Truth of Nature - A Solution to Global Warming
             and Climate Change
                                 By John Pa...
process and is experiencing this shearing force. It is becoming violent and is
taking a self destructive path.

A form of ...
He introduced it and retracted it. Probably he failed to find a source for this
force. The world was already in the materi...
among all the living system an external law is imposed only on to human
beings. No wonder the Biblical creation begins wit...
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Truth of Nature - A solution to Global warming and climate change


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Global warming and the rectifications to it are discussed in the lack of truth of nature, its oneness and its functioning. Knowing the simple truth of nature in a simple way understandable to common man, would make the big nations to bow to the realities of nature and retreat from their mad materialistic existence and act to save earth from impending disasters. The truth of nature is that that nature is balanced by a critical ratio of energy and matter. Our reckless exploitation of matter and release of energy into nature unilaterally is causing a shredding and shrinking force on all the ecological systems including the human beings. There is little hope for survival of humanity unless we awaken to truth of nature.

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Truth of Nature - A solution to Global warming and climate change

  1. 1. Truth of Nature - A Solution to Global Warming and Climate Change By John Paily Greetings to every one who works to save earth and Humanity The existence of life is endangered by Global warming, climate change and the instability of various ecological systems. We are witnessing increased natural catastrophes, disorder and destruction. Human mind at individual and collective levels are restless and violent and is manifesting into war, terrorism and unprovoked violence, leading to self destruction. The world under modern man has grown and accumulated enough knowledge and power of destruction to precipitate self annihilation. By definition Knowledge out to have brought order, peace, happiness, sustenance, security and so on, but one look at the modern knowledge shows the opposite results. It is apparent that there is something wrong in the foundation of knowledge on which we exist and work. There is some basic flaw in our thinking, which needs correction. We must underline the fact that, in spite of all the material advancement given by the modern science, we still do not know the truth of nature and its functioning. We have no answers to what property gives gravity to matter, why uncertainty, why speed of light is the maximum speed, why dominant and recessive genes, why double helical, why triplet code, why free fall acceleration is independent of weight. Why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3, how universe originates and perpetuates and so on. Science is built on a single force called gravity. The second law of thermodynamics applied to gravity tells us that all the systems of the world should collapse to an indefinable point and explode. All the laws of science fail in this point. Another consequence of this theory is increase in energy or heat of the environment, which leads to shredding force acting on the enclosed systems. As it is, the big bang theory is an incomprehensible theory. But just stand back and observe the time period we are in. According to ancient scriptures such as Mayans, Vedas, Bible and so on, we are in the edge of end of time and the beginning of a new time. In scientific terms it means approaching the big bang. The information era and material exploitation is shrinking the world at a very fast rate. The temperature of earth and its environment is increasing drastically and is causing a shearing force on various ecological systems. Human mind is also caught in the
  2. 2. process and is experiencing this shearing force. It is becoming violent and is taking a self destructive path. A form of collapse and rebirth seems inevitable to earth and humanity. The question is what form of collapse and origin happens. Will it end in destruction of the whole world and the life in it, to start a fresh journey, or is it some form of transformation that brings new order and life to the world? My two decades of research and my spiritual initialization tells me that the earth and cosmos is living. It is undergoing a transformation. This period would be critical with huge destruction. However, these destructions stress humanity to become conscious and truly intelligent to take guard of earth and give it new life. We are due to enter the Golden Age. We can solve global warming, climate change and attain peace and order, only if we awaken to simple truth of nature that exists next to our skin. We have failed to take note of this truth, because of our self and mind centered existence. It is beyond this small talk to keep before you the whole truth of nature and its functioning that reveled to me over two decades of selfless research. However, I take this opportunity to share some vital fundamental observations that can set the ball rolling. 1] The earth is designed with two parts, a west and east or left and right. When west awakes to sunlight, unwinds and expand to go into apparent disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness to wind into new order. An ordering and disordering cycle seems to coexist to give stability to earth. This we understand as 24 hour day and night cycle or the basic energy cycle in which all life exist. This energy flow also drives the universal system. By its design earth seems to strive to maintain certain ratio of energy and matter. The design of earth is such that when the sunlight peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and it gives way to light. The west and east are instantaneously connected and there is information flow between the two. It is designed to perceive even minute disturbance and develop information to sustain the system. A “perceiver” who controls seems to exist in the system. Interestingly, this energy flow in earth and its working resembles the working of a double pump or a heart. This and many more facts that are emerging form advances in science and the facts well written in ancient spiritual scriptures, point to a reality that the universe is living. This means the foundation on which the west has built the modern knowledge is fundamentally wrong. 2] Einstein, whose work led to big bang theory, appears to have known how his theory would unfold in time into a nonsensical end. Thus he struggled to introduce a second force called anti-gravity that can resist the flight of time.
