Big Collapse and Big Bang


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The world is leading to Big Collapse and Big Bang Origin. The earth that is increasing in heat and unwinding force of the environment and the parallel increasing winding force of earth, is in line with predictions of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. The shearing force of environment would break down all the ecological systems in nature. The winding would cause huge earth quakes and eventually leads to volcanic eruptions and splitting of earth and turning inside out.

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Big Collapse and Big Bang

  2. 2. Chapter -1 Is the World Heading to Big Collapse and Big Bang? Answer -Yes and we are very near to this collapse Proof and Defense Einstein’ theory when extended in time tells us that, the material systems of the world in time, losses energy or heat and tends to wind and collapse to a point and explode into a big bang. The theory tells that this collapse is preceded by alarming increase in the energy or heat of the environment or space, which creates a shearing force on all the enclosed ecological systems. Are we not experiencing it? Now, for few moments retreat from the competitive world of money and matter and observe your self, your community, your nation and the whole world in the past, in the present and in to the future. Don’t you feel certain restlessness about the future from within? This restlessness is the sign of collapse coming. The magnitude of realization and how one reacts differs from person to person, but every one who retreats will experience this restlessness. Most who retreat take solace in religion and spirituality. But he is not beyond the restlessness and collapse. He now sees the collapse coming in real time and become restless and become increasingly and madly bonded to a religion and spirituality. As the collapse nears you don’t need to retreat, it becomes evident in nature. Mother Nature directly stresses you and gives you clear signs. The Signs of End and Collapse 1] The restlessness of human beings increases. People would run to religious fold as never before to seek solace. But the restlessness persists and only increases. The mind of an individual and mind of community and the mind of collective humanity get caught between two contrasting forces; material and spiritual and experience a shearing force. In ignorance humanity turns against humanity in the name of God, Corruption and evil increases as never before, injustice and untruth peaks. Every one attempts to build his own boat at the cost of the Mother Ship to face tempest coming! 2] Mother Earth and its two forces [fire/wind earth/water] which used to give way to one another smoothly to form day night cycles and climatic cycles sustaining the life on earth goes aberrant and violent and against life. Are we not experiencing this on earth? The Internet TV, Radio, News papers speaks to you everything about what is happening around you. Just recollect the number of death and pains inflicted on humanity by natural catastrophes and man made disasters [war and terrorism] since 2000. Also observe the corruption and injustice that is growing. How the collapse and Big Bang occurs 2
  3. 3. Everything in nature exists in pairs. The Earth is designed into left and right. When west awakes to day cycle and the material matter in it energizes and unwinds and goes into disorder, simultaneously the east sleeps to darkness de-energizes and goes into new order. An ordering and disordering cycle coexist to sustain the temperature of earth and the life init. This cycle alternates giving a pulsating existence. The earth in fact works like a double pump or heart. This alternating existence of two cycles, in a given period of time manifests into day and night cycle and climatic cycle and so on that sustains life. In short earth works to sustain certain energy to matte ratio. When this functioning of earth is upset [The reason for it we will discuss in next Chapter], the heat increases aggravating fire and wind forces. The environment experiences a shearing force, the fires and wind bound natural catastrophes increases as never before. In the opposite cycle this manifest as winding of earth, leading to compression of earth’s crust leading to huge earth quakes. The rain and snow fall per unit area in unit time increases alarmingly causing flash floods. These signs are already occurring. The end of it would be the initiation of a chain of volcanic eruptions, which will split the earth in the middle and turns inside out creating a ball of fire. The earth cools by volcanic dust is well known fact to modern world of science. This is the logical end to the modern world. To know what is causing it, go to next chapter or page – What is causing the Big Collapse and Big Bang? Chapter-2 What is causing the Big Collapse and Big Bang? Very clearly it is the ignorance of humanity. Humanity has failed to know Nature and her Master. In seeking our “self” we have distanced and severed from our root and we are engaged in eating the forbidden fruit. We are breaking laws and have little respect to justice and Truth. We live in an illusionary world of untruth. Time direction is a reality of nature. The material world is gravitational in its essence. Science tells us that gravity is centripetal force and in time it tends to gravitational collapse. Life in its essence is anti-gravitational. Time in it is directed against gravity. Life in fact sustains the material world from gravitational collapse. Just get your mind free from money and matter and observe a grass grow, you will have the proof for my statement. