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Judgment or punishment from God is an essential tool of all religions to keep the flock together. The reality however is different. Judgment is reordering process giving new life to the system by Free will to humanity. It is a journey back to Golden Age or Kingdom of God – Tweet the message

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  1. 1. Who Judges Who Judges?What is Judgment?
  2. 2. This slide show is not oriented to support any religion. It simply is the product of nearly two and half decades ofsearch for Truth after the author gave up a lucrative career in Biotechnology The distinctive call for the author, was to advance science and spirituality into some simplistic and comprehensible platform such that barrier of religions break down andscience evolves to awakens humanity to Truth and survives the catastrophic end to which he is leading himselfMy interpretation of spiritual scriptures may differ from theinterpretation of various schools of spirituality – But givena thought from point of freedom it might open whole new realm of thinking and comprehension of spiritual scriptures
  3. 3. NO and YESGod is Love, He is the Creator He Cannot be a Judge
  4. 4. The TruthGod is Truth – He is the Sustainer
  5. 5. He Creates in Love and Free Will to indestructible Souls. It occurs in darkness of the womb When time ripens, He emerges asLight or Truth or knowledge removingthe darkness. Each soul then finds its relative location This is Judgment
  6. 6. Truth is God He is the Creator and Sustainer Truth is Life Force Truth is Knowledge and Light He is the Centrifugal or Anti- Gravitational Force that sustainsthe material world from collapsing
  7. 7. It exist in Life Look at plants, animals and children, they are anti-gravitational. They create mass that grow against gravity and time directed to death or gravitational collapse to the center.
  8. 8. Adult Human Mind that is self centered and is slave to material world. Death manifest when humanity breaks thelaw and takes the forbidden path and moves away from Truth or Light or Knowledge. In Short when he moves away from God the Father
  9. 9. To Love and to be obedient to God the Creator To be with Truth and uphold Truth and JusticeNot to seek “self” and become slave to material World Not to corrupt and conquer the opposite
  10. 10. Kingdom of God is a Family We are Children of GodGod is Father and Mother. He is a Teacher and Role ModelGod manifested as Christ is role model for all men Mother Mary is role model to all women
  11. 11. Mary and Jesus did God’s or Father’s Will Paving the way for Kingdom of God or Truth They grew beyond their mind and itsextensions connecting to material world to connect to their consciousness and listen to the voice of the Father [God] and surrendered to it.
  12. 12. Fallow theirPath to Life and Truth
  13. 13. Truth is Light or KnowledgeIt is the knowledge of life and the Universe - Its creation and existence in time
  14. 14. The path that the modernworld is taking is the path of Adam and Eve or the Forbidden Path
  15. 15. Truth or knowledge gets lost And humans become slave to material worldand inches to disorder, destruction and death.The quest of spiritual and scientific world is a quest for the lost Truth
  16. 16. It creeps from mind and thoughtsthat are directed to external world It creeps through Eve’s mind that becomes slave to material world and makes Adamturn away from his Father. Thus it paves the way for a life disconnected from Truth or Light or Knowledge
  17. 17. Adam and Eve represent two realms of life; souland body. There are two minds/brains in life; onethat relates to the body and the other relates toheart/soul. The mind/brain of the body is the linkpoint with the external space, the mind of theheart is a point that links to the internal space.Space contains informations and information flowbetween internal and external space is vital tomaintain life. The heart and its mind and theinternal space are vital to life. For Truth existinit and life is maintained and controlled by it.
  18. 18. An individual begins to fall when he allows the mind of the body to dominate. This cuts the free flow of lifeor information from internal space and its connectivitywith the source of life - consciousness and intelligence within that comes form the Creator When individuals fall the collective system begins to deteriorate The importance of spirituality and ancient knowledge emerges from this point. Truth cannot be sought by mind of the body that links to the external material world. This mind needs to surrender and allow theinner mind that connects to the internal space to know the Truth. Truth exists in the internal world.
