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Truth of Natural Existence - The Truth that can save Humanity from Global Warming and Climate Change


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Universe is not material as understood by west. It is living. Only this understanding can take our knowledge of nature to higher level and help us survive the disorder and destructions coming our way. The solution to global warming and climate change exist in knowing the truth of nature.

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Truth of Natural Existence - The Truth that can save Humanity from Global Warming and Climate Change

  1. 1. The Truth of Natural Existence Truth of Nature that can Save the World from Global Warming and Climate Change By John Paily Grace New Age Research
  2. 2. Index 1] Introduction 2] The Material Perspective 3] The Spiritual Perspective 4] Exploring the Truth of Nature – Vital observations to bring shift in thinking 5] Visualizing the Truth of Natural Existence 6] Comprehending the Process of Creation 7] Conclusion 1] Introduction Human life is a struggle to seek truth and knowledge of nature. It is a struggle to get over misery and death he encounters. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, security, control. It should have given us the ways to live in harmony with nature and its forces. One look at the modern world shows that modern knowledge is giving opposite results. The world is full of disorder. Human kind has turned against humankind. Self of individuals, communities, and nations are clashing turning the green earth into blood red. Mankind lives in the fear of his own inventions and is caught in a vortex that is fast inching towards death In parallel to explosion of material knowledge and human self, [advanced by west] the nature and its forces have turned volatile and destructive. The natural catastrophes are increasing as never before. Earth is fragile and is collapsing. The sun has turned violent and distant cosmos is fuming. Health of humanity has decreased; he is susceptible to countless number of diseases and is open for epidemics. This reality is increasingly becoming evident with each passing year. Under the energy released to environment by the reckless activity of humans, the earth is experiencing a shredding force and the matter in it is winding and collapsing. It won’t be surprising if we witness unnatural events and collapse of various ecological systems, man made structures and system. All the scriptures write about such phenomenon and end time disasters. The coming years could be very disastrous if we continue the same way.
  3. 3. There will be a time in the very future where fire accidents will become rampant and uncontrollable. When fire rises wind is disturbed, this means in parallel to fire bound destruction wind bound destruction also increases. As earth react to cool the environment, we will end in huge precipitation of rain and snow causing huge destruction. The precipitation/unit area/unit time increases causing flash flood. The fragility of earth forces, invariably means, land slides and earthquakes will be rampant. This tendency of the earth was predicted by the author several years back and is increasingly coming true. Read article “Prediction to 2012” It is time we realize that there is something fundamentally wrong in our understanding of the Nature. Human attempt to understand nature and its existence can be broadly divided into two 1] The modern material approach 2] The ancient spiritual approach Let us now review briefly these two visions 2] The Material Perspective The modern material approach assumes that nature is made from matter and functions through material forces or energies. Right in the beginning of science mankind isolated mind and consciousness from matter and thus brought immunity to himself and his action. Then he engaged himself to exploit matter and its energy to fulfill his material fancies. Human kind in the process began to advance his “self” using the power he gained. However, the quest of modern world to understand nature has failed miserably. His pursuit has created more disorder and destruction than order and construction. He has failed to understand the interrelationship and oneness of nature. The second law of thermodynamics is an inevitable reality of nature. This law tells us that when energy is transferred, it looses some energy. This means the planets and stellar bodies bound by gravity and centripetal force should loose energy in time and collapse to a point. This is known as Big Bang Theory. From the energy point, it also brings a vision in which the whole universe shreds up due to energy released to the environment. Thus modern science and its attempt to understand nature end up in a dead end with no cause for origin and existence. All the laws of science break down at the Big Bang Point. Further, it is beyond human comprehension to visualize all the matter of the universe condensing into an infinitely small point. We feel proud about the scientific world and its contribution, but as a scientist I write that the world of science exists in total ignorance of Truth. Science does not answer why free fall acceleration is independent of weight? What property gives gravity and mass to matter? Why speed of light is the maximum speed? Why wave particle duality, why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3? Why triplet code, why double helical, why dominant and recessive gene, why mitotic and meiotic division and so on. These and many more questions show the ignorance on which modern man exists. It is
