Global Warming's Impact On Earth Spiritual Vision


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The stress of global warming leads to many huge natural catastrophes and this in turn awakens human consciousness and he connects to the universal consciousness and eventually gets illuminated by Truth and Truth liberates Humanity from the clutches of darkness and gives him the knowledge of Life and Nature. Humanity enters the Kingdom of God and gets the Dominion. The world leaders and individuals realize the importance of maintaining the temperature of earth. World turns from materialistic to Life centered – It will go green. The western thinking gives way to eastern thinking

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Global Warming's Impact On Earth Spiritual Vision

  1. 1. How Global Warming Impacts Earth and the Life in it? – The Spiritual Thinking Answer [Spiritual] – The stress of global warming awakens human consciousness and he connects to the universal consciousness and eventually gets illuminated by Truth and Truth liberates Humanity from the clutches of darkness and gives him the knowledge of Life and Nature. Humanity enters the Kingdom of God and gets the Dominion. The world leaders and individuals realize the importance of maintaining the temperature of earth. World turns from materialistic to Life centered – It will go green. The western thinking gives way to eastern thinking. By John Paily [This is a page from the site “Truth of Nature” ] Explanation – Modern man is captive of western thinking and its knowledge. The western thinking and its knowledge is divisive and materialistic. This knowledge does not give us sensible answers to origin of time and its initialization. Einstein’s work has led us to vision of end where the all the material systems, looses its energy and collapses to a point [Big Bang Theory of Creation]. The second consequence of this theory is that environment or interstellar space increases in its heat content and shears all the system down. This leads us to a picture of two-way destructive end, where increasing heat content of the environment creates huge disorder and destruction and it is fallowed tendency of earth force to work against distortion to condense the energy into new order. This causes huge fluctuation in temperature and climate. If you stand back and observe nature, we are seeing this two fold destruction from nature and its forces. We have witnessed alarming increase in forest fire and wind bound destruction in the recent years. These are fallowed by some of the worst flash floods and snow falls, earth quakes and so on. There is time ahead when the fire accidents are going to increase like anything. It should be borne in mind that we humans handle many highly inflammable substances. When the heat of the environment increases unilaterally, it is pushing the substance to its critical point. It invariably means even small disturbance can trigger great accidents. Science cannot predict the exact time of collapse, but tells us that it is inevitable. It does not tell us the cause for collapse, origin and existence of nature in a sensible way. The ancient spiritual scriptures also speak of such collapse or end of time. Most of them predict that we are very near to it. The Mayans have predicted the end of this time cycle and beginning of new one to 2012 December 21st. Though the spiritual science also speaks of a turbulent period as the end approaches, it gives us hope of a journey beyond darkness into light. To visualize this journey into light we need to change our thinking about nature from the western materialistic to eastern spiritual or the living vision of nature. The Vedas of east clearly tells us that, universe is living. It is a conscious and intelligent system. We the human being are understood as individuated system born form universal consciousness and intelligence to its left and right and form the created body of the one universal system in time. This means the universal system is created by folding of the Universal Consciousness, by the Intelligence that brood over it. This reality is spoken in Bible and Vedas.
  2. 2. The living vision gives us an advantage of comprehending the secret of nature and its existence in a sensible way. Life has mechanism to resist time and conquer time and death to perpetuate in time cycles. Life survives time by three basic process- breathing and exchange of information, mitotic division and renewal of information and meiotic division and reproduction of whole new body out of the old. Here the “Essence of the Father” channeled through a selected cell, enters the womb of the Mother and unites with “Essence of the Mother” to form a Primal Soul. The process conquers time. It then exposes it self to create two new worlds out of one in time. Once creation part is complete a radiating object arises in the periphery, which later divides and moves to the poles twitching the one world into two. The Creator force now exist between the two worlds, covering the whole internally and externally as the perceiving and judging element. It comes into effect when the law is broken. The process continues to differentiate the whole system. When the time ripens it delivers and initializes the whole system. Earlier we noted that, the cause for disturbance of the energy cycle, leading to increased disorder and destruction is the human mind that is aligned with material force. Universe is one whole living being. We human beings are simply cells constituting the body of this living being. It is made in the image of the Creator Soul. There is no independent existence to our life separate from the whole. The law of resistance [not to eat from the tree at the center] actually restricts humanity, from viewing the opposite as different. It resists us from seeking “self” or come to live a mind centered life. As humans seek “self” [lives a mind centered life], he becomes separated from the consciousness and looses the link to the Universal Consciousness and the Living Light within that gives life and sustains the whole. Then the world begins to plunge into darkness and leads itself to death. The living light or knowledge deteriorates and the inferior light or knowledge that brings death grows. What is endangered in the process is the life of the Universal System as a whole. Death cannot be end of the Living world, the only other way for the living world is to recreate and restore everything back to its original state. This means the universal system should have reproductive stage. To understand reproductive state of the world, we need to comprehend of spiritual scriptures. Yajurveda Vs 30-31 tells us that Universe is created by the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was created by His own people. Bible tells us Christ came and made the “self sacrifice” in order to conquer time and death and give us new life. If you study spiritual scriptures it has two basic parts 1] Manifested phase 2] Manifesting phase, One deals with guidelines to maintain life. It principally speaks of upholding Truth and Justice. The law and judgment is principle to this phase. The second speaks of creation where love and forgiveness rules. The former projects the masculine image of the creator, the later feminine image of the Creator. They are not separate but one. The Father here is the Living Light or Intelligence that broods over the consciousness [feminine] and creates two worlds out of one and sits in the middle as a perceiver and judge. The Living Light moves between the two worlds it created, to balance and maintain the world. We can compare it to the sun light moving between east and west and driving nature. We must note that the “Light” we speak here is different from
