Design of Earth and How She Maintian Her Temperature


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Earth is designed to maintain certain temperature or energy to matter ratio. When this design is disturbed, the four forces of nature get vitiated, leading to huge natural catastrophes. Human plays an important role in the disturbance. The environment shears down under increased temperature and matter losing energy winds sinks. This leads to shifting of earth crust and creating earthquakes. This winding eventually leads to volcanic eruptions. The volcanic dust cools the environment. Human being end paying huge price for lack of knowledge of Truth of Nature

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Design of Earth and How She Maintian Her Temperature

  1. 1. The Design of Earth [This is an article form site – Truth of Nature] By John Paily Earth is designed into right and left, or west and east. When the west awakens to sunlight, and the material matter in it unwinds and goes into disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order. When the west peaks in light it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and gives way to light. The left and right are instantaneously communicated and is designed to survive. The change is perceived by a point in the center and information for control originates from it. But it is communicated to the whole world through 12 points which are cyclically arranged into four layers of 3. At the basal and visible level this manifest into 12 hour day and night cycle or energy/time cycle. The basal cycle is embedded in 12 month energy or climatic cycle. This in turn is embedded in 12 year cycles and so on. The ancient thus deduced a great cycle, where the left turn right and vice-versa. This is interpreted in many ways in different culture and spiritual scriptures. The modern science also has deduced time to a point at which everything collapses and explodes into a big bang. But it fails to comprehend and explain sensibly how the collapse occurs and what happens at the point of collapse and how the whole system reforms. The Design of Earth into two parts and four layers helps the system maintain its temperature. The earth by this design maintains energy to matter ratio. A ratio of dark and night phase is vital to the balancing process of earth and the energy the flow. When this is disturbed the system is forced to collapse and go onto reorganization. Humankind plays an important role in the energy cycle. In the ignorance of simple design of earth and Truth of Nature and its functioning, we are distorting the energy cycle and calling on ourselves a huge destruction. In our material quest and in the name of Globalization, we have reached the peak of destruction. Matter is gravitational or centripetal by its force. God forbid us to align with material force and lead the world to gravitational collapse. But we today are a slave to money and matter and we are directed to Gravitational Collapse. When General Theory of Relativity [GTR] of Einstein is extended in time it says that as the end time approaches, the environment begin to shear down because of heat. Naturally, every system enclosed in the environment feels this shearing force and becomes unstable. The instability of human mind, manifesting into war and terrorism could be related to this. In such a situation an unstable mind takes solace in spirituality. This has led to strengthening of spiritual forces and the religions. The peaking of spiritual force within in the bondage of religions that lacks the Knowledge of Truth of Spirit and oneness of God is a potentially dangerous and volatile situation. GTR also speaks of another consequence where in the matter which looses energy winds and tends to collapse to a point and explode into a big bang [Big bang Theory]. If we observe nature we are experiencing this reality on earth. The two opposing forces
  2. 2. fire/wind and earth/water, which forms the climatic cycle sustaining life is causing havoc on earth. The matter that is loosing energy and winding is the cause for earthquakes, mud slides and water bound disasters. When this continues, it will end in volcanic eruption and breaking the belly of earth and turning it inside out. Volcanic dust is known to cool Earth and history speaks of many civilizations being buried under earth. Science says that the present, source of hydrocarbons [oil and gas] also relates to such activity. Everything is happening in a predicted way. We are edging to self destruction in the ignorance of simple Design of Nature and its functioning to maintain its energy to matter ratio [Temperature]. Our Earth and we human beings very clearly play an important role in how Nature and the whole universe enfold and unfold. Our knowledge of Nature is wanting. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking about nature to survive the catastrophes coming our way. There is hope for humanity, if we become conscious and awaken to Truth of Nature and its functioning. Nature survives but we the ignorant human beings would end in paying a huge price for any further delay.