  19. 19. Manifest when mind of individual matures and becomes slave to matter and flesh and begins to express his self forgetting his creator and hisrelationship with His Family - It is isolation from God the Creator It is spiritual deterioration It is the cause for the fall of individual families and the various hierarchies of the society and the whole world
  20. 20. It is simply collective reflection ofindividual mind and its thoughts that followed death No Human is ExceptionThus God had to manifest to save the world
  21. 21. Awakening to Truth in Individual and Collective Level
  22. 22. Turn your Mind from outer to the inner world and Change your thinking from “self” todissolve into the Whole that is Selfless
  23. 23. When your mind and thoughts are turned around, you connect to the world of consciousness that is base and support of the world we live in.When you surrender your self, you enter the realm of Light or Truth that radiates from within and supports the life.At the deepest level, you will know the Truth or Mind of God that sustains the whole system.
  24. 24. It brings Life and New order It initializes time thatexist already conquered
  25. 25. Yes Its full comprehension emerges when we combine it with other spiritual scriptures and advance it as a science We need to grow beyond the bondage ofreligion to comprehend the Truth and evolve to Survive
  26. 26. Never They actually enfold Truth such that it is protected and unfolds in Time Lord Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus,Mohammed and all the prophets did not createreligion – They spoke Truth in relation to time and tried to guide humanity towards Life
  27. 27. Time always has a deteriorative influenceThus the preachings of the enlightened tend to deteriorate in time. The schools of thought developed by the enlightened minds transferred by word gets infiltrated and twisted by evils in time. The intelligent realizing this puts the knowledgeinto written and pictorial forms, so that it could be rediscovered again.
  28. 28. The revelation of Truth and Time initialization With Calvary began a Recreation and restoration phase though Free Will to humanSouls – Time was conquered in Calvary. It is the expression of Love of the CreatorThe Second Coming is revelation of Truth that initializes time and brings humanity back to his glorious period
  29. 29. It is Truth or DualityThe monistic state, where Truth hides in thewomb is transition state of conquering time and time initializationWhen Truth Shines Humanity Awakens and gains Life – Duality and Life comes into being
  30. 30. Jesus denotes Truth. His Sacrifice denotes the path back to LifeHe manifested and spoke the Truth that Liberates and showed the path to life He manifested when Truth had deteriorated tocritical state and the whole creation was endangered Note - Vedas speak of Universal Time Cycle in terms of deterioration of Truth and justice in 4 quantum proportions. It says that God manifest in each phase to restore justice and truth. East speaks of God manifesting aslord Krishna to lead and fight the battle for justice and Truth. Bible tells us that Jesus manifested when all souls sinned. It tells us he came to restore the kingdom of God
  31. 31. Break the barriers of religions and seek Truth or Knowledge and get initialized to Life through His Spirit Note – He ridiculed the priest and religious leaders, who studied scriptures and occupied top positions. IndirectlyHe spoke that the truth cannot be attained by reading andstudying or listening. It comes by Grace, when the spirit of God or Life enters them.
  32. 32. NoThey are Custodians of Truth – Respect themBut do not sacrifice your right to evolve and grow towards TrueTeacher and experience Truth to gain Life
  33. 33. One who not only teachesbut follows what he teachesA Teacher who is filled with Living Spirit and works to establish Truth
  34. 34. A true teacher constantly evolves and dissolves he is not staticHe not only preaches but practices. He is not mere a observer but a participant and will have experienced the Spirit of GodA spirit filled teacher attracts masses and hegrows every day, in his vicinity there is peace and order
  35. 35. If I am to put it in a parable – A true teacher is ateacher who eats Mango and then begins to study itand speaks of it. When ever he speaks about mango there will be a slur in his voice. The thought of the taste he experienced waters his mouth and creates power that spreads and makes people to eat and experience. Most teachers of modern world are the ones who studied about mango, in various schools but have never eaten one. He teaches about mango and preaches about it, as a means of lively hood. His preaching lacks spirit and Life.
