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Secret of Time or Energy Cycle


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Time and time cycle is a reality in which everything exists. The basal Time Cycle is reflected in day and night cycle and is embedded in higher climatic cycle. It also forms the energy cycle. The Earth is designed to maintain the energy or temperature of earth. But, force of time or second law of thermodynamic creates a time direction where in the heat is increased eventually leading the whole system to heat death. When the system lead to this state the forces of nature goes violent causing huge natural catastrophes and stresses humanity to awaken to truth.

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Secret of Time or Energy Cycle

  1. 1. The Secret of Time or Energy Cycle - The Quantum Reality [Simple Explanations to Complex Phenomenon’s of Nature - The Secret of Consciousness and Intelligence and the Significance year 2012 has] By John Paily [This is a page from the site “Truth of Nature” ] Time or Energy cycle is fundamental aspect of nature. All life and material system exist in nature’s time or energy cycle. The basic time or energy cycle could be understood from 24 hour day and night cycle that consists of 8 quantum units of 3. The earth is designed with two opposing cycles. One can call it west cycle or east cycle or left cycle and right cycle. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it unwinds, and the environment energizes causing a shearing force, the east cycle sleeps to darkness and winds thus balancing the system. When west peaks in heat it gives way to darkness and east simultaneously peaks in darkness and gives way to light leading to a quantum dance, which propels the system. The system is designed for instantaneous communication and time bound communication between the two parts. It enfolds or unfolds information in order to survive. In short the system is designed to maintain certain energy to matter ratio. Fig- 1 shows the quantum dance The second law of thermodynamics, which states that there is time direction to the system, invariably means, it has a back ground temperature, which can increase or decrease as time passes. The Fig -2 Speaks how the quantum dance occurs in time.
  2. 2. This tells us that the system originates form singular undifferentiated state which is transitory. The manifested reality emerges form folding of this reality. Now it becomes important that we observe the over lapping cycles of time or energy. Here we must consider the 12 month climatic cycle, which has peak of heat and gives way to opposite. History and science speaks that this cycle is further embedded in 12 year cycles and so on. The concept of universal time cycle comes from the extension of this reality and the ancient people were quite aware of it. Mayans have predicted the end of present time cycle to December 21 2012, the Vedas, Bible, Koran and such ancient spiritual scriptures also speak of it. It is apparent that there should be a end to a system. This is inevitable reality from both modern thinking and ancient philosophies. This means by 2012 we are reaching a dead end or death. Towards the end negative energies within the system begins to get released in increasing manner [Read page “How natural catastrophes manifests” to understand negative energy and its relationship with time]. This would manifest into huge natural catastrophes, whose magnitude and number increases as 2012 approaches [assuming and respecting ancient knowledge system – which I do. We are already witnessing it]. This could be compared to body that has aged, getting more and more diseases leading the body to deterioration and death. The day and night energy cycle thus is three folded reality of one universal undifferentiated reality which collapses changing the flow direction. See Fig -2. This three fold differentiated reality is the actual reality in which every thing exist. The truth of nature can only be understood from the resistance that nature makes against time and its deteriorative influence. In a differentiated reality of nature, at any given moment, you and I can only take position to the left or right of the universal reality. From this point, the philosophies of Vedas, Bible, Koran and other spiritual scriptures can be understood as a science and becomes extremely significant. For example, Bible begins with creation of day and night ------ creation of Adam and Eve in His
  3. 3. image and giving them the dominion over the Kingdom of God with a law. The law resists Adam and Eve form eating from the tree at the center. If you observe nature we note nature consist of two forces a gravitational force and anti- gravitational force or the material force and life force. The material forces in time directs to the center and collapse, where as the life force works against it. Two opposing forces cannot be equal and yet produce some action, which means one of this force dominates at any given moment the other exist recessive. When time directs in the material world to increasing heat of the environment, the plant life absorbs it and thus works to cool the environment. As the time cycle changes and the material world shrinks then plant world uses the absorbed energy to grow against gravity. Thus the plant world works against time direction to collapse in material world. If the plant world is unchecked, it can lead the whole world into anti- gravitational collapse. The existence herbivore controls the plants, and existence of carnivore control the herbivore. The system is self sustaining. Gaia hypothesis has proved it. Doest it mean there is no time direction to the universe as a whole? No In order to understand it we must take into consideration human beings created in the image of the creator and to whom the dominion of the Kingdom was given with a law. The moment we stand back and observe an ADULT human, in the above time or energy cycle, we begin to feel a time direction to collapse and death. An adult human begins to live a mind centered life, where self predominates. He forgets the past and thus de-links from the source. When the self manifests he begins to view the opposite as different and begins to live in an illusionary world of separateness. He develops fear, entangles himself in misery, he views the opposite as enemy and the cause of his misery and engages himself in the culture of war and destruction and thus leads the whole to destruction. The law that the Creator placed thus has a living significance. It was a resistance to the deteriorative influence of time. It was a call to live a love and faith centered life. It was a law restricting humanity from becoming slave to material force and aligning with material forces directed to centripetal collapse. Humans were given the dominion rule over the material force aligning with the Living Force or Light form which he came into existence. This reality needs to be understood as knowledge cycle. Humanity once knew the Truth of Nature. Eastern culture and its philosophies reflect it. He had the access to Higher