Global Warming And Climate Change A Farmers Perspctive


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The real cause for Global warming and climate change is understood as our intervention into nature and its time cycle or energy. Nature is designed to balance herself. But human intervention into dark cycle has hindered her capacity to reorder herself. The first step to fight Global warming is to know the simple truth of energy flow in nature and understand nature as living system that has disordering and ordering phase. In other words it breaths as humans do and work as life works. Knowledge out have brought order, peace happiness--- but one look at the modern knowledge shows the opposite results. We need to review the foundation on which we stand and work. The knowledge that humanity gained till 1990 doubled by 2000. Since then it is doubling at an alarming rate. The present knowledge is expected to double by 2010. We are heading for knowledge explosion. Thanks to media. But what is exploding is the inferior knowledge that creates RED earth. We need to awaken to gain knowledge that transforms our world into GREEN earth

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Global Warming And Climate Change A Farmers Perspctive

  1. 1. Global Warming and Climate Change - The Real Cause and Solution A Farmers Perspective • Introduction • Glimpse in to Truth of Nature • The Cause for Global warming • The solution to Global warming Introduction There is a lot of hype about Global Warming and Climate change. From time to time intellectuals existing in the temples of science, various organizations hypes up some factor and the other of ecology. We had ecological slogan of deforestation leading to lack of rainfall, population leading to economic collapse and so on. Yet over long range we note that there is no decease in rainfall, what has changed is the precipitation rate and time of precipitation. It has become more destructive than constructive. World no longer says population is a liability, in fact it is seeing it as advantage. The awareness is good in every aspect. But when we pour billions dollars on to it we forget to note that is we do not have a complete understanding of nature. Most of the knowledge we have gained, and contemplate is partial. The partial knowledge that science has imparted to us is more destructive than constructive. When a problem emerges we still look through the same binocular that distorts the simplicity of nature and creates complexity. Our lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of nature is speaking it self in the disorder in which the world is caught. We spend nearly 50% our budget for defense and warfare, nearly 25% on health. Yet the world lives in fear and insecurity. The health of populations is decreasing. A huge industry is actually flourishing at the cost the very people it should serve. In contrast to this the funds for fundamental and environmental research is hardly 2%. We are so much money centered that hardly any intellectual wish to work on the fundamentals. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, control ---. It should have given means and methods to live in harmony with nature. One look at the modern world tells we are going in the opposite direction. My research and attempt to comprehend nature and its truth, from a point of freedom, as a common man and freelance researcher, leads me to conclude that Global warming, climate change, increasing natural catastrophes, decreased health of human populations, increase of epidemics, instability of human mind [that is manifesting as war, terrorism, unprovoked violence] instability of earth, sun, solar system and the whole cosmos, are interrelated to one reality - that we have upset nature and the flow of energy in it. 1
  2. 2. It is time we go to back to drawing board and come out with, New Visions of Nature and cause fundamental changes in our global mind set and change the very picture of nature. Let me add few points here from my research that would give you a glimpse into the origin of global problems and simple solution to it. Glimpse into Truth of Nature The earth is designed into two parts. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds to new order. It is designed to balance it self, with in some limits between these two phases. Life supports earth in this process. Just look at the plants. When sunlight emerges and disorder sets in, they take the energy/heat and matter and thus acts to cool the environment and when the night fall they use up this energy and matter creatively and grow against gravity and directed time. [They are anti-gravitational]. The plants are two dimensional in its energy flow. If we take animals it gives three dimensional figures of energy flow in nature. Neither plants nor animals disturbs the energy cycle of nature. Now consider adult humans and his activity. He creates a time direction to nature. This time direction is towards increasing the heat content of the earth. By birth he is not gravitational, but as his mind matures, he becomes a slave to matter. His mind aligns with matter and gravity and thus leads the world to collapse. Nature works relentlessly create new order. But when human intervention into its dark cycle or the ordering phase of nature increases, the disorder in it increases in parallel. Eventually under time force it is bound to shift to a point where the system collapses. It is common sense that when the heat content of the system is increased the disorder in the enclosed system increases. The world is a system within system, when the disorder in the whole system increases. The systems within is first stressed to critical state. Thus we see all the ecological systems in the world are unstable. When the living system dies, it is the parts that collapse first before the whole collapses. The instability in nature is a signal of this death engulfing. Earth is one whole system that is struggling against human mindless intervention into its working. This explains the increase in fire bound and water bound destruction occurring in nature. The vitiated natural forces are lashing out to bring stability to nature and humans are caught in the middle. Nature needs to be understood as living thing than a material thing. This revelation to me gave hope for human survival. Human will Awaken to Truth of Nature - The only question is that after how much destruction? There is a time ahead, when natural forces react as never seen before. There will be fires that cannot be contained, floods which cannot be over come --- . The only way out is to awaken to truth and change our thinking about nature. We need to understand universe as living. The Living Theory of the Universe and knowledge which can bring life back to earth is explored from quantum particulate level and kept open on the net. 2
  3. 3. The Cause for Global warming If you stand back to observe day and night cycle, climatic cycle, we observe that each of these cycles are powered by two forces. It is has peak of dry heat, a warming peak [wet heat], followed by rain and a down cycle where temperature falls only to go into the next cycle. It is true when the dry heat increases the life is stressed, with loss of water. This is the most critical part. The wet heat or warming occurs when the clouds begin to form. This is no doubt is highly stressing period, but then it is also a period of hope. The plants, animals, the agriculturist connected to life look to it as sign of hope and change. Only the man in cities preoccupied by with material gains views it as danger. What is happening in the phase is war between life and death force. The Life force prevails. But there will be lot weeding out process during this period. Only the fit survives. If you are nature lover or farmer you would have noted plants and animals sensing the change in climate. In fact plant makes physiological changes in response to the on set of cloud. Now if you stand back to observe bigger cycles of nature, we note that the 12 month climatic cycle is embedded in 12 year climatic cycles and so on which thus has a big cycle. The ancient people were quite aware of it. The Vedic scriptures of the east and the culture developed form it reflects the in depth knowledge of the time and change. The Mayans who are called time keepers of the world also speak about it. The life flourishes when the condition is optimum; the extremes are against the life and its survival. The earth we noted is designed to balance and support life with two alternating phase. All life adheres to this cycle. The only exception is adult human beings. Life is basically designed to work against gravity and time directed to center or the collapse. When God forbid Adam and Eve from eating from the tree at the center, He was actually resisting humanity form seeking self and living a mind centered life, becoming a slave to matter and unite his force with matter force directed to a center and collapse. That is what the whole world is doing from the back drop of the knowledge that is exploding. If not for my rebirth experience and the revelation of secret of Living Universe, I would not have had any hope for this world. The Creator Force that created everything is working form within to transform and save the world. The Living Force will prevail and humanity will survive Global warming and Climate change and in fact enter the Golden Age. This is the faith driving me against odds to take the knowledge reveled to me by dissolving the little wealth my parents left me. The disorder and destruction we are witnessing are the pains of giving birth to the Light and Knowledge of life and nature. Humanity will awaken to Truth of Life nature, but I am not sure how much more destruction should occur people awaken to truth that exist next to his skin The solution to Global warming 1] Reduce the intervention into dark phase. Allow nature to reorder and show creativity and bring order. Policy decision needs to be taken on this matter after debate discussion. 3
  4. 4. 2] Develop nature compatible technologies that conserve energy and reduce the heat being released into the environment. If you wish to know the Living Theory of Nature you can visit the Site “Awakening to Truth” there are many slide presentations that quickly lead you into it 4