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. But we have over looked its importance, because our mind has become captive to money and matter. Imagine and observe earth and nature with only plants. When west awakes to sunlight and the material environment gets heated and energizes and goes into disorder, the plants absorb the sunlight and heat and woks against it. When the night falls and the material world begins to wind, the plants assimilates the absorbed energy/heat and matter and unwinds to grow against it. Thus plants works against time and collapse of earth. The time direction in plant kingdom is directed away from the center and if it is not controlled this would lead the world into anti-gravitational collapse. The existence of herbivore controls the plants and the existence of carnivore controls the herbivore. Above all this exist Human being who is created in the in the image of the Creator and to whom the dominion to rule over the His Kingdom was given with one law, not to eat from the tree at the Center. This was a 3
  4. 4. resistive law not to become slave to material force and money and take the world to gravitational collapse. But by Design, time is inevitable and every human being is bound to break the law and eat the forbidden fruit and fall. So a dark period, where humanity distances from the Creator, His Light and Truth and grope in darkness is inevitable. The darkness is growing in parallel to human’s slavery to material force. Consequently, injustice lawlessness, corruptions are growing in parallel. Thus the whole system is peaking in disorder and is moving to self destruction. The earth is shuddering under the alarming increase in the heat being released in the environment and our intrusion into her working to sustain herself and the life that embraces her. We are experiencing the sign of destruction coming our way in the form Global Warming and Climate Change. Yet we fail to awaken. The recent failure of Copenhagen Climate Summit speaks of how ignorant and insensitive our intellectual community and leaders determining the destiny of the world have grown under the influence of material force. The failure does not exist in the leaders but in the intellectuals existing in temples of science and religion. In a democratic world each individual is responsible, for we send the sensitive one’s to cross and allow the insensitive to rule. Do we have hope of Surviving the Collapse to enter Dharma Yuga or the Kingdom of God? Explore next chapter – Do we have Hope to Survive Great Collapse and Big Bang. Chapter-3 Do we have Hope to Survive Great Collapse and Big Bang? Answer – Yes, by His Grace we all will Enter Dharma Yuga or Kingdom of God As a scientist who took to research form consciousness, I could sense deep flaws in the foundation of modern science. Circumstance and my grit to stay with my consciousness led me to revolt against and walk away from temples of science and its establishments. Back as a small farmer, I was free from Plato’s chair of science. In the midst of Nature and freedom Nature began to reveal the pages of her book randomly. This retreat began to create restlessness in me for I could sense humanity inching towards self destruction. The central cause I noted was lack of knowledge interrelationship oneness. To a scientist nature and life is a challenge. Mother Nature was coaxing and challenging me to unearth her secret. She revealed many pages of her book, depending on how I questioned her. But I was failing to put nature into cyclic form sensibly. All my attempts to put the pages in order and cyclic form failed. I was near, yet I was far. Like a dog trying to catch its tail, I was going round and round. Eventually Mother Nature directed me to Her Master. I happened to attend a spiritual retreat center. In the retreat, in a Golden Moment, I accepted death [Mind Death]. I knew there is a force that controls Nature. In that Golden Moment, I submitted My Soul, My Mind and Body unconditionally and sought to know to His Truth. And this submission took me from the realm of mind to the realm of heart and the Mind of the Heart. In this realm suddenly all the pages the Nature reveled began to collapse 4
  5. 5. into new order effortlessly, revealing the Truth and functioning of Nature. I began to see the simplicity behind complexity of nature and its functioning. From that moment, I began perceive the great significance of the ancient spiritual scriptures, the Vedas, Bible, Koran and so on. This spiritual initialization gave me the Grand Hope for the world. I struggle against odds and respond to my inner call and duty since then. This spiritual initialization brought a paradigm shift in my thinking about nature. I began to visualize Universe as Conscious and intelligent being that is capable surviving the collapse and death. Death cannot be the ultimate end of the Living Universe. I began to visualize nature and its functioning in a biological way. When we explore the universe from a biological point, the Big Collapse and Big Bang turns into something to be rejoiced. All living system works constantly against time and is bestowed with the ability to conquer time and initialize it. Here the reduced soul/mind of the Father [male] goes recessive to the recessive to create a new body out of the old. In