  4. 4. time we retreat and review to explore Truth of Nature. There is a need to advance science from the fundamental level. 3] The Spiritual Perspective The ancient understood universe as living entity. It visualized a Master Soul and Mind governing, controlling and ensuring its perpetual existence. In short they visualized universe as conscious and intelligent system capable of self sustaining. They realized and advocated a truth that every human being is just part of the living universal system. He is an individuated form born to the left or right of the Master in time. Every system that is born and exists in the one whole is system is guided by a law. It tells us that, just as cells of the body, in spite of possessing the complete information we are not independent system. We are formed to deliver certain function and contribute to the existence of the whole. All spiritual scripture speaks one truth, that our self is an illusion and that our mind and its power neither can know truth, nor can it successfully rule over anything. It calls us to live in faith, love and live upholding justice. In spite of all the advancement in scientific knowledge, much of our cultures and practices still reflect the ancient spiritual knowledge. Let me not go into these ancient cultures which have survived as part of our daily life. I will prefer to leave it to the readers to discover it as I move to science behind spirituality. Life is not above time. Thus the material body in time tends to collapse to a point and energy in it shred away [death]. So Big Bang and Shredding Theory is true from living point of view. Living point of view gives us an added advantage of visualizing the cause and perpetual existence of nature in time cycle well in line with ancient knowledge system. All life is bestowed with the capacity conquer time and start a New Time Cycle. Here the “Essence of the Father” leaves its body and enters the opposite [Mother]. In this hidden state in the darkness, it creates new body out of the old for it to perpetuate. During this phase of creation, the Master Soul ad Mind exist recessive to the recessive [feminine]. The living philosophy of the ancient thus tells us that the opposite are one. From biological point of view we are tempted to conclude “the essence of Father” as information or DNA. But DNA is only information built up in time against the environment that is stressing the life. This means behind the DNA there is an entity that perceives, builds information and survives. This entity should exist as a point in one of the DNA from where the little perturbation or wave originates that initiates the cell division; both mitotic and meiotic. A living system is complete with two points or two waves. One is dominant the other is recessive. Science tells us that a wave is always associated with a particle. This means there is a particle behind life that perceives and acts to sustain life. Science also tells us that when a particle is split it gives into two. This means, irrespective of the size, all particles and all system in nature has two parts. The wave, motion, communication and life in a particle should originate because of movement of something between these two parts. This thing
  5. 5. that moves is spirit. The design and functioning of the building blocks that leads to the formation of quantum wave and quantum dance is elaborately discussed in my site. and Geocities is closing on 26th Oct 2009. The subject matter in the site, is now being rewritten and loaded into new site and the links thereof. Since the wave generation and quantum dance is fundamental phenomena let me briefly touch it here. We can visualize the quantum particle in the form number 8, with the two components of 8 existing in 4:3. This non equilibrium is a necessity to explain the flow and motion. It facilitates a quantum flow. The instinct of the system is to reach equilibrium. But the quantum nature of the flow leads to quantum dance between two ratios’s 4:3 and 3:4. During the flow there is a state when the system attains an external symmetry and balancing state. This is relative equilibrium state where the system wishes to exist, but time and law of nature does not permit. The system struggles to maintain this equilibrium and this manifest as creativity and information build up. The information build up help extend time, but it cannot stop time. This reality can be understood from life and life cycle. Death is inevitable reality that accompanies birth From our argument above, Life is the product of two particle and an associated waves belonging to the Father and Mother. Life is complete with a body contributed by the feminine. The entry of the “Father particle” and its union with particle contributed by the “Mother” predetermines the whole biological information that unfolds creating new body out of the old that conquers time and perpetuates. 4] Exploring the Truth of Nature – Vital observations to bring shift in thinking Let us now combine the above thinking “Beyond Genes” at the level of particle and wave with certain vital and most evident observation from nature. 1] From scientific point the universe is constructed by matter and its force, manifesting as gravity. The second law of thermodynamic applied to it leads to leads to nonsensical singularity due to shredding of energy. Einstein, whose work led to singularity, was not at home with it. In this end one cannot find a cause for origin and existence of nature. So he introduced a concept called anti-gravity. Unfortunately, he retracted from it, possibly because he could not visualize a source for it. If we care to take some time to observe nature and life with out any bondage, we can find everywhere, what Einstein failed to visualize. Life is anti-gravitational. If you stand back to observe a plant grow you will get the proof. The second law of thermodynamics applied to matter and life shows this opposition. It is a proven fact. But we have over looked this vital fact and its implication in our quest to exploit matter and its force.