  36. 36. A True Teacher grows and sees oneness. He sees Truth and Light as the source of all Creation and ExistenceHe strives to uphold Truth and Justice
  37. 37. In short a true teacher shows and leads us in the path of Mary and Jesus. There will be miracles and peace in their vicinity They would be like Lord Krishna who lead from front in the war for Justice and Truth and strive to bring order to the world Remember Jesus Christ came to restore the kingdom back to the Father
  38. 38. A false teacher fails to give humanity any directionHe preaches one, but practices the opposite, putting humanity in confusion. He gets engaged in establishing material growth and expansion of his school, trying to gain power by adding number to his school than making qualitative changes within himself and in individual and communityThus we have constructed large Churches, Templesand Mosques, but have not achieved any qualitative change in our thinking and life – we have lifeless, Churches, Temples and Mosques
  39. 39. In worst case many religious teachers lead us in the path of Adam and Eve to death – Bibletells us that it is the fallen Angels that manifest as evil. We need to differentiate them in all schools No teacher can be Absolute – Except One There cannot be two centers to one circle The quest of Human soul is to evolve closer to the Absolute or Truth
  40. 40. The critical problem of the world, is not war, not terrorism, not even natural catastrophes, not food ---, but the incomplete awakening of the spirituality and incomplete knowledge of material world accumulated by scienceWe are edging to self destruction by our ignorance
  41. 41. The only way is evolution of science to know the Truth of God beyond the barriers of religion as Pure Knowledge or Light In short the Truth“Seek Truth and Truth will set you free”
  42. 42. Yes Without any doubt When spirit filled the Disciples of Christ, the fears vanished: they saw Truth and thepath to life and boldly proclaimed the Good News.
  43. 43. YES – YES - YES Christ came to establish Kingdom of God or Truth God has said that in the end days He will pour out His Spirit on allThis means Truth emerges defeating death and there will be an Awakening to Truth such that every one bows to Truth. When Truth emerges corruption and conquering motive seizes People will begin to search their consciousness and the intents and repent
  44. 44. They will retreat from Adam and Eve’s pathThey will be restored to Kingdom of GodA knowledge era then begins that redefines,health/medicines, food/agriculture, energy and its use and almost everything about administering and sustaining life at individual and collective levels.
  45. 45. There is no end but perpetual existenceThe end and death is conquered by Truth or the Knowledge Knowledge transforms and initializes Humanity into Golden Age
  46. 46. Judgment is conquering of death and Giving New Life We need not fear it All we need to do is to repent andretreat to Fathers Home and accept Truth
  47. 47. Repent and Return HomeThe call is to get up from white washed tombs And emerge to Light, Life and Truth It is a call to evolve into new realm of KnowledgeRemember God is capable of bringing you backto Life – Even when you are dead, laid in a tomb and your body is deteriorating
  48. 48. In the material level Truth exist in the Family As daughters we are supposed to fallow Mother MaryAs sons we are called to fallow Jesus and uphold Father’s will and works for Kingdom of GodSpirituality is an individual call to awakening and doing his duty towards family, and different hierarchies of the society inline with Truth
  49. 49. To know more about Truth revealed to me by grace and expressed within my limitations read the following link http://www.scribd.com/doc/67237784 {Titled 2012 – The Truth that can save humanity] Information and Black Hole– The Truth of Origin and Universal Existence in Time http://www.scribd.com/doc/59484849 Site – 2012 - Science meets Mind of God
  50. 50. If you think there is substance in what you read – help spread the Truth My call was distinct- It was to make science and religion simple such that the whole world awakens to Truth and brings the change from deep within from the realm of soul – much of my work is directed at thisNext step would be to develop technique and technologiesthat can support the body in healthy manner. It amounts to bring change in our thinking about health/medicine, food/agriculture, energy and its utilization and develop good administrate and delivery system that can sustain the body. Our ancient knowledge systems and cultures can come to our help in this level It makes no sense to speak it, when the first step is not achieved
  51. 51. It has been a relentless struggle against odds to bring my work to the world. The world preoccupied with material thinking is failing to take note. We are now edging to critical state. Time left is very limited. If we do not awaken now, we might end in paying a huge price. My age, my health, my resources have depleted. My situations are forcing me to retreat to my village to spend more time in prayer and give my body sometime to recover and to tender the field I left behind and earn my bread. I have done by my best, my media skills and its outreach is limited. My resources do not permitme to hire these skills. I need help to spread Truth
  52. 52. I am not asking for money but I need help to convert this slide into video format and spread it Truth needs to be spread to the world to awakenhumanity. We need a revolution to save the world. Just as one man Wael Ghonim used the media to awakenand liberate Egypt, some one well versed with modern media and its communication potential and holds media reach should take up the cause.Human survival exist in Awakening and it is extremely important spread the message
  53. 53. Grace New Age Research johnpaily2002@yahoo.com john.paily@gmail.com Ph – 918242451547 Mobile - 918884545158Site : 2012 – Science meets Mind of Godhttps://sites.google.com/site/2012sciencemeetsgod And the Linked Sites