Information Collapse and Heat Death


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Information is fundamental nature and its existence. The flow of information is related to certain design of earth that maintains two gradients of heat. When the design is broken and the gradients are dissolved, the information flow collapses, leading to heat death

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Information Collapse and Heat Death

  1. 1. Information Collapse and Heat Death The danger lurking around the corner for Humanity and the way out of it John Paily [This is a page taken from site “Truth of Nature”] We live in information and knowledge era. The knowledge is exploding under the information communication. However the knowledge that is exploding is inferior that lack the "Truth of Nature" and its oneness. Knowledge out have brought order, happiness, peace, life and so on. One look at the world shows opposite results. There is something fundamentally wrong in our thinking and the knowledge we have acquired. The world is polarized in the name of religion and is cultivating hatred deep within. Individual, communities and Nations live in fear and are loading themselves with weapons of mass destructions. He is recklessly exploiting nature and advancing his self at all cost. Thus the natural bond is decreasing and the world is threatened with collapse and Doomsday. It is speaking in terms of instability of human mind manifesting into war and terrorism, increased natural catastrophes and so on. Unless we awaken to Truth of Nature and react to transform the system there is little hope for human survival. This call for fundamental and foundation changes in our thinking that can quickly reflect itself in every field of human interest and his existence in this world Let me share with you some simple, observable and perceivable aspect related to quantum nature that can change the way think about nature. It would help us understand nature and its information process. We all live in energy cycles that manifest as warming and cooling. A form of warming and cooling is occurring in 12 hour daily cycles, 12 monthly climatic cycles. The former is embedded in the latter and the latter is embedded in bigger cycles and eventually has big universal cycle, where huge global warming and dramatic climatic changes is bound to occur as the system changes time direction and initializes into new time cycle What calls our immediate attention is the destructive potential of this end time climate change. To understand this we need to understand first the design of earth and energy cycles of nature and information flow in which we exist and its relationship with time. Design of Earth, the Energy Cycle and its Relationship with Time Day and Night forms the basic energy cycle in which everything exists. Observation of this cycle shows that earth is designed into two parts, a right and left or east and west. When sun light emerges in the west and the material matter in it unwinds and 1
  2. 2. energizes the atmosphere, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and act as a sink for the energy. It materializes the energy thus maintaining a balance of energy to matter. In short nature has energy to matter ratio. It constantly works to maintain this ratio. It works on two cycles a disordering cycle and ordering cycle which work simultaneously. As the west peaks in light, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and it gives way to light. The following figure gives the design of earth and the energy flow in it, leading to Quantum Dance and manifestation of motion. See fig – 1. The quantum dance is 8 step process and each step has three subunits forming 24 unit cycle- observe your watch or the day and night cycle! It speaks of certain facts about nature o The motion here is the product of simultaneous quantum collapse in two worlds. o The movement of light invariably means it carries information from left to right or vice-versa o The second law of thermodynamics invariably means, the movement of light and information is achieved with loss of heat and this has two consequences. One is that the temperature of environment increases to shear down all the systems in it, the other is that matter looses energy and tends to collapse to a point – the Big Bang Theory. This manifest as winding of the system posibly causing great earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and so on. If you stand back and observe nature, we note that the above design and working helps nature maintain certain equilibrium of temperature. It resists time direction and unilateral increase in temperature. Explaining Information Collapse and Heat Death Note – The heat death is dual phenomenon occurring in opposite way in the visible realm and non visible realm. I would limit my explanation to information unfolding and enfolding in the external material world. What is happening in the non visible spiritual realm is simply the mirror image of it. 2
  3. 3. The information exists flowing between two worlds or two points. We did see how the light carries information between two worlds leading to quantum dance and forming day and night cycle. When the light and fire force [Dominant fire or Material fire] peaks in the west [World No -1] it expands and creates a force on the wind covering it. This is transmitted to the opposite world [World No -2] and powers it. In the opposite world an opposite phenomenon occurs. Here the incoming wind fuels another fire [Recessive Fire or Fire of Life]. This stresses the wind around it and transmits it to the opposite world [Second world] and it act as fuel to the fire in the first world. The design helps the system to cool and maintain the temperature in the environment with in limit. They work as a double pump or heart of a living system. The loss of heat in the process of quantum dance invariably means the heat in the environment increases and there is a time direction to nature in which the basal temperature of the systems environment increases unilaterally. This needs to be understood as upsetting of the dual cycle in favor of one cycle. The system resists this tendency but time direction becomes inevitable. Eventually time direction begins to eat on one of this cycle. Let us assume that the First cycle eats on the second cycle. The nature reacts by unfolding in space and time in order to maintain its temperature. The information flow and communication grows faster and faster in the system. But in time it reaches a limit beyond which system