  6. 6. 2] This observation and realization also leads to a vital logical conclusion. If non equilibrium is the foundation of gravity and centripetal force, some form of equilibrium and symmetry should be at the foundation of life. This is explored in detail in the site. 3] Earth and the planetary system is designed, such that when west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to order and vice-versa. When the light peaks in the west, simultaneously the darkness peaks in the east and they give way to the opposite. The two parts are instantaneously communicated and there is information flow and the system gains new order every 24 hours. There is information renewal every 24 hours. Thus two opposing cycle of energy, disordering and ordering, which simultaneously exist actually balances the earth system and maintains its temperature. It works against the shredding force of energy and the collapsing force of matter in time. In short a ratio of energy and matter balances the temperature of earth system. Interestingly this energy flow in earth resembles the double pump or the working of heart. Further, the position of earth in the planetary system is off centered as the heart in a living system. This gives impetus to explore the universe as a living system written in ancient spiritual scriptures. Further arguments can be found in the site of the author and the links thereof. 4] The plants absorbs light and its energy and thus it works against disordering force of material world and its force directed to collapse in time. When the darkness fall, the plants incorporate the absorbed energy into matter and grow against time and its winding force. To have a proof, measure a grass at mid day and measure the same grass early in the next morning. Thus when material world tends to wind, the plant world unwinds earth. Earth with plants have a two dimensional existence and is sable. If you visualize animals in the above picture, we see three dimensions to energy flow in nature. Neither plants nor animals cause anything to disturb the energy cycle of nature. The system is dynamic and is stable. 4] The scenario Changes when we imagine an adult human beings. A fourth dimension or time direction to nature emerges when we imagine earth with adult human beings. This time direction comes from human mind that breaks the love relationship and law and seeks the “self”. He is the only life on earth which needs externally imposed law to maintain order. Human being and his mind detached from its consciousness and the Master within, becomes captive to material force, it then creates a time direction to disorder or death. [Please read the previous passage again and underline it]. 5] This means the Truth of Nature cannot be understood from our mind and self. Mind and self are in fact impediments in the journey to Truth. Truth begins to reveal it self when our mind and self dies to connect to the soul and consciousness and the mind from which everything is born and of which everything is a part. Life exists in the Consciousness, the Truth exist even beyond it in the Master and His Mind. It is revealed in time through selected people for a purpose. The first step in the building of a living system is to give life, the mind manifest later as means to balance the system. The
  7. 7. purpose is sustenance of the world and its restoration. These are realities written in Bible, Vedas and other spiritual scriptures. 5] Visualizing the Truth of Natural Existence The universe is designed to supports itself. The earth by design maintains herself and supports life. The temperature of earth is maintained by the living design. The coexistence of ordering and disordering phase helps the system to maintain the temperature. The present raise in temperature, consequent global warming and climate change relates to reckless exploitation of material nature without knowing the Truth of Nature. Human kind, bonded to his material reality, has turned against once own Creator and the womb from which he came forth. He, in the ignorance of Truth, is engaged in destroying his abode and his family. When the creator finished creation in pairs, he placed law to the one whom He created in His image [humans]. This law states that they should not eat form the tree at the center. From modern context, it means God forbid humans from becoming slave to gravitational force or material forces directed to the center and thus lead the whole world to collapse or death. Time is an inevitable reality of nature. This means humans in time forgets the Creator and the oneness of the world and begins to seek self. A man who begins to seek self and lives by his mind looses connection with his consciousness and the Master within and visualizes the opposite as enemy. He gets caught in fear and begins to take negative path. He creates vortex of war and destruction and inches to greater and greater destruction. He searches for truth but truth eludes him because his direction of thinking it self is fundamentally wrong. Every human soul gets caught in the vortex and it shifts the opposite way. This means the design of and functioning of the whole universal system is endangered. The system tends to gravitational collapse. This means the world is the interplay of two minds; one that is superior and belongs to God [creator] and is creative and life giving, the other that is inferior and belongs to the created or humans and is destructive. The only way for human to know truth is to die to the higher mind or the Mind of God Visualizing Gravitational collapse: Nature is designed to resist the gravitational collapse. We saw how two simultaneously opposing cycle balances the natural system created by God. The system is dynamics and works between two limits. This means the ratio of energy to matter has upper and lower limit. The system is strained, when these limits are reached. The creative force comes into being in these limits. When human breaks the law and becomes captive to material force, then a time direction to gravitational collapse emerges in the system. The system opposes this time direction to gravitational collapse by enfolding its information. Eventually there comes point where time tends to death point. This is the “forbidden or destructive singularity”. To understand the process, imagine a single cell dividing to from a whole system. The first step is the singular state. This then leads to the dual state or the balancing state. When the law is broken, the system divides further into four. The process is repeated and in time and the whole system is formed. Eventually beyond a point the system fails to
