state. In short when two electromagnetic particles combine they form a system [atom] and the force is directed to the center. When they are free and are separated the forces are directed away from the center. Here it has the maximum non-equilibrium or mass and travels with maximum speed possible. We are differentiating here Newtonian matter [atom] and Einsteinian Matter electromagnetic particle. The underground reality that drives the system and manifest into motion is an attempt to seek higher and higher state of equilibrium. This means the building blocks of nature should have non equilibrium in its left and right frame. In other words it should exist as ratio, and should be capable of dancing between two states. A pair of such particle forms a system [atom] and 2 pair forms a system [atom] that is stable in 8 component space. But the relationship between these pairs should fallow the same ratio relationship, if the system needs to be alive and vibrating. This is discussed in the “Dynamic System” and form the core of my vision of nature. I am not sure whether it can be expressed in any mathematical language. But I would like to call your attention to the fact that Einstein pondering about nature wrote in his biography that, we need to replace constant of physical equations with some form of ratios that changes. Recently I saw report that “changes are spotted in fundamental constants” [Ref -40} The notion of second type of force came because we failed to comprehend how the force acts. The Newtonian vision imparts into our mind that force is directed one and it is always denoted by an arrow. In reality force is spiral it is transferred in three units. The system breaks and goes into observable action and reaction when it touches the third critical point. The system resists this disturbance. This accounts for creativity, formation of molecules, complex systems, formation of biological system and biological functioning. It explains the qualitative aspects behind quantum reality. This is discussed in the site. Again the proof that force consists of
  13. 13. 3 units, is evident from the result of Newtonian Mechanics that was over looked. It was found that the ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies, irrespective of type of forces is always found to be 3. Let me now review the famous experiment that brought in the notion of electromagnetism as a second force. The following figure shows the experiment. The first figure speaks of a school level experiment that speaks of electromagnetic force. The fig 66 shows how, the observed results actually manifest when force is understood as spiral one. The strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force is explained in the site. There are no four forces in nature only two – Gravity and Anti-gravity. This now paves the way for developing and understanding the universal system, from only two forces; gravity that is centripetal and anti-gravity that is centrifugal. The centrifugal force has its root in biological system. The root of biological system should have a system that has some form of equilibrium in space and its works to protect its equilibrium. Here I have suggested that an inert element that fills the eight components of space could form the foundation of living system. [This is discussed in Dynamic Nature]
  14. 14. The universe now could be understood from two fields or worlds - the material world, that winds and tends to collapse to a point and living field or consciousness field and its intelligence that unwinds form within to resist the collapse. The earth planets and the whole universal system are sustained by these two opposing forces. The system is not beyond time. The living reality in fact consists of two worlds; the male and female or the right and left and the intelligence that exist as a perceiver with a law, resisting gravity that is directed to the center and collapse. The present situation is a natural process of evolution of the Living Universe. We are in the last phase of Universal Time Cycle, where truth and justice has deteriorated to the minimum and the system is reaching the peak of disorder and darkness. It is inching to a possible collapse and under human mind that seeks self at all cost and has become slave to material world. There is a limit to everything beyond the limit the system breaks down. Father of Gaia was true to observe the “Vanishing face of Gaia” and give the “Final Warning”. He was working within the frame work of science as he spoke it. The science that becomes applicable to biological system is nonlinear science. According to it when the system peaks to disorder, the system has to break down and spontaneously go into new order. We are in the peak and no body knows how this flip and order comes forth. Thus people look at it pessimistically. I am sure large majority of intellectuals look at it pessimistically though they fail to speak it. Few spiritually enlightened scientists speak positive, but are not absolute about it. New born Christians rest their hope on Second Coming of Christ, because when Christ came he spoke of victory to good, but 2010 years down the lane we still see evil flourishing. Those who experience Miracle Cure, came out of the mouth of death, might carry a hope of God and good flourishing. However, when they are back in the society, he is bound to lose this hope because the whole system of which he is part is inching to self destruction. The question looms can we survive and enter the Golden Age. If so how, what price individual and humanity has to pay to transcend this critical period and survive. All these questions can be answered in all its simplicity, by advancing Gaia hypothesis Advancing Gaia to know the Truth and Transcend 2012 -The Secret of Awakening of Consciousness and Intelligence
