Heat Management - Vital to survive Global warming and climate change


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Heat or energy management is crucial to the existence our survival on the planet earth. The earth is designed to function and maintain its temperature as life maintains its temperature. When mankind out of ignorance of living Truth of Nature intervenes into the functioning of earth to maintain its temperature, the nature reacts causing huge climatic changes in order to gain new order out of the disorder

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Heat Management - Vital to survive Global warming and climate change

  1. 1. Heat Management -Vital to Surviving Global Warming and Climate Change By - John Paily Global warming and climate change is real. The modern intellectuals relate it to carbon emission and reckless human intervention into nature. But what the intellectual world fails to take note is that the whole concept of global warming and climate change and the present state of the world could be reduced to lack of understanding heat or energy cycle and its management. In short it could be related to lack of “Truth of Nature” As such we tend to blame the big and economically rich nations for the present state of the world. It is natural to super powers who presently rule by material power and the nations who aspire to become super powers in a material way, to resist any thing that hinders their economic growth and ambitions. The actual failure exists in the Temples of science and religions. The temples of science have given the world the knowledge to exploit the material world but have failed to present the Truth of Nature and its working. Religions of the world has bound humans in to religious dogmas and ruled us. It has failed to awaken and liberate humans into Spiritual Truth and oneness that exists behind nature. The nature we observe is made of energy and matter. If you observe nature from a point of freedom we note that nature is a struggle to maintain certain ratio and balance of energy to matter. When this ratio and balance is upset nature reacts to rectify and attain new balance. Since all energy eventually can be reduced to heat, this above reality can be reduced to heat management. The Truth of Nature thus seems to exist in knowing the energy and matter cycle. This truth in turn can be understood from the day and night cycle. When west awakes to sunlight and the material nature unwinds and get energized to go into disorder [heat increases], the east is simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order [heat decreases and energy is materialized] and vice-versa. Two opposing cycles seems to communicate and coexist to sustain nature in balance. When the west peaks in darkness it gives way to darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in east and it gives way to light. The east and west or right and left are instantaneously communicated and there is an information flow init. The system is designed such that an order is created out of every disorder and vice-versa. This quantum process seems to drive the system in perpetual motion and existence. There appears to be a perceiver who acts to balance the system. In short, earth is designed to work to maintain its temperature, much the same way life struggles to maintain its temperature. Incidentally, the design and energy flow we discussed above in earth resembles the working of a double pump or heart of a living system. This and many more developments in modern science, such as Gaia hypothesis, nonlinear science, quantum interpretations, calls us to discard the basic vision of nature 1
  2. 2. imparted into us by the west and adopt the living vision that the ancient spiritualist, specially the east advocated. The modern science originated by separating consciousness and mind from matter and sought the truth in matter. In this process he self proclaimed immunity to his actions on nature. The advances in science have already proved that some how consciousness and mind plays an important role in material nature and its existence. It is beyond this small article to discuss this fundamental subject of enormous importance. But, a simple observation and a three simple visualization can bring us to some basic realities of nature and our role in obliterating the temperature management of earth, creating disorder and self destruction. The modern science and its picture of the universe are built on a single force called gravity. The second law of thermodynamics applied to gravity leads us to the big bang theory, where all the matter of the universe collapses to single indefinable point and originates in big bang of fire ball. All the laws of science break down here. Einstein, whose work when extended in time led to this theory, was probably aware of it. He was not at ease to imagine the nonsensical end to which his theory leads when extended in time. So he struggled to introduce a second force called anti-gravity. He introduced and retracted it. Probably he failed to find a source for it. The ancient spiritualists who described and visualized universe as a living system were at ease to explain nature sensibly. They constructed their picture of universe and its existence on two forces; the forces of matter [death] and soul [life] that are opposing. Now look through the window and observe a grass grow and Lilies flower, you will note that life by instinct is anti- gravitational. This is proven by the second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system. Imagine earth and its energy cycle 1] With only plants 2] With plants and animals. 3] With plants animals and Adult human beings. Plants absorb sunlight and heat and thus work against the disorder. In other world it works to cool nature. When darkness falls the plants utilize the absorbed energy/heat and matter to develop biological mass that grows against gravity. When the second law of thermodynamics in material world is directed to winding and collapse to the center [gravitational collapse], the plant life unwinds and works against this collapse and thus give stability. Thus two forces seem to sustain nature. These two forces cannot be equal, because equal and opposite cancels out. The energy flow in earth with only plants is two dimensional and stable. When we introduce animals into picture the energy flow becomes three dimensional and more stable. The previous two dimensional vision has a disadvantage. The unchecked growth of plant can lead to anti-gravitational collapse. The introduction of animals thus gives uncertainty and stability to the energy flow. No time direction to the system exists in such a system. It is self sustaining. 2
