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Creation and existence of nature is understood form biological perspective as a science that explains and accommodates all ancient spiritual sciences and advances modern Big Bang Theory

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Creation Truth

  1. 1. The Creation Truth Role of Earth and Life in Cosmic Existence By John Paily [This is a page from the site “Truth of Nature” ] The earth as of now is the only place in cosmos known to inhabit life. It harbors the Human beings who seek the Truth of Cosmos and Life in a bid to conquer death and rule the Cosmos. Truth has been eluding humanity and his search. The ancient spiritual scriptures say truth cannot be sought; it comes to him by Divine Grace for a Purpose. Modern science has failed miserably to reach any where near Truth and Life. In fact it has taken the world and life into opposite path to the brink of disaster. Consequently the world is in disorder and health of humanity is decreasing. The ancient knowledge system, both of East and west seem to have perceived truth in some discrete manner. This reflects in their knowledge system and the cultures and practices they developed. Their knowledge of time and energy cycle seems to be very outstanding. But in time the core truth seemed to have died down and human mind got pre occupied with self and turned his mind to matter and its force. The modern world powered by west assumes that universe is material. In contrast to this the ancient viewed this world as spiritual and living with a Master soul/ consciousness and mind/intelligence ruling it. The foundation of the modern world was laid by isolating mind and conciseness from the enquiry and making an assumption that the secret of life and death and control over nature exist in matter. This was a vital mistake [I would choose to call it a need of the time]. With this assumption, the intellectual world seems to have obtained immunity to their actions. Restricted human soul and its true intelligence from functioning and made him live purely by the external mind and its limited intelligence. This reality is best reflected in “Plato’s chair of science”. He says that scientists are like prisoners chained to the mouth of a cave, they see shadows of the objects on the wall of the cave and try to interpret the object form it. He goes on to say that the picture developed by a freed prisoner who could go round the object would be much superior. The origin of science was a necessity of the period, because the spirituality had deteriorated to the lowest possible level. The priests, the so called light bearers of the world had turned materialistic. It must be noted that science took birth against religious clergies who were amassing wealth and ruling the west in the name of punishing God. If you carefully study the spiritual knowledge, we note the east once shined brightly with the spiritual knowledge and the knowledge of Life and Nature. But in time corruption and darkness entered it. The living light that existed and shined in the east then emerged in the west. The philosophy of life and path to life surfaced in the west in the form of Jesus. Jesus never created a religion, but spoke the philosophy of life and death and showed the world the path to life. He asked his
  2. 2. disciples to spread the Good News. The spirit filled disciples, by their work and actions acted as good priests transmitting the fire that cleanses and gives life to the public. But time and its deteriorative influence engulfed the fire congregations they created. It began to fill with fireless people. Roughly 400 years after Christ, the few true ones left behind, realizing what is happening, put together and created the Bible. The organized Christianity formed around it. The Bible held fire within, but it was covered it up with lots of dusty layers so that common man cannot perceive it. The clergies then began to amass wealth and rule in the name of punishing God. History tells us that during the period of Galileo, the father of modern science emerged as a force against the doctrines of the church. The muslim religion also took birth during this period The birth of science broke the hold of corrupt religious people on humans. The quest of science gave feathers to human material reality. However, the developments in science came one circle to break the foundation of science. With advent of quantum mechanics it became very clear that some how consciousness and mind of humanity cannot be separated form motion and action we observe in nature. This in turn liberated the world from the clutches of physicist and gave freedom to everyone to explore truth. The conclusions of quantum mechanical era gave feathers to spiritual science of the ancient. This led to revival of spiritual science. Today every body is engaged in exploiting partial knowledges, both spiritual and material to advance their self and their material objective with out knowing the whole Truth of Nature and God. I am sketching a short path of evolution of events molding the world, to bring to you a point that there exist a perceiver and controller who is leading it in a defined path. We can distinguish two paths of enquiry into truth. One is spiritual where the enquiry is directed to the soul and the spirit within. The other is an enquiry directed to body or the material world. In both case human mind and its self is involved in the enquiry and it is done in bondage. Science seeks truth by mathematical language and experimental way. The spiritual approach is done within the frame work of religion. This bondage has made humans incapable of perceiving truth that exists next to his skin, both internally and externally. It has made him incapable of observing some of the most vital facts of nature and life. Let me write critical vital facts for you that expose logically the truth of nature and its functioning. The Vital Facts of Nature 1] All Life by instinct is anti-gravitational. They act as a force sustaining the world from collapse. Second law of thermodynamics applied to living world and material world shows this opposition. It is proven scientifically. This leads to some logical conclusions • Since gravity is based on assumption of non equilibrium, logically life should be based on some form of equilibrium. This means there is a particle behind life, which works constantly and creatively against gravity and its force. The concept of soul of the ancient spiritual knowledge system becomes sensible here. • Two opposing forces, gravity and anti-gravity, cannot be equal. For equal and opposite cancels out. This means at any given moment one of this force should be dominant the other should be recessive.