  3. 3. He introduced it and retracted it. Probably he failed to find a source for this force. The world was already in the material grip and was totally blind to entertain an unseen force or God or Life Force working against gravity. Now let me call upon you to look through the window and observe a grass grow and lilies flower. Don’t you think life by instinct is anti-gravitational? The second law of thermodynamics applied to material world and living world proves this opposition. Yet the scientific and intellectual world has failed to take note of it and comprehend its significance. This simple observation tells us that the apparent one world, actually consists of two worlds and it functions by two opposing forces. One force is centripetal and leads the world to gravitational collapse and death. The other [anti-gravity or life force] opposes it and gives life and stability to earth. These two forces cannot be equal at any moment, for equal and opposite cancels. This means at any moment one of them is dominant the other exist as recessive. We probably exist in the phase where the material and death force is dominant and life force is recessive. Our survival now exists in turning the tide. But how can this happen? This can only take place when we humans discover our “self” and the truth of nature. Human beings and his mind and consciousness are central to how the world unfolds and enfolds. Science by its ignorance kept mind and consciousness away from the enquiry of nature and sought the secret in matter. In the process he proclaimed a false immunity to his actions. It is time we discover ourselves and our actions and know how our actions are intertwined with nature and its functioning. This calls for knowing the role of humans in the nature and its existence. 3] The role of humans in nature can be understood by imagining the energy cycle of nature with only plants, with plant and animals and with plants, animals and adult humans. The energy flow in earth with only plants is two dimensional and stable. When we introduce animals into the picture this energy flow becomes three dimensional and more stable. However, when we introduce adult humans the picture becomes a four dimensional one. A time direction to death and destruction emerges in the system. This time direction emerges from the mind of human beings who becomes self centered, distances from his consciousness and fails to practice justice and order. It should be recalled that plants absorb light and energy and thus works against disorder. When night falls the plants assimilate the energy and matter into biological mass and grow against gravity. Thus under time force the plant world grows against time directed to death. If the plant world dominates then the system can lead it self to anti-gravitational collapse. The existence of animal kingdom gives a third dimension and stability to earth. The plant and animals cause nothing to disturb the time or energy cycle of nature beyond a limit. A time direction to the center and gravitational collapse comes from human beings who are created in the image of the Creator. It should be recalled that
  4. 4. among all the living system an external law is imposed only on to human beings. No wonder the Biblical creation begins with creation of duality and imposition of law on humans not to eat from the tree at the center. It was a law restricting humanity from aligning with matter force directed to the center. However, human by his weakness eats the forbidden fruit and creates a time direction. When he matures he comes to live by his mind and its extensions. He looses his connection with consciousness and fails to keep up the justice and order. He becomes a slave to material force and directs the world to gravitational collapse. We are edging to gravitational collapse. Various ecological systems, including human mind and consciousness are being stressed by the shearing force of energy released to the environment by our reckless exploitation of material world. In our material quest we are disturbed earth and its functioning to maintain certain ratio of energy and matter. The earth consequently is reacting to find a new order by initializing it self. The prime cause for global warming and climate change and the catastrophes coming our way rest in our disturbance of energy cycle of earth. The first step one needs to take in order to gain order is to give earth space and time to repair herself and maintain the energy and matter ratio below the critical level. This means we have to restrict our reckless exploitation of fossil fuels and the release of heat into the environment. This cannot happen unless the foundation of human thinking is changed from material to spiritual. The peace and order does not exist in material world. Human attains true peace and order, when he turns and connects to his consciousness and sees the light hidden init. The light and energy that exist within when explored brings order and life. The direction of our mind needs to change from matter to the field of consciousness. It is time we come out of western material thinking and explore nature as conscious intelligent living thing. There is depth and life in the ancient spiritual scriptures. The Bible, Vedas, Korans, the I-Ching, the Mayan etc, hold deeper secret of nature than what is known to the modern western world. It can give us clues to develop higher technique and technologies that can sustain the world, yet not release much heat to the environment. It is time we awaken to truth of nature. There is no other way to survive but to know the truth and yield to truth. Our true liberation exists in knowing the truth. The Global summit on climate change cannot bear fruit unless it realizes the simple truth of nature and its functioning. Thank you Site – ******************************