Truth of Earth's Climate Change - A Must Read Article to Survive on Earth


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Truth of Climate change – A Must Read and Spread Article to Survive on Earth - Earth is endangered by aberrant climate change. It is going fragile and violent. Modern science does not know the interrelationship and oneness of nature and its functioning in time. Temples of science needs to evolve to know the truth of nature for humanity to survive on earth.

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Truth of Earth's Climate Change - A Must Read Article to Survive on Earth

  1. 1. The Truth of Earth’s Disastrous Climatic Change<br />From Sensible Common Man’s Perspective<br />By John Paily – Grace New Age Research <br />Let us observe nature to understand climate and the disastrous end to which we are leading ourselves from a point of freedom and new perspective. <br />Earth’s climate is determined by two opposing forces that gives way to one another in cyclic form. The forces are <br />1] Sun’s force, that unwinds, energizes and creates disorder<br />2] Earth Force, that winds, de-energizes and creates new order<br />Our earth is divided into two parts west and east, when west is in disordering cycle the east is simultaneously in ordering cycle and vice versa. They coexist and give way to one another balancing the whole system. This manifests into day and night and climatic cycles. This design and working helps the system maintain its temperature. This change over takes place over specific period of time and involves energy changes. <br />By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, there a time direction that is either directed to disorder or towards order. If the system has to survive it should be able change phase when this peaks. We probably are in that phase where the system is in transition from one time cycle to another. <br />The above cycle and its time direction have opposing relationship with life. Plants absorb light and heat and thus work against the disorder. When night fall the system converts light and heat absorbed into organic matter that grows against gravity. Thus, living system works against gravitational collapse of material matter in time. This is a proven fact. The second law of thermodynamic applied to material and living system shows this opposition. The time in plant system is directed to anti-gravitational collapse. The existence herbivore control plants and carnivore control herbivore and thus the whole system are self sustaining or Gaia with out any time direction. The earth with plant life is two dimensional. Earth with plants and animals is three dimensional and self sustaining. Plants and animals live by their instinct and do nothing to disturb the time cycle of earth. <br />The time direction or fourth dimensions to nature comes from adult human mind that becomes self centered and comes to live by His mind that breaks the communication with his inner consciousness and intelligence. Here he becomes slave to material force. Thus human beings get aligned with gravity and take the world to gravitational collapse. He breaks the time cycle and intervenes into the functioning of earth to sustain herself. <br />By our reckless exploitation of the fossil fuels, industrialization and our intervention into the night cycle, we are hastening the time and have been pushing earth unilaterally to its critical limit by disrupting the energy cycle. The earth as a last resort has been responding by unwinding.<br />We know that the transition of day into night and vice-versa is a slow process, involving 8 units of 3 each forming 24 quantum units hour cycle. Each of these hours in turn consists of 60 quantum unit minute cycle, which in turn contains 60 second units. What this means earth needs minimum grind points for the cycle of day and night and climatic cycle to smoothly manifest. When earth begins to unwind to sustain herself, the grid points decreases. As it approaches the criticality it becomes highly unstable. <br />The consequence is peaking and falling of two basic opposing forces; the unwinding force of sun and winding forces of earth. This is leading to observed huge disasters the world is witnessing through forest fire, flash flood, cyclones, tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanic eruption. The number of hectares of forest land lost in the past 10 years is alarming. The abrupt winding of earth leads to huge earth quakes and eventually it ends in huge volcanic eruptions. The increasing heat in the environment and abrupt changes is rendering the ecosystem system unstable and threatening to wipe out species. Instability of human mind at individual and collective levels manifesting into war, terrorism, uprising all could be related to this. The very existence of humanity is in danger; if he does not become conscious and intelligent and awaken to truth to bring justice and truth to the world. Noble Laureate James Lovelock in his book “Vanishing Face of Gaia –The Final Warning” has clearly spoken about large scale destruction of humanity. <br />A hope however exists for humanity in Knowing God and His Mind. From the point of spirituality it is matter of awakening to consciousness and inner intelligence or knowledge that gives life and order. We are in the phase of entering the Golden Age. When God forbid Adam to eat from the tree at the center, He was actually forbidding humanity from becoming slave to material world and creates a time direction to death. But Bible speaks of conquering time and death and salvation through Christ. Awakening to Christ consciousness and knowing the Mind of God thus becomes vital to Human survival on earth. Bible says “Seek Truth and Truth will set you free” <br />Science has made nature complex and beyond the comprehension of common man. It actually is lost in complexity, not able comprehend the simplicity behind the complexity. Thus truth has gone farther and farther from we and we live in illusionary world. The only way to survive is to evolve to know the simple truth that exist next our skin. We need to develop a new thinking and transform into a new foundation. Einstein the great thinker said “Humanity is going to need a substantial new way of thinking, if it is survive”. Stephen Hawking concluded his book “Brief History of Time” saying that next advancement in science should be simple, such that all people should be able participate in the discussion of nature and life not few scientist. <br />Our survival exists in awakening to take measure to sustain the balance of nature and help her recover. It exists in developing new technologies that are life centered and nature compatible. <br />For more information your can read a small book - Information and Black Hole– The Truth of Origin and Universal Existence in Time” It exist in my site under the following address <br /> <br />