  3. 3. • If gravity is dominant then we end in a picture of destruction where everything collapses in time to a center point, without a sensible cause for origin and existence. • If we assume life as dominant then we can visualize pulsating existence, expansion into space and collapse, creativity and conquering of time and time initialization and thus the perpetuation. All life works to conquer time and survives in time, by three basic process of information exchange - breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division and reproduction. Now this turns the table of modern science upside down and forces us to review the foundation of science and bring fundamental changes in our thinking about nature.. The interstellar space of the environment not only contains the material heat but also the living heat or energy. It gives credence to ancient spiritual knowledge that views universe as living and speaks of two forms of heat. 2] Day and Night forms the basic energy cycle in which everything exists. Observation of this cycle shows that earth is designed into two parts, a right and left or east and west. When sun light emerges in the west and the material matter in it unwinds and energizes the atmosphere, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and act as a sink for the energy. It materializes the energy thus maintaining a balance of energy to matter. In short nature has energy to matter ratio. It works to maintain this ratio. As the west peaks in light it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and it gives way to light. The following figure gives the design of earth and the energy flow in it, leading to quantum dance and manifestation of motion. See fig – 1. It speaks of certain facts about nature o The motion here is the product of simultaneous quantum collapse in two worlds. o We see the sun light or material light moving from one world to the other world. But this should be accompanied by Living Light moving in the opposite direction.
  4. 4. o A time direction to increased heat content or energy state, invariably means this is achieved by the loss of Living Light [Brooding heat] or vitality and increase of material light [ destructive heat or disordering heat] in nature. The above design and functioning of earth resembles the working of double pump or the heart. Now this and the position of the earth in the solar system, the recent developments in science such as Gaia hypothesis and ancient knowledge systems that visualizes universe a living thing, encourage us to explore universe in a biological way 3] Plant life absorbs sunlight and heat during the day thus works against the heating and shearing of the environment. In the night it uses the absorbed sunlight and heat to create biological mass that grows against time directed to the center. Thus plant life supports the living universe. If it is uncontrolled plant life can lead the world to anti-gravitational collapse. The animal life [herbivore] controls this and herbivore is controlled by carnivore. Thus the system is balanced and self sustaining. It is designed to work against time direction. Above all this exist we the human beings. Now if we imagine ADULT HUMAN BEINGS then the system gains a time direction or fourth dimension that leads to collapse to the center. An adult human being becomes self centered and lives a mind centered life, being a slave to material force. In other words the minds of humans create a time direction to gravitational collapse or death. Universal time cycle now can be described by the life cycle of human being where mind matures and distances from the root and seeks self by forgetting the source Life Force. The ancient Vedas spoke the universal cycle in terms of decrease in truth and Justice in four quantum phases. 4] Now this takes us to ancient spiritual scriptures and knowledge system. Bible tells us God created us in the image of Him and gave dominion over the kingdom of God, but restricted us from eating from the tree the center. This means o We humans knew the great secrets of life and God but in time this knowledge revealed was lost. o The law can be interpreted as a resistive command against time and its destructive fangs. It could be viewed as resistance to humanity and his mind from becoming slave to material force and that leads to death. But in time humans eat the forbidden fruit and falls into the vortex of death. In other words the universe is a knowledge cycle. Human beings knew the Truth of Nature. They had the art of living in harmony with nature. But this was lost in time. Bible tells us that this happened when Adam broke the law or resistance that God laid. He was then throne away from the Kingdom of God into the world of darkness and death. The second part of Bible speaks of divine intervention form God in the form of Jesus to salvage all the souls and initialize us back into Kingdom of God. Bible tells that with Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary, time and death is conquered and the world would be initialized to Kingdom of God with his Second Coming. This reality of Christ, as recreating and restoring entity, is well written in Vedas. Yajur Veda Vs 30-31 tells us that universe was created through the self sacrifice of the creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by his own people or the lesser gods. The eastern knowledge system very clearly visualizes universe as living entity with a soul and consciousness and mind and intelligence [Universal consciousness and intelligence]. It visualizes human as individuated conscious and intelligent systems born to the left and right in universal consciousness and intelligence in time. Faith and Justice is important to maintain the Kingdom of God, but love and forgiveness is central to the creation aspect. We are in the creation period in which