  8. 8. sustain the system and begins to collapse to death. Here the worlds created begin to unwind and collapse to the starting point. Death cannot be the end of created world. This means recreation should proceed before death strikes. In short Creator should act to conquer time and death and restore the world in to New Time Cycle. The biological science gives us a clue to visualizing this process. Life conquers time and initializes itself by what we know as sexual reproduction. Here “Fathers Essence” [A particle and wave] enters the world of the opposite and unites with the “Essence of the Mother” In these moments of the union or “Creative singularity” the destiny of the whole the system is predetermined. Then the essence of the Father and Mother opens up as templates to create a new worlds and new time. The singularity then gives way to duality and a law is placed. When ever the law is broken the systems divides and thus forms multiple worlds. Thus there are two phases to life. 1] Phase one is “Creative singularity” where the “Essence of the Father” unites with the “essence of the mother” [Recessive] and conquers time and determines the future. This is followed by opening of the Father and Mothers and their images as templates for new creation. The law does not exist in this phase what rule is Love. The whole new body is created out of the old body. This is a creation phase or “creative singularity”. In this phase the inferior knowledge or lesser mind of humans rules the world. The true mind or superior knowledge is in hidden creative state. [Note - The quantum energy level explanation of this union is explained in the article “secret of consciousness” Geocities is closing on Oct /26/2009. This article will be shortly be uploaded in to my new site.] 2] Phase two is duality where the “Essence of the Father” emerges from the womb creating duality and begins New Time Cycle. In the dual state the creator force exist as a judge and the law rules the system. In cellular level this phase depicts the end of duplication of DNA and emergence of bright radiating objects on one side of cell, which then splits creating spindle fibers which separates the chromosomes accompanied by twisting which divides the cell into two. From the knowledge point, it is the emergence of Truth of Nature. The Singularity that the modern man is chasing by virtue of the power of his mind and matter is actually death. The worlds since Christ has been unwinding it self and opening up to singularity, under the negative force of human mind that has become captive to material force. But the Good News is that universe is designed to survive. The Spirit Soul and Mind of the creator is working within to give New Life to souls and is working to illuminate human minds. In the peak of disorder tending to collapse, a Great Attractor and Light Emerges in the system that gives life. The world would understand the Truth of Nature by Christ’s sacrificial power at Calvary and thus awaken before the death strikes to take guard. A New Time Cycle then begins where the flow direction changes. A new quantum dance begins.
  9. 9. These aspects are discussed in depth in the site. Our understanding of nature as living system completes it self, when we locate this phenomenon that occurs in life at the universal level. The Spiritual Parallels: Locating the creative act of life at universal level calls for a review of the ancient spiritual knowledge. Bible tells us humans were created in God’s image. Gods image is Light and Higher Knowledge which gives life and order. When Bible tells God gave dominion to humans it invariably means He gave them the Knowledge of the world and its secret such that he can rule the world. This means humans knew whole Truth of Nature and they basked in the glory of Light of God and the knowledge of Nature. This stands out as we study the ancient civilizations and cultures. Unlike modern man, the ancient knew secrets of energy its utilization and had in depth knowledge of time cycles. The law not to eat form the tree at the center that God put on humanity invariably meant He restrained humanity from seeking “self” forgetting the Universal Self and aligning with material force and creating a time direction to nature. However, in time humanity forgets his root and falls for his material identity and creates a time direction to death. This calls for recreation and restoration process. The second part of Bible that relates to Jesus Christ essentially speaks of this recreation process. The recreation and restoration process was initiated with Christ’s death in Calvary. We are due for the delivery of what was conceived at Calvary. This is a critical period. Only two cells were involved in the process of conception. But the process of giving birth, involves every cell of the body. The body of the mother becomes fragile and experiences excessive pain. Every cell of the mother’s body is bound to feel the pain and the child within, struggles to emerge from the womb. But everything turns happy when the birth takes place. Jesus we know compared the end days to a pregnant woman. Our survival from present misery can only happen when we awaken to the Truth of nature or the Mind of God Vedas tells us that the whole