  15. 15. Gaia hypothesis is the best scientific description of the dynamic world we live in and where it is tending. The time direction in the present world is directed to increased heat and disorientation of systems functioning to maintain its equilibrium. We did see how Earth is designed to sustain certain energy to matter ratio and how we are interfering into this functioning of earth by breaking the time cycle. Gaia hypothesis of James Lovelocks dealt only with the “manifested phase” of a living system. But a living system is designed with a “manifesting Phase” in which, life actually conquers time and initializes. When we incorporate this aspect of the living reality we see new dimension to Gaia hypothesis Life conquers time and initializes time, when the Spirit of the Father, leaves it body to meet the spirit of Mother to form one single cell called zygote. Here we must note that, only Spirit of Father enters the feminine world to recreate new body out of the old. Here the biologist might argue that the DNA and Genes are involved. We must note DNA and gene is built up information, behind this information we need to assume the perceiver who works to create the information. This exposes it self when we go beyond the genes to the root of life and explore the black hole white whole and so on - read article “Dynamic System” and “Quantum Entanglement”. I overlook discussing this aspect here. It is the spirit of Father that gives Life and to the system by binding everything into one. It is the anti-gravitational force. It is the breath and the creative force that works against the forces of matter and sustains it. It does so in relation to its pair or the Feminine Spirit. Thus feminine has equally important role in the whole system. The pair of Spirits creates images of itself out of material spirits to create the body of the system. The Childs body is fed by Mothers body. The Mother’s body is now nourished by deteriorating body of the Father from which the spirit of the Father left. This forms a simple organic cycle that supports the inorganic world. No wonder Christ offered His body as food to His disciples. [Last Supper] The spirit of the Father is the cause of breath, expansion and growth. However, the power is maximum when thee child is born and the time elapses the power is reduced. By the time mind matures its power is reduced to half. The material force begins to manifests and man loses the connection with consciousness and
  16. 16. intelligence. He lives by his mind and self and aligns with the gravitational force of matter and focuses to the forbidden center or leads to gravitational collapse. The spirit that governs the system creates disorder such that, the central point cannot be easily comprehended. This is the point at which Adam and Eve are sent out of Eden. Humanity finds himself in darkness. The disorder slows down time, yet the time direction exists in disorder and the march towards collapse and death becomes inevitable. This is proven by non-linear science. The collapse becomes inevitable for the created world, when it touches the third critical point [See Fig:QD-5 above]. Unless recreation and restoration begins at this point the system would die out. What this means in the 3 parts of manifested phase [See Fig:QD-5 above] the Spirit of the Father or the Higher Intelligence works to resist time to sustain the balance of the whole system. But beyond the third critical point it has to go into recreation phase. Comprehension of this secret creative phase not only completes the Gaia Hypothesis, but exposes the beauty of ancient spiritual scripture as a science of the higher order. Here I wish call the philosophy and Christ and His preaching and His self sacrifice as vital point in the history of time cycle. It is the time when universal time was conquered. It is a point in time when the spirit of the Father left its world and conceived in the Mother’s body to recreate a new body out of the old. It is a time when the superior light or knowledge went recessive to the inferior knowledge and allowed human mind free will to rule and create his destiny. The resistance to time direction to death was retreated here and humanity was given the Free Will. The deterioration and collapse of the system began at this point and it is steadily getting accelerated. The earth’s capacity to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter is being hindered by human intervention into her working. She has managed to maintain the temperature, by unfolding thus creating space time and thus maintain the temperature. However this unfolding has a limit beyond which the system would collapse to a point. However, the Good News is that a new world is being created within into to which humanity can transform to survive. I can only perceive this as Light or knowledge of higher order emerging in the peak of disorder to so that order