cannot unfold. To understand the above statement, imagine one world enfolded into multiple number of worlds in time. These worlds, with increasing heat begin to break down. This breakdown develops the communication and as the time goes on, the break down and communication becomes faster and faster. However, when the system unfolds into two world state the collapse to a point and reorganization becomes inevitable. The unfolding then gives way to enfolding. This means information unfolding and movement is related to temperature. There is no way to measure this increase in basal temperature by any instruments, because everything is affected by it and unwinds in relation to sustain itself. Even an atom does this act of unwinding. However, this becomes evident when the unfolding reaches the critical limit. Here it begins to cause a shearing force on all the enclosed system. The enclosed system shows instability and begins to collapse and eventually whole system tends to quantum collapse and goes into reorganization changing the direction of the flow. The ancient called it the end time, which can only be perceived by the sensible. The modern scientists pictured it as time approaching the big bang collapse and origin or the collapse of all information flow or death. The collapse of information and reorganization is a cyclic process and has definite pattern. The collapse occurs when the ratio reaches a critical state of 3:1. [See fig below – Steps Leading to Quantum Collapse]. This can also be understood from day and night cycle or life cycle. 3
  4. 4. The collapse occurs in 3 steps. The 8 step cycles first collapses into 4 step cycle then 2 step cycle then into one and goes through a zero state. Only to emerge back in the same way by changing the direction of the flow [see fig -2 below] The 3:1 or the third critical point is the point at which the resistance of the system against the force acting on it breaks down and the system collapses and goes into reorganization. In a ball at rest this is the point at which force applied on the ball manifest into externally observable motion. In a living system it forms last breath before the soul departs body allowing the body to deteriorate. Here the ordering 4
  5. 5. cycle dissolves in the disordering cycle and eventually the system collapses to a point to go into new order. The collapse is a transition phenomenon. It occurs in day and night cycle, climatic cycle in the breath of life, in mitotic phase and so on. It is the reordering phase. Time direction to the universe invariably means there is an end of time or the big bang transition. This calls for attention because. 1] Approaching this transition period, as the wave associated with the two worlds begins to approach the collapsing point, the forces of nature turn violent showing aberrant peaks and falls manifesting into huge climatic catastrophes. This becomes unpredictable because of pocket of negative energies accumulated in the environment and the earths crust. This manifests into huge fire/wind disasters, followed by earth and water bound disasters. [For more detail read article – “How Natural Catastrophes Manifests”] 2] The distinction between climatic cycle’s breaks down. This disturbs and destabilizes every system enclosed in it. Eventually it tends to a point where the ordering cycle seizes to exist and this leads to collapse. The waves that drove climate and day and night cycle now collapse to reorganize changing the direction of the flow. This however is only momentary phenomenon. But this could lead to momentary break down in bonds which could cause great catastrophes. Most system readjusts it self to this collapse instinctively and survives the change of flow. The exception is human beings who actually drives the time and is the cause for collapse. He needs external help to survive and transform into the new time cycle. 3] Approaching this end the information flow becomes faster and faster and eventually collapses, when the ordering cycle seizes. It then quickly re-emerges and reorganizes on the strength of a concealed heat that creates order [This is the spiritual secret explored in the site]. This phase brings order, positive and healthy growth to the society and nature. 4] This means the earth will encounter huge fire/wind bound destructions as the end of time approaches. When climate turns and when earth forces struggle to cool it, it will manifest into earthquakes, volcanoes, rain and snow bound catastrophes. The destruction on earth would be two fold. The environment begins to get heated up unilaterally shearing every system enclosed in it, leading the system to HEAT DEATH. No instrument will be able to measure this rise in global temperature leading to heat death. The sign approaching this period are that there will be huge fire bound destructions. There will be instantaneous fire accidents. Many ecological systems will be on fire. It should be borne in mind we use many inflammable materials. These inflammable materials will catch fire instantaneously triggering a series of destruction. This could be explained by nonlinear science. Imagine a substance X that catches fire at 100 degrees. Assume it exist in a controlled environment of 50 degrees. Now assume this control is lost and the temperature rises. It is inevitable there will be a time when it becomes increasingly dangerous to handle substance X. This means the world tends to Heat Death. The period prior to it, earth forces reacts violently leading increased nature catastrophes with rain, snow, earthquakes and volcanic eruption. We are already witnessing sign of it around the world. The huge peak and fall of two opposing forces could be compared to the last deep breaths of a person before dying. 5
  6. 6. Sorry brothers and sisters, I have pictured a hopeless future for human. But take my word this is not the end God intends for His created world. It is inevitable the collapse and reorganization has to occur. But He will lead humanity through narrow gate to Golden Period. The point of collapse is the gate way to Kingdom of God. If the modern information world is tending to disorder and death under human material quest, God has ensured that the world and every life in it can be saved by a parallel information world that creates order. Here the time tends from disorder to order and it is ruled by a second Light/Heat that brood life into existence. [Living Light] Read “Creation Truth” and “Secret of soul and Living Heat” and other articles and know the whole truth of existence of nature 6