world exists in the conscious field of the God and it is governed by His Intelligence. It visualizes the whole universe as living one and that we humans are individuated system born in His image to the left and right in space and time. It speaks that there is a Universal Self and we humans are individuated self that are born form it in time and space. There is a Law for relationship and existence that is linked with Time force. The law limits the expression of self and reminds that our life is linked to the existence of the Universal Self. The life exists when spirit or energy has smooth flow between the two. Life begins to collapse when our individuated self breaks the law, seeks self and fails to connect to its root. Most of the ancient spiritual scriptures speak of love and faith as the fundamental reality of existence. It calls us to connect to the consciousness and experience the spirit and light existing in it. It directs us to work from its realm. The Vedas speaks of manifestation of God to protect justice and Truth. The cultures and practices developed and advocated by enlightened ancient scholars, especially eastern philosophers reflects a struggle to keep humanity from falling from the Light of Life that exist in the conscious field. All the cultural practices of spiritual scriptures speak one thing in common, that is the existence of a power that is beyond the
  10. 10. comprehension of human mind. The Vedic teachings of the east, speaks of elaborate techniques to silence the mind and go beyond it to the realm of consciousness where Truth and Life exists. In summarizing the ancient spiritual scriptures, we note humanity begins to fall when his mind matures and becomes self centered and fails to connect to its root but begins to seek self. The life begins to deteriorate when mind gets attached to matter and its force. This means the path back to life exists in acts that are beyond the mind and exist in the realm of Heart and Love. There is clear message for life and its existence in all spiritual scriptures. But we have failed to break the barriers to perceive this truth. Yajurveda VS 30-31, tells us that Creation occurred through the self sacrifice of the creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. This word of Vedas very clearly upholds Bible and the Truth and Vitality of Calvary. Yet humankind bonded to religion fail to note such parallels. From the ancient spiritual knowledge, the rise and fall of human’s is related to human mind and its self and this forms the so called Universal Time Cycle. It is understood as a psychological evolution and involution of human mind towards Truth and Life and away from Truth and Life. Understanding universe as living system invariably means it should incorporate the life cycle of living system. The life cycle has five phases. One is the creative phase, when the real ruler or Master Mind exists within the darkness of the womb and the recessive mind or inferior mind rules the world. This is followed by the birth and the early child hood. The Vedas compares this to Golden Age. From Biblical point this could be compared to Kingdom of God. The second phase is the early part of adult hood, where the mind of humanity matures, but still exists connected to the consciousness. The bond between the Child and parents still exist, in spite of material force and outer world influencing the mind to separate. This is referred as the silver age, where truth and justice deteriorates by certain proportion. The third phase is the second part of adult hood, when human mind matures and seeks self. This is referred as the bronze age, where the truth and justice further deteriorates. It is here the Adam eats the forbidden fruit and is shown the gate out of the Kingdom of God. Mankind now exists in darkness and uncertainty and slowly inches towards death. The fourth phase is the phase of decline leading to death. Vedas call this age the Iron Age, where truth and justice deteriorates to the maximum and darkness engulfs humanity. The creation secret actually unfolds before death strikes. This means the end age in which we exist actually is creation phase. This secret of recreation and restoration of the universe is under progress through Christ and His Calvary sacrifice. 6] Comprehending the Process of Creation The material singularity we noted is forbidden state. But the spiritual singularity is an antidote to the material singularity. Material singularity is death. The spiritual singularity is life. The reality of nature is duality. The creator exists between the dual world as
  11. 11. witness and perceiver. Justice is thus fundamental to existence of the created world. Thus, creation at the end speaks of law to the humans whom God created in His image. Whenever the law is broken, the creativity of the creator sustains the world through judgment. Thus the two world system divides to form 4 worlds and so on to form a whole system. Nothing is created or destroyed is the fundamental law. The number, of matter, number of souls or worlds is constant. The death to this world means these worlds should unwind and collapse to a “forbidden or destructive singularity”. Life invariably means the opposite. It is the elevation back to life. Modern world by its material quest is actually is unwinding the system and is leading it to destructive singularity. It is apparent form the world we live in, by our mind and its quest, which is largely motivated by self, we have opened the world to disorder and destruction. When the system opens to singularity, system and its forces tends to collapse to a point. Even this opening is very much in control. It is balanced from with in The capacity of earth to repair herself is critically disturbed, when the west opened the world with a material intent. I call it the negative globalization. The influence of culture of the west to the world has upset the balance of earth. Now the earth has little