Earth day letter 2010


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On the Earthday let us retreat for a moment and understand the Truth of Nature. Earth is made of energy. It is designed to work to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter. Much of the problems of the world and the climatic catastrophes we witness comes from disturbing this design and functioning in the ignorance of truth. Our liberation from death and destruction and our passage to Kingdom of God relates to Knowing the Truth of Nature and its functioing.

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Earth day letter 2010

  1. 1. Earth Day Letter 2010 Today is Earth day. Our earth is in danger. The four forces of nature which other wise supported earth and life today is highly vitiated causing huge destruction. The destruction is coming as double edged sword. When one part is burning and erupting the other parts is flooding and sinking. The scientist and the modern world locate the cause to global warming to increased CO2 emission and reckless industrialization. But the root cause and the real solution exist in heat/energy. The universe as you know is made of energy and matter. Matter is enfolded form of energy and heat is the basal form of energy. We are bound by two Laws of thermodynamics. Very clearly earth functions to maintain certain balance of energy to matter ratio or heat. We need to reduce the problem of Global warming and climate change to energy or heat and matter. The attention of the world should be brought to how earth maintains its temperature or the energy/matter ratio to sustain life and how we are disturbing this process. There is a simple Design and Functioning to Earth, [] which enables it to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter on earth. In the ignorance of it, we have led the world to its critical level of disorder, collapse and reorganization by recklessly exploiting material nature and releasing enormous amount of heat into the environment unilaterally. When General Theory of Relativity [GTR] of Einstein is extended in time, it says that, as the end time approaches, the environment begin to shear down because of heat. Naturally, every ecological system enclosed in the environment feels this shearing force and becomes unstable. I am not only worried about climate catastrophes striking us because of this unilateral increase in heat on earth, but also of instability of human mind in such scenario. An unstable mind takes solace in spirituality. This has led to strengthening of spiritual forces and the religions. The peaking of spiritual force within in the bondage to religions that lacks the Knowledge of Truth of Spirit and oneness of God is a potentially dangerous and volatile situation. It gives power to war and terrorism. GTR also speaks of another consequence where in the matter which looses energy winds and tends to collapse to a point and explode into a big bang [Big bang Theory]. Matter and its force is centripetal and it directs to a point in the center. That center logically seems to be earth. The huge increase in Earthquakes could be related to the winding force acting on it. The end consequence, I predicted form it, is eruption of volcanoes. As I draft this letter, we are under going a small volcano and its effect. Science tells us that some of the major volcanoes are due for eruption. That would be catastrophic to humanity Volcanic dust is known to cool Earth and history speaks of many civilizations being buried under earth. Science says that the present, source of hydrocarbons [oil and gas] also relates to such activity. Our Earth and we human beings very clearly play an important role in how Nature and the whole universe enfold and unfold. Our knowledge of Nature is wanting. We need a
  2. 2. paradigm shift in our thinking about nature to survive the catastrophes coming our way. Explore the Truth of Nature at and