Knowledge of Life and knew the Universal Existence. However, in time when he forgets the source of Life and Light, he gets entangled in darkness and drives the time to death. The knowledge and culture of east deteriorated in time to give way to the west, which is ruling us today. The knowledge of the west is divisive and materialistic and thus it has created more disorder than order and is driving time at a faster rate to disorder and destruction. The knowledge that west has imparted to the world is inferior and lacks the knowledge of oneness and truth. When extended in time, the western knowledge leads to nonsensical situations. For example extending the theory of gravity leads visions of the universe where all the matter in the universe looses its energy and collapse to a non definable infinitely small point. From the point of energy of the environment it means the universe shreds away. The Theory presented creates destructive vision. It is logically and mathematically true but is beyond human comprehension. It does not speak the cause for the collapse and origin and existence.
  4. 4. In comparison the ancient spiritualist visualized a universe as a living thing that survives and perpetuates by the intervention of God. The beauty of Vedas, Bible, Koran and other ancient spiritual scriptures comes from the reality that they advocate a Living Universe Theory. The Vedas clearly write that Universe is conscious and intelligent system and we are only individuated system born from it in time and dissolve back into it in time to be formed again. Bible says we are the body of Christ. When humanity turns against the Creator and becomes aligned with material force and leads the whole world to collapse to a point or death, what is endangered is the Creator and His existence. This necessitates recreation of new body out of the old. Now the knowledge of creation and existence known to the biological world can come to support the spiritual secrets spoken in spiritual scriptures. It can bring new dimension to spiritual science and cause the advancement of modern science, which has been left stranded after the discovery of Uncertainty Theory. A life conquers time and initializes it self, when the “Fathers Essence” channeled through a single cell, enters the Mothers body and unites with “Mothers Essence”. Here the “Two essences” which are one, open up to create images of it self, using energy and matter taken form the body of the Feminine. The one world then divides into two cells and so on eventually to create new body out of the old and initializes to start a new life cycle. Here the two worlds or multiple of two world state is a reality that takes much of the period of life cycle and the one world state is only small passing stage in the life cycle. What this means two world state and multiples of two world state is reality of life. But one word state, where the ruler exists in recessive and creating state form a passing state. It should be noted that all spiritual scriptures speaks of two contrasting philosophies. In one it speaks of justice and truth and gives guidelines to uphold justice and truth. The law is primal here. Vedas speaks time cycle of the universe in terms of deterioration of justice and truth in four steps. The other philosophy speaks of Love, Forgiveness, Freedom, this is the creative state. This when applied to universal being means the God the Father or the Light of Life, or the Soul and Mind of the Creator should go recessive to the body to create a new body out of the old. When this happens, what rules the world is not the Mind and Light of the Creator, but the inferior souls and mind of the created or humans that has distanced from God and the Living Knowledge and is caught in the vortex of material or inferior knowledge and power. The spiritual science calls this darkness but accept it as essential aspect of nature where future is predetermined in freedom or karma. Light has no significance if darkness does not exist. The duality is the source of creation. What this means the interstellar space consist of two fields. We can call the Consciousness of Life and the Consciousness of matter. The Consciousness of life directs away from the center. The Consciousness of the matter directs to the center. Time direction is inevitable and thus quantum collapse and reorganization changing the direction of the flow is inevitable both from materialistic and living vision. Anything that takes birth should die. The materialistic vision as we saw earlier leads to shearing of the environment and collapse to a point [big bang theory]. The Big Bang Theory does not give the cause for collapse and origin. Applying the Living Universal Theory makes sensible. The living system is programmed to survive through a process of reproduction where the Father the ruler goes recessive to the mother.
  5. 5. Here the ruler makes “self sacrifice” or accepts death to go recessive to the body. Assuming the universe is living invariably means it has a Soul. And this soul should leave its central and controlling position and reenter its own body such that it create a new body out of the old and give life before time and its force tends it collapses. Searching for this phenomenon takes us to Jesus Christ and Calvary, where Christ the God sacrificed his life such that time and death can be conquered. This point of thinking makes Bible a biological science of the universe. This is very much supported by Vedas. Yajurveda VS: 30-31 tells us that the universe was created through the self sacrifice of the Creator and this sacrifice was conducted by his own people. The Christ soul was that single seed that was deposited in the womb of the mother. The sacrifice at Calvary holds the potential to recreate everything back to order. The Calvary sacrifice created that initial pulse of nonlinear world which creates whole new world. The universal consciousness from this point [Calvary] begins to unfold and is forming into new platform from within the old, so that the world can transform and survive before the critical moment of collapse approaches. What rules this period is the inferior souls and mind of humans that has become slave to material forces. Christ said he will come again to restore the kingdom God. The Second Coming could be visualized as the revelation of Mind of God or the Truth, which divides one into two and restores the balance and reinstalls the law. The truth reveals the superior knowledge of life and brings shifts in human thinking from material knowledge to spiritual knowledge of ancient. Modern world is peaking with inferior knowledge. Knowledge out have brought order, happiness, life, peace and so on. But the modern knowledge advocated by west, to which the whole world has become slave is giving the opposite results and leading the world to disorder and destruction. There is little hope for the world unless it Awaken to Truth. It is time we de-link our mind form the material vortex to connect to our consciousness and discover the Universal Consciousness and get illuminated by the Universal Intelligence that gives New Life.