time and space to repair herself. The consequence is huge building up of negative energies. These negative energies are manifesting as huge natural catastrophes at the critical state where climatic cycle turns. We humans have upset the ratio of ordering and disordering phase of earth energy cycle in favor of disordering phase and the earth and whole universal system is turning violent. This could be compared to death approaching a living system, with various cells and organs collapsing. I had no hope for survival humanity, till I took rebirth and comprehended the Good News. The science of Good News is that, the “Light of the Father” or “The Essence of the Father” exist within this world that is collapsing under human mind that is totally gone subservient to material world and its force directed to collapse. This means there is a world within that is balancing the system from collapsing to a point. There is second point in the system that is growing to counter the collapse. This is the Spirit of God manifested as Christ and spread in this world. This is the Light and knowledge that gives life. This world would emerge to save humanity from the brink of destruction and take Him to Kingdom of God. From cellular point it is the “centrioles” or the radiating object that emerges in the periphery after the creation or DNA duplication phase, which eventually divides and restores the duality and balance “Seek truth and Truth will set you free” is golden word of Christ. All of us go to God’s field seeking material gains, relief from diseases and way out of problems of life. No one goes to seek Truth. As a researcher who took to research, hoping to contribute something humanity, from a mind based on consciousness, I stood before Him and sacrificed my inferior mind unconditionally and accepted mind death to seek Truth. It is in this great moment this simple Truth of Nature reveled it self in all grandeur.
  12. 12. Only Truth can save humanity from impending disasters of Global warming and Climate Change. When the world knows Truth as a simple science beyond religion, the mind of humanity as a whole would changes its affinity from death forces to Life forces. When human mind changes its affinity to matter and connects to his consciousness to experiences the Living Light, he comes to life. When individual’s experiences the living light, order comes to him, when individuals are ordered, the whole becomes ordered. The experience one obtains differs from person to person. A certain portion of population could go without any experience of the Living Light. But these souls are forced to yield when truth is reveled beyond a religion as a simple science. My lone struggle goes in this direction, I move with hope against odds, because I see light at the end of tunnel. The immense destructive period that world would face in the coming years is bound to break the ego of humans attached to matter and its power and set him in the path of consciousness and spirit governing it. 7] Conclusion The cause for the disorder and destruction that humanity is facing in terms of Global Warming, Climate Change, war, terrorism, increased natural catastrophes, decreased health are principally relates to human ignorance of Truth of Nature and its working. We have gone principally wrong by assuming nature as materialistic. Our dependence on material power and its reckless exploitation to advance once own self, without knowing the interrelationship and oneness of nature, is the cause for the present situation of the world. We need to change our thinking and understand nature as living, conscious and intelligent being. We the human beings are only part of a whole system. We are like cells of a whole living system existing in time. We have the complete information of the system, but are destined with a role. Our individual self is our illusion. By separating our self from the creator, we as individual and the whole world are caught in an illusion. The modern science separated mind and consciousness from matter and is seeking truth in matter. It is ruling the world with material power. In doing so he proclaimed a non exiting immunity to himself. The culture the west gave to the world is collapsing; everybody is caught in its vortex. The nature is breaking human ego and his illusions. This illusion is the creation of human mind that distanced it self from, the parental field of which it is only a part. The mind that seeks self and becomes slave to material force looses connection from his consciousness and the link with the Universal Consciousness and life force that exist in it. Just as when cells and organs of the body fail to cooperate the death becomes inevitable to the soul, when humanity gets attached to material force Universal Soul is endangered. This calls for the Universal Soul to go into creative mode. The world is in creative mode through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice. In spite of all the destruction, I see hope for the world in Calvary sacrifice and the Second Coming of Christ. The Second Coming is the revelation of Mind of God and Truth of Nature.
  13. 13. The Vedas, Bible, Koran and other spiritual scriptures carry the Truth of Nature. They carry light that leads to life. However, within the boundary of a religion the truth often exist obliterated and beyond human comprehension. Human weakness for his religion is the ultimate weapon the devil uses to bring destruction. This tendency very clearly exists in the modern world. In the name of God, the world is gearing for war and destruction, with all the material power it has accumulated. Extending the Truth of God as a science can break the barriers of religion and bring humanity into Living Light and bring us back to Golden Era Parent site – Awakening to Truth [My English is not of high order. This article was written in a hurry. I am posting it without a second look. Forgive me for any grammatical mistakes]