Four Vital Facts


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Four Vital Facts

  1. 1. A Glimpse into Truth Four Vital Facts that can Change the World and its Thinking on Nature By John Paily 1] Look at life. Life is governed by anti-gravity. Matter is governed by gravity. The second law of thermodynamic applied to matter and life shows this opposition. This means technically there cannot be a time direction. The concept of origin and death or beginning and end of time or gravitational collapse [Big bang Theory] is non- existing. 2] Look at day and night cycle. This is the energy cycle in which the whole Living World exists. When west awakes to sunlight/heat and the matter in it goes into disorder, the east sleeps simultaneously and goes into order. When sunlight peaks in the west and seed of darkness emerges in it, simultaneously darkness peaks in east and seed of light emerges in the east. This design, working and flow of energy on earth speak of a double pump or heart of a living system. Is Universe a Living System? 3] Look at Plants. They oppose the time direction in the world to disorder and death. They take sunlight/heat and thus oppose the disorder and give out water thus cooling the environment. When the night falls and when the external world cools and shrinks, they assimilate energy and matter and grow against gravity and time direction. Animals give third dimension and randomness to nature and energy flow init. Both animals and plants never interfere into the day and night cycle of nature. They live by their instinct and heart 4] Look at humans. They are the only animals that live a mind and self centered life. They break time cycles and create disorder in the world. They make nature restless and evoke destruction from Her, by interfering into Her capacity to revive order. What we call the highest evolved and intelligent life, in fact is the most non- intelligent thing in this world. Human mind that lives a self centered life thus is the cause for the time direction and disorder in the world. This means when we take humans into picture the universe has an origin in time and end in time. Every thing in nature from the smallest atom to all life is aware of change and adapts instinctively to the universal change. The exception is adult humans who are the 1
  2. 2. cause for the unilateral time direction that causes disorder and destruction. Unless human mind is awakened to Truth of nature there is little hope for human survival on earth. Conclusion – If you observe life we note life constantly take matter and energy from environment and gives out energy and matter to the environment. They inhale and exhale in the process it works against the time directed to the center in the material world. In short life works against gravitational collapse. No wonder God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the tree at the center. We humans are self centered and live by the mind and its extensions directed to the material world and its force. We eat the forbidden fruit thus take a path opposite to life and create hell on earth. In short universal time direction to the world comes from human mind that is caught in the material and money centered vortex. No wonder Jesus said “How hard it is for rich people to enter the Kingdom of God!” Luke:18-24. Our search for truth in material world and our quest to conquer nature with self and lead a money centered life has led us to breaking the time cycle of nature and putting it into disorder. The disorder is increasing every minute and is leading to inevitable collapse. A return journey from death to life or the reordering or recreation process calls for arresting this growth. This could only be done by a soul and mind of a selfless man. Yajur Veda Vs 30-31 tells the universe was created by the self sacrifice of the Creator Soul and this was done by His own people. Christ and the Calvary death seem to fit this description. Are we in the recreation state? Do we have hope of surviving the end time? Yes, [By His Grace] is the answer. The world would Awaken to Truth of nature and its oneness find new order of existence. However, I am not sure how much pain misery and destruction humanity has to endure before the world Awaken to Truth. God, Spirituality, Salvation of souls, wisdom and such things may not be interesting to modern man and it’s the governments that are ruled principally by market forces, money and material engagements. To most Spirituality is a step- board to which he retreats when he stands helpless and defeated. He returns to market place and money more strongly than before. 2
  3. 3. What if your life, your children’s and loved one’s life is in danger of being crushed in the cumulative ignorance of all. The Truth is that both material and Spiritual world is in the ignorance of interrelationship and oneness of nature and it’s functioning. Both these worlds are exploiting human mind and nature recklessly in the ignorance of Truth of nature and its existence. The Nature is designed to survive. What it means is that the element [we humans] that is stressing Her will be dealt ruthlessly. It is evident from the increase in natural catastrophes, the instability of earth, sun and cosmos. It is reflected in the instability of Human mind manifesting as war and terrorism, his decreased health, increased threat of pandemics and so on. The cause for all this could be related to disturbance in energy cycles of nature in which we all exist. It is apparent that we cannot go on increasing the heat content of the earth’s environment unilaterally and intrude into natures phase [dark cycle] where it repairs herself and bring order. It is apparent that we are reaching certain limit beyond which the system becomes unstable. We have reached near a critical limit beyond which the fire bound accidents will increase as never before. When natural cycle turns the precipitation of water and snow per unit area in unit time will increase several folds causing huge destruction. When these two forces are disturbed everything else in the system will be disturbed. There will be unforeseen disturbance and destruction by wind and earth. The fragile earth will quake with pain, sink and erupt. We are already witnessing it. It is time we awaken and go to the drawing board to review the very foundation on which we are growing. Our liberation from this inevitable end now exists in knowing the Truth of nature. Bible says “Seek Truth and Truth will liberate you”. Life survives time and its force by reproduction in the womb. Everything is renewed in the womb. In biological system this happens when one Living Particle of the Father enters the body of the Feminine. Does it apply to the Living Universe? We saw time direction to disorder and death comes from human mind that is self and material or money centered. This is a vortex into which every one is caught. The journey back to life should come from Selfless Soul that is Spirit or 3
  4. 4. Life centered. This Self Less Soul should arrest time direction to death and change it into life. It should act as a seed in the womb to create new out of the old. Bible speaks of two minds the mind of Adam that broke the law and detached from God and Living Light and Jesus who fulfilled the laws and moved from darkness to Light. It calls us to follow His path and come to Life. It is a science that needs to be practiced than an event that is to be remembered once in a year. It should not be an object or idol around which a religion and quantitative strength of human is expressed. It should be an act that brings qualitative development in individual and bring him to life. Modern science has concluded that universal time cycle should collapse to a point and originate form it in a Big bang. In short it has an expansive and contractive phase. But it is has failed to perceive this phenomenon sensibly. Suppose we have re-look at it from the above context of Life and matter, we will end in One Soul that can give life to the whole Universe. The Vedas clearly say that Universe is Conscious and Intelligent system and we are only individuated system formed from it. Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God and we are given the dominion of His kingdom with a Law – not to align with the material force and seek self. Death cannot be ultimate end of the Living Universe. Just as Life survives through creation in the womb, the universe should have a phase in the darkness where creation and restoration is effected. The Calvary secret and Biblical truth can be understood as science from this reality. This Truth is also spoken in Yajur Veda VS:30-31, where it is clearly written that creation occurred through the self- sacrifice of the Creator and this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. Vedas speak the Universal cycle as four parts, where justice and truth deteriorates in certain proportion. According to them we are living in the last phase which is called dark-age where justice and truth is at its minimal. The Light of Life or the real knowledge departed us with one man Adam and is retuned to us from a second man named Christ. One man facilitated Christ in, to bring darkness and another man will facilitate Christ out, to bring Light. 4
  5. 5. The ancient Spiritual knowledge system seems to be superior compared to the modern material knowledge. The universal time cycle should be understood as Knowledge of life emerging and deteriorating only to remerge again. We need to explore the ancient knowledge as a science to bring stability to nature. Let us explore the Truth and discover the simple reality behind Nature and God to survive the catastrophes ahead and come to New Life and Order. Read the following links Awakening to Truth Biology and Physics of Bible Read PPT presentations God and the Living Universe Theory Truth of Holy Spirit or Brahman We are responsible for the world we are in Spread the knowledge 5