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According the second law of thermodyn...
on increasing the heat of the environment, but they have failed to sign the treaty at the
Copenhagen for the fear of threa...
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End Of Time and Apocalypse


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When GTR of Einstein extended in time, End of Time and Apocalypse is real. GTR says that when the end of time approaches, the environment begin to shear down because of heat and every ecological system enclosed in it will be destroyed. The matter that looses energy winds and tends to collapse to a point and explode into a big bang. If we observe nature we are experiencing this reality on earth. The two opposing forces that sustain earth, fire/wind, earth/water is causing havoc on earth. The mater that is loosing energy and is winding is the cause for earthquakes, mud slides. When this continues, it will end in volcanic eruption and breaking the belly of earth and turning it inside out.

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End Of Time and Apocalypse

  1. 1. THE END OF TIME AND APOCALYPSE By John Paily According the second law of thermodynamics applied to General Theory of Relativity of Einstein, as the end approaches, the environment or space becomes extremely energized or heated. It causes a shearing force on all the system enclosed and tears them apart. The material matter which looses the energy tends to wind and collapse to a point to explode into a fire ball. Theory speaks this reality but does not fix the exact time when it happens. The Bible, Vedas, Koran , I-Ching, the Mayans all speak of an end time that is destructive where evil and death forces peak causing huge destruction, but they paint happy ending, where the life force wins. According to all these spiritual scriptures we are in the end of time. According to Mayan’s who are considered the time keepers of the world. The present time is going to end by 2012 December 21 You don’t have to be believer in spiritual scriptures to know the dead end to which we are going. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, control and create scenario for Love to spread. However, the modern world has become slave material force and money is giving the opposite results. Very clearly the modern knowledge system has erred at the fundamental level and by the ignorance of Truth of Nature and its functioning is inching to self destruction. We are leading our selves into a huge collapse. If you stand back and observe the nature we live in, we note that temperature of earth is increasing as never before. It is showing violent peaks and falls. The two opposing forces of nature fire/wind and earth/water that sustains life is becoming violent and is turning against life and humanity. The increased heat is tearing various ecological systems and the earth and water forces are causing flash floods, mud slides, earthquakes as never seen before. They are bound to increase as time approaches the end. Einstein’s GTR theory seems to be working, we are heading towards a great collapse. The next consequence would be a series of volcanic eruptions under the earth and material forces that is winding. Scientifically, author has deduced the cause to upsetting of energy to matter ratio of earth by our interference into working of Mother Earth to maintain its temperature According to the Quantum Collapse and Reorganization that the author has figured, this tendency would lead to splitting of earth and turning inside out. Science and history does tell us that earth cools herself from volcanic dust. History and Archeology speaks of many civilization buried under earth, which probably should have resulted from such sudden burial. The modern day oil and gas resources are assumed to have generated from biological mass entrapped through such sudden burial. There is no hope to this world that has become slave to material force and money and has disconnected from Mother Nature and the Father Spirit that is governing it. The leaders of the world determining the destiny of the world are aware of the fact that we cannot go
  2. 2. on increasing the heat of the environment, but they have failed to sign the treaty at the Copenhagen for the fear of threat to their economic superiority and sustenance that hinges on oil and gas and expansion of oil and gas based industrialization. The world as a whole is going to pay a heavy price, for every single day it delays to know the Truth of Nature and its Functioning. Every individual needs to awaken and tap the doors of the neighbors who are sleeping and create wave of change towards life. In a democratic scenario the leaders then will automatically bow to life force and set the temp for newer and greener economies. Our fear about energy to sustain the world and its economy is unwarranted. We can develop many technologies by mimicking life. It should be noted, that heart, which is the size of your left fist, pumps blood along 100.000 miles, that is equivalent circling earth twice and heart pumps it 20 times per minute. Al it uses with few ounces of energy. Similarly birds fly non stop thousands of kilometers with few ounces of fat stored in the body. Life’s activity does not release much heat into the environment. All we need is to make some fundamental changes in our thinking about force and its action and reaction. My spiritual initialization however gives me hope of Life not death. Every human being and all the leaders will awaken to Truth of Nature and God before the great collapse occurs. They would sign the law to restrict eating the Forbidden Fruit and the world erupts in Joy. Acquire Truth of Nature and Tap the door of your neighbor to survive Apocalypse