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Secret Information content of Bible in one page


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Secret Information content of Bible in one page

  1. 1. Secret Information Content of Bible in a one Page <br />By John Paily – Grace New Age Research<br />Bible speaks of secret of creation and fall of humanity and His recreation and restoration in time forming a cycle. Bible speaks of two role models to humanity, one is that of Christ /Mother Mary, the other is Adam/Eve. The first is what we should be following and the second is what we should be resisting. The whole institution called church and its occupants are supposed to be role models like Christ and Mother Mary to common man and uplift humanity qualitatively at individual, family and collective levels to Christ and Mother Mary. They should resist, people going the other way into Adam and Eve. The sin of Adam is that he forgot his inner voice and information that gives life and listened to Eve. The sin of Eve is that, she not only forgot her Creator, but influenced her master to yield to evil and information from the external material world. This information Bible says actually comes from fallen angels. One must therefore be aware of people in Churches, who lead you into Awful Horror or sin in the Holy of Holy places. Christ came to save our soul not sacrifice it. <br />We must note that living characteristic in time is instinctively anti-gravitational and the material aspect in time is instinctively gravitational. This means there are two information’s or forces acting in the universal system. One that comes from deep within the life; It is the consciousness and intelligence, which manifest in its purity in the initial stage of life cycle - childhood. However, when ones mind matures a “self” begins to manifest. This is a period of uncertainty for the mind. The material world and flesh of the external world begins to influence the mind, eventually it collapses into the path of death or path of life. The Church and its occupants are called at this point to advice/counsel the youth, such that it does not become slave to external material world and flesh, but exist related to His Creators and rule over what is given to him by the Creator in justifiable manner. Creation says that Humans were given the dominion over the Kingdom of God. This tells us that all the secret information of nature and its functioning existed with humanity. When it is lost the path back is to seek the Creator. Thus spirituality tells us that Father and Mother are seen Gods. <br />God exist as a balancer. Justice and Truth are primal to His kingdom. But it so happens that mankind falls in time and information of life dwindles and the information of material world dominate human thinking leading him to darkness and death. This necessitates Creator to recreate and restore everything back. Bible says God made the sacrifice of His only Son when not one human existed who could be justified before God. The phenomenon of recreation now can be understood as lost information of life emerging back from the black hole. It is occurring through Christ, His consciousness and intelligence. Christ’s consciousness is blooming to give us Life and information that was lost. We are called to participate to come to New Life. This knowledge is inclusive to all religions and becomes an advanced science that brings forth the Living Universe Theory. The Key character of Christ and Mary is that they sacrificed their “self” and “mind” in full faith to the inner force or voice of the Creator. The key to survive is surrender of “self” and coming into “self” realization and knowing the path one is treading. It is to becomes conscious and intelligent More about it discussed in the flowing links <br /> <br /><br />