the process it conquers time and initializes it self. The biological process of conquering time involves two independent bodies and out come has two choices [Male or Female]. But the one universal living being there is no second body. This problem is over come when we realize the truth of nature that everything exists as pair. What we consider male and female in fact is ratio of two factors male and female. Whichever is dominant in the ratio expresses to the out side world. This means Universal Soul has both male and female entity contained in it. When the whole of humanity is endangered by the breaking of the law, death engulfs the body of eh Creator. The masculine part goes recessive to its counter part. In short the reduced Soul and Creative Mind of the Father goes recessive to the Mother to Cerate New Body out of the old. During this period the inferior or the recessive mind rules the world. Vedas call it a period when the inferior knowledge rules over the world. However, the superior Knowledge or Light in this phase is in creation state in the womb and breaks open when the inferior knowledge peaks. In this process it conquers time by recreating its body and giving it new life. The world is a knowledge cycle and could be compared sun light cycle that breaks open at the peak of darkness. The darkness her is only a phase when sun hides. The Living Universe is not beyond time. Law and Justice are primal to existence of the Created world. Bible tells us that at the end of Creation God lays down a law to Adam and Eve – Not to eat from the tree at the center. This was of resistive law against time and its deteriorative influence. Vedas tells us that we human are individuated consciousness and intelligence born from the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence. Bible tells us that we are made in his image and we are body of Christ. The creation of the body involved use of material matter. The creation aspect written in spiritual scriptures can explained form DNA replication and division of first embryonic cell which conquers time and goes to form the whole body in time and initializes its self with birth. The truth of spiritual scriptures reveals it self when we understand two lights or knowledge’s; the material light and the spiritual light. The material light creates shearing and winding force directed to collapse and death. But the spiritual light works the opposite way to give life. 5
  6. 6. Just as in the observed material world of matter, when sun hides in the peak of light and merges in the peak darkness. The spiritual Light or Knowledge emerges and hides from humanity. When the light of the father goes recessive to the Mother and goes into creation mode, what rules is the inferior human soul and mind that becomes slave to matter and seeks self. Thus, corruption, injustice, conquering motive, evil and disorder and destruction peaks in the world. However the Living Light that gives life, order, justice and truth emerges in this peak of darkness to give us New Life and initialize us into New Time cycle. Off course the peak of darkness is highly stressing period and we may have to witness huge destructions, but this stress would lead humanity to awakening of his consciousness and lead him to Truth of Nature to be enlightened and come out of the grip of darkness. Jesus compared the end time a pregnant women, whose pain of delivery has started. But the delivery brings joy to all. The conception involves two parts of one single soul uniting and would have gone unnoticed as an insignificant event. Delivery however calls for the participation of every cell of the body of the mother as well as the child. The restlessness and pain transforms into joy when the delivery occurs. This is the Second Coming or the Revelation of Truth that initializes Humanity into Kingdom of God. When we try to fix the picture of living universe and perpetual existence, Calvary Sacrifice emerges as the conceiving point of the Universal Living Being. The time and death is conquered at this point. The Spirit of God or Creator is brooding since then to recreate everything and restore everything back to New Life and order. This Truth of Bible is upheld by Vedas. The YajurVeda Vs 30-31 tells us that Universe was created through the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was done by His own people. When comprehended correctly and scientifically all the spiritual scriptures hold Living Truth. But modern man has lost his ability to comprehend the spiritual scriptures as the ultimate science that liberates humanity from the clutches of darkness and lead to enlightenment and world of Joy. Most religious leaders of the modern world use these scriptures as means to rule over human being and make a living out it, than leading humanity to truth and liberating humanity from the darkness. When the Living Truth of Nature is understood the world Awakens to Truth and sees the Light of Life and it would be freed from the slavery to material force. The barriers of religion breaks and love and true knowledge of nature spreads. Human beings become Green from within and this would reflect to create Green Rulers, Green Environment, Green Economy and the world would march to Green Future. The war, terrorism and blood shed would seize and the order to the world returns automatically. The corruption, conquering motive will end and Truth and Justice prevails. If you find any sense in what I speak give helping hand to spread the message 6