  3. 3. But when we introduce adult human beings, the energy flow in earth becomes four dimensional. A fourth dimension and dimension of time emerges for the whole system. This dimension emerges from the mind of human beings that seeks self, breaks the law and fails to live a justified life. Thus human and his mind are vital to how nature unfolds and enfolds. In short it determines the time direction to disorder and death and order and life. A mind that de links from its consciousness and the inner light that gives life and order, gets attached to material force and moves to disorder. He breaks the law and justice and spreads the seed of disorder. He falls into darkness and leads the world to gravitational collapse and self destruction. It is apparent that we are living in a time period where humans are totally become subservient to material force. The consequence is there for us to see. We have increased the heat content of the earth and upset its critical energy to matter ratio. We have interfered into earths inherent working to self sustain her. In our mad material quest we have wound and shrunk the material world to the critical state at which gravitational collapse and big bang is inevitable. Another consequence of big bang vision is the increase in energy and heat of the environment, which causes the shearing force on all the ecological system enclosed init. Could this be the cause for increased climate catastrophes and instability of various ecological systems we observe? Very likely it is. Human is integral to nature and his soul, mind and body is also bound to experience this disruptive force. Is this the cause of instability of human mind leading to war, terrorism and unprovoked violence causing self annihilation of once own soul and annihilation of other innocent souls? It is time for us to think very likely it is. The modern man has accumulated enough material knowledge to release huge destructive material power, to precipitate huge destruction. The modern world by ignorance is creating sick souls and mind. The modern era of information and knowledge explosion is making this destructive material power available to these sick souls and mind. Very clearly we are in the edge of doomsday. Is it not time to Awaken to Truth? The only solution I can think of is to heal the sick souls and mind with the balm of Truth and turn them to green. We are caught in the vortex of material and mind centered thinking of the west. With Globalization this has peaked and has reached a boiling point. The east and west have mutually adopted the evils of the opposite. The west seemed to be imbibing the corruption of the east and east seemed to imbibing the conquering motive of the west. It is unfortunate that east, which sits on the Goldmine of Living and superior knowledge has fallen to the west and its inferior knowledge. It is time for west and east to awaken and know the simple Truth of Nature and act to save earth and humanity from inching to self destruction. The Vital step to attain order is to know the energy or heat cycle and learn its management. The ancient knowledge system can come to our help a long way to do it. In winding this small vital article for human survival on earth, let me emphasize that the modern western thinking and the foundation on which the world today works is erroneous. The ancient spiritual and living vision of nature seems to be superior. Nature is living, conscious, intelligent and self sustaining. If you care to step back from the 3
  4. 4. modern vortex of thinking, we can find the flaws in modern science and integrate it with ancient spiritual knowledge and discover the Truth of Nature and its functioning to attain order and life. We can reinvent big bang and spiritual secret of the ancient scriptures sensibly. Here is a clue. Since human soul and his mind are central to existence of nature, it means the collapse needs to occur onto a single soul and mind in the center. Assuming this as a point and the corner stone, this one soul and mind enfolds the secret of the living universe and its existence. Life begins in a point when Fathers essence [a chosen reduced soul and mind] enters the womb and unites with one chosen world [cell with soul and mind of its own] to create a whole new world consisting of billions of worlds. In this process life conquers initializes in time cycle. This phenomenon when extended beyond a cell to quantum particulate levels leads to a “small big bang” that goes unnoticed but in time emerges to give new life to the whole world. We can visualize here that little perturbation that creates a great disorder out which new order emerges in time. What this means the whole world has a small creative phase of the consciousness of the Father. Here the creator’s soul and mind hides in the recessive soul and mind to conquer time and initialize it.. We are in a singularity phase where order is created out of disorder through free will. The new order and new life emerges when the creating principle or creating point exposes His mind and creates duality and breaths new life into world. In this short statement and picture of nature, the whole truth of Bible, Vedas, Koran and other spiritual scriptures exist. It is beyond this article to explore it in death. The global warming and climatic catastrophes in a way is a blessing in disguise. It is stressing humanity to awaken to his conscious and see the light of life within and turn green and enter the Kingdom of God. Site – “Awakening to Truth” Address – http://sites.google.com/site/awakeningtotruth 4