  3. 3. sunlight. It is the light of life that is in comprehensible to human mind and its five senses but actually rules the world. It can only be perceived and sensed when our mind or “I” dies to get connected to once own consciousness and connects to the Universal Consciousness. East and West are realities of the world. One forms the soul the other forms the body. When the Living Light departs the East and it emerges in the west, the west then rules the world. When the Living Light returns to its base [East] the east begins to rule. When the Living Light is in the west, then the system is in creation and restoration state within the body. What rules this period is inferior souls and mind that are attached to material world. The inferior mind and knowledge that lacks truth only creates disorder, destruction and death. Death cannot be end of the created world. Which means the Living Light or superior knowledge hidden in the body emerges from the womb, defeating the death force and completing the creation act. When Truth or the Living Knowledge emerges every one bows to Truth and the life returns to the world. The world transform into Kingdom of God. Thus in spite of all the turbulence, destructions, miseries and pains, we have hopes of entering a golden period where truth and justice rules. The Global Warming has a positive content. In order to understand the positive content we must observe, 12 month climatic cycle. When the sunlight peaks, the earth dries up and life is endangered, the earth forces react forming clouds. It cuts the scorching sunlight, increasing the humidity of the environment. Those of you, who are lovers of nature and have observed life closely in nature, would have noticed life coming alive during this period. Physiological and biochemical changes occur in life, in anticipation of rain and life. Those of you who are sensitive also would have felt it in once own body. This is a critical period of uncertainty, where life and death forces compete and lot of weeding occurs. But what prevails in the end is earth and life force. Once the rains pour, the red earth turns into green and new cycle begins. We already noted that climatic cycles have a time direction. This direction is unilateral and it is directed to increase of heat and it is bound to peak at some time to give way to the opposite. This means there is a time when the earth peaks in heat and warming, before it gives way to cooling and order. Our mind centered logical arguments led to the conclusion that, when heat peaks earths forces reacts violently leading to destruction of life. However form the spiritual point we saw hopes of survival through awakening of human consciousness under the stress of natural forces and eventually the world coming to order under the Living Light revealing the Truth of Nature and its working and giving humans the dominion over His Kingdom. In short, Nature and its truth cannot be understood in isolation our involvement in nature. From living point, universe is the product of one soul/consciousness and mind/intelligence, which creates two and multiples of two worlds out of one and thus forms the body and rules over it. This means there is central soul and mind that creates and sustains. Our soul and mind are only created in time and form the body of the one Universal Soul. When our souls fails to hold up justice and truth and breaks the law and become captive to material or death force, then it becomes inevitable for creator soul and mind to go into recreation mode within its body. During this phase human souls and minds that has become captive to material force and death rules. In the recreation phase God or Creator exist as love, forgiveness
  4. 4. giving freedom for humans soul to return to life. Every soul will be salvaged and appointed an appropriate place depending on what he seeks. What he seeks depends on the karmic content in him. The Living Light or Truth hidden and creating in the womb, emerges to give New Life to the world before death approaches it. With truth emerging every one bows to truth and Law and justice returns. It should be recalled that Vedas describes universal time cycle in terms of four phases where truth and justice deteriorates in certain quantum proportions. It could be compared to four stage of a life cycle - Child hood, early part of adult hood, later part of adult hood when “I” manifests, and the forth leading to old age and death. It tells us that God manifest in human form and speaks for truth and justice and attempts to leads the world in a defined path in the transition states of these phases The east speak of God manifesting to take part in wars to uphold Truth and Justice [Ramayana and Mahabharata]. All the spiritual scriptures speaks that we are in the end of this time cycle, when the death is engulfing. Unless recreation or salvation and restoration of soul occurs the living earth is bound collapse under the force of time. Understanding Christ and Calvary sacrifice as recreation and restoration phase completes the Living Cycle of the Universe that conquers time and death and perpetuates eternally. The Living Light emerges in the east in all its glory as the Supreme knowledge. East is the soul of the universe. When the East fails to hold it up in time, it goes recessive to west [the body] allowing the rule of inferior partial knowledge’s. This is the state where creator exists in the darkness of womb. When Christ manifested in the west and spoke the Truth known to the east and made the “self sacrifice” he ensured the recreation. Following it what began to rule is that inferior minds of humans that seek self. Christ never created a religion he spoke of life’s secret and showed the way and the act to conquer death and come to life. He ordered his disciples to spread the Good News and bring human soul to repentance and make them retreat to enter the new world being formed within the old. Even in the recessive state God is in control. When the Christianity as a religion faltered and began to rule the world amassing wealth in the name of punishing God, God gave way to science and a new religion [Muslim] that opposed the way Church is growing. Today the world is polarizing in the name of religion and leading to self destruction. However, the system is in control and is designed to survive. The Light of Life or truth will emerge and every one will bow to truth and the system would return to order. This is the Secret of Nature that I by His Grace strive to bring forth to you