  5. 5. God restores everything back into life and reinstalls Law and Justice. In short this means that in spite of all disorder, destruction we witness we are inching to the birth of a golden period. Of course this period peaks in injustice and untruth creating total disorder inflicting huge pains but the end would a happy one. Bible compared this end period, leading to Dharma yuga [Kingdom of God], to the pain of a pregnant women giving birth to a child. We will discover these spiritual aspects in detail later. Creation and the Living Truth Our observation and logical arguments tells that life holds the secret of nature and governs it perpetually in time. The second law of thermodynamics is inevitable. Both materialistic vision and living vision comes within its fold. The materialistic vision presented by science tells that universe eventual moves to a point, where the matter looses energy and tends to collapse to a indefinable and infinitely small point and explodes in big bang. From the energy point it says the temperature of the environment increases shearing down everything contained in it. Thus it brings a destructive picture that is not sensible and beyond the comprehension of even a scientist. The scientists are still trying to comprehend how the time was conceived and initialized and what drives time and how the universe perpetuates in time. The Big Bang Theory simply suggests the origin from a point but does not give the cause for collapse, origin and existence. The ancient and their living vision score a point here. The Vedas of east visualized universe as one whole living being. It has a soul/consciousness and mind/intelligence. It says that we humans are only individuated consciousness and intelligence born to the left and right of the Primal Soul and Mind. The Bible says that we the human beings are the body of Christ. In short both Bible and Vedas picture human beings as cells of one whole being. It now becomes important to call the resistive law “Not to eat form the tree at the center” that God placed after Creation of Adam and Eve. The life of a cell has no independent existence from the life of the whole. The opposite is also true. The creator has no independent existence away from the created. However, time becomes inevitable reality. Thus Adams eats the forbidden fruit and gives way to death to the creator. Now this calls for conquering time and death or recreation and restoration of the deteriorating body. In short God is forced to give new life to its body. This is what Christian philosophy is all about. Christ and his philosophy and his role in universal existence can be understood from the reproductive phase of biological science. Reproductive phase of life speaks of a process of conquering time and time initialization. The beauty of Calvary Sacrifice and depth of Vedas, Bible and other spiritual scriptures now emerges as pure science of which we all are part. Calvary is recreation and restoration secret of nature. It is the secret of conquering death and coming to New Life. This is well supported by Vedas. Yajurveda VS 30-31 tells us that universe was created by the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. What this means every thing is born from one soul and exists in its realm under the control of the intelligence. The time cycle and drama we witness emerges from the enfolding and unfolding of the consciousness under the power of the intelligence. It is the intelligence that unfolds and enfolds the conscious field and in the process the intelligence shines and retreats. Intelligence is the power that breaths life. This could be compared to light cycle that we perceive in day and night cycle. But the intelligence cycle is not perceivable by the senses. It is something to be experienced by being in participation with the Master. It comes in death. It comes in the
  6. 6. surrender of your mind. The life you obtain is qualitative thing and differs from individuals to individuals. It depends on what you seek as you die in His presence. The beauty of Calvary sacrifice emerges when we perceive Calvary as conceiving point of the universe. Here the one soul and its conscious field [with two parts] with its intelligence, which once ruled as the external entity, enfolds into a seed and gets conceived, back in the body. During this time what rules the world is the inferior soul and mind of humans, which begins to seek self and aligns with material force. The post Calvary is the dark period or the last phase of universal life cycle where disorder and death forces peak. But God has ensured the creation of new world out of the old from within. Freedom is given to every soul to transform and take position in the new world being formed within. Anything that is conceived needs to emerge to start a new life cycle. It is at birth the child gets the new breath. The process of birth is painful one, but once birth occurs it is a period of joy. Christ said he will come again to lead every one to Kingdom God. This means he intervenes to facilitate the birth and giving life. The Second Coming is the revelation of Mind of God or the complete unfolding and the emergence of Light of God or the Living Light. With it Humans get dominion over the Kingdom of God. Humans would be restored to his place that he lost. A new cycle begins where justice and truth prevails and conquering motives and corruption seizes. We enter an enlightened phase, only to deteriorate in time to repeat the process. The universal cycle needs to be understood as Living Light and superior knowledge emerging and slowly deteriorating in time to go through a phase in darkness only to emerge again. In short there is time direction enclosed within the time direction we observe in nature which prevails and supports the system from collapse. This is the spiritual time or the time that relates to soul. It works against the time in the material world in other words death. When the time in material world or the body reaches a critical point and begins journey to death. The time in soul world would have reached its peak to start a new Journey to life thus ensuring that life survives. This can be understood from reproductive phase of life. At the universal level this occurred at Calvary. This is the Good News. The great gravitational collapse was averted through one single soul at Calvary. The primal consciousness and intelligence that enfolded in time became a seed [zygote] and got deposited it self in its own body to recreate a new body out of the old. This means the Father ensured that every soul comes out of the death trap to life and gain new body or house. Once the new houses are constructed within, it should be assigned life and it should be given a new collective breath. This is initialization of time or the birth of new time. It can be compared to the birth of a child. This process however is very critical and very painful. Approaching this time, both mother and child within struggles and wreaths in pain. At Calvary one soul one point [have two sub points] bore the pain to conceive the new world. But at birth every soul is forced to participate and undergo the pain. In other words when the light and heat of the material world is peaking in the external world, a living light and heat also is peaking in the internal world. Before the external light and heat peaks creating disorder and leads to death, the internal Light and heat that creates order and leads to life emerges. In other words, the internal light or the living light and heat prevails in the end making sure the whole thing
  7. 7. returns to order and gains life to start a new time cycle. This is the secret of the living world. Also read through – “Secret of Soul and Creating Light”