  17. 17. can spontaneously come out of disorder. The following figure brings forth the “manifested phase” , “manifesting phase” and new manifested phase. I spoke of Christ and His Calvary sacrifice as the creation point. This is very much supported by Vedas. Yajurveda Vs 30-31, which clearly tells us that creation occurred through the self sacrifice of the creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. When I propose Christ and Calvary sacrifice as a key point, I am not supporting the modern day religion called Christianity. In fact the present day world that we live in is the direct consequence of the failure of religion called Christianity to understand and fallow Christ. Religious leaders are supposed to uphold justice and truth and lead
  18. 18. the kingdom in right direction. Today most live in a passive state living cozy life at the expense of public fund, speaking what is written in scriptures but never practicing it. Their position is above that of the king. History Speaks of God manifesting and taking part in the war for justice and truth. Lord Rama and Krishna is an example. Christ signifies the Final Battle and victory. Christ manifestation and actions became a necessity because there was none left who could be justified before God. He showed the way to conquer death and come to life. It should be noted that it is the Christian nations and its leaders who have filled the world with weapons of mass destruction and is the cause for this modern world that is on the edge of collapse. This reflects the failure of Christian religions to uphold the sprit of Christ. It is not only Christian, every religion has deteriorated and moved away from its true path in time. The responsibility of religious leaders is to sustain the quality and strive to improve the quality of the individuals. In contrast the modern day religious leaders work for quantitative growth. Even science has never touched this qualitative aspect. It speaks of number of genes, but not the quality of genes. The world was perplexed to find nearly same number genes in mice and humans. There is a whole realm that exists unexplored by science and religions. Forgive me if I am wrong. I do not find any fault in anyone; actually the nature is evolving in predetermined path with Free Will to humanity. God does not judge. His nature is Love and peace. He works to create and sustain life. But it is time to awaken to the “Truth of Nature” and God, if we need to survive on earth. The only way the world can survive is by knowing the truth. Every research developments in various fields and advances in spirituality are pointing to it. This is bound to happen before the collapse such that the world can be transformed and sustain itself. Increasing number of individuals around the world is becoming conscious and intelligent. The transformation of humanity would come as soon as truth emerges. To know the truth all one needs to do is to review all the development in science from a point of freedom. The Mother Earth would force leaders of nations to grow beyond self to come together to review the very foundation of knowledge on which they rest and function. The knowledge that emerges in the process would be simple and comprehensible to all and it would reveal our oneness and our relationship with
  19. 19. nature. With Truth revealed in a simple and comprehensible manner people would become self disciplined and ordered and then the world would shift to order. Justice and truth rules the world and world would turn into a heaven – the new time cycle then begins. The immediate steps humanity needs to take to stem the collapse 1] Awakening to know the truth of Gaia and its functioning- I just gave you a frame work for it. Government leaders, intellectuals in temples of science and religion deciding the destiny of the world, should grow beyond their self and come together to evaluate it and re-visualize our picture of the universe and its functioning. 2] The sustenance of earth calls for lessening of our intrusion into nature’s night cycle and thus our intrusion into earth’s functioning to maintain her temperature. It is no wonder, that James Lovelock, put heat before global warming. This also calls us to monitor the forest and green cover. Any attempt to engineer planets atmosphere with out understanding the underlying working of earth can be catastrophic. The solution exists in decreasing the heat that we generate on earth and giving earth more space-time convert it into biological mass I am not sure how much more destruction humanity has to witness before he comes to his senses. Having said this I say I have hope and faith in God and believe that humanity will awaken to truth and take guard of Earth. 3] New technologies can be developed in every field of human interest that is superior and nature compatible. Nature and Life and ancient knowledge systems would give ample clues for it. Many simple technique and technologies spurted in my mind in my long journey. As small farmer, I chose to save my energy and resources to concentrate on bringing to the world the basic frame work of universal functioning. If time and His will permits and help come my way, I hope to explore them Please viral this message to the world and participate in Awakening
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