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Bible secret in a page

  1. 1. Bible Secret in a Page By John Paily At its core Bible is a simple science that constitute of 3 simple realities 1] Time – that is ever flowing and goes in cycles. It can have two possible directions; one to the center [death] and one away from the center [life]. 2] The whole [Father] + Son [Father’s Soul] + Holy Spirit or Fire -That binds and gives life force to the system. This force is centrifugal in nature] 3] The Kingdom of God – This is built or created using Matter and its Spirit or Fire. This comprises of Adam and Eve, representing we human beings, all life, the earth, sun, planets, and the whole of the universe. There are only two ways to look at the world. Either it is material or it is living. 1] Material: Matter and its Spirit, as we all know is gravitational or centripetal in nature and in time it tends to collapse to a point or death. It does not give us the cause for origin and existence. 2] Living: Life we know is Anti-gravitational. It works constantly against time and it is bestowed with the ability to conquer time and initialize itself through a process of reproduction. In short it is capable of perpetuating in Time. This is more sensible than the latter The Law The law was instituted on human beings after creation [conquering of time] and is initialization to start a New Time Cycle. It was resistive to time and its deteriorative influence. The law exists only for humans such that he does not become slave to material spirit or fire and thus lead the kingdom of God to disorder, destruction and death. But time is inevitable and thus Humans forgets the creator and law, expresses his “self” by eating the forbidden fruit and become slave to Material force or Fire. He looses his connection with his consciousness and intelligence within and begins to work from the realm of his inferior mind that has become slave to self and matter. When human being seeks “self” he loses his connection with the inner Light world or Knowledge of Life and its Living Force. What this means the ratio of Holy Spirit or Life Spirit to Spirit of matter or death force in the interstellar pace or environment increases in favor of disorder, destruction and death. When this ratio reaches certain critical point, it is bound to collapse to death, unless the Father, Son and Holy Spirit act to recreate and restore New Life. This act of recreation and restoration is in progress through Christ and His Calvary sacrifice. The Soul of the Father is in recreation mode through Christ, his Son and the Holy Spirit. When the Fathers Soul and mind [Intelligence] is in creation state, what rules the world is the inferior mind of humans that seeks self and is slave to material force. Thus the whole world tends to disorder, destruction and death. The hope of human survival exists in the New World being formed within the old through Christ or the soul of God. When the process of Creation is complete, the Mind of God reveals and initializes humanity into New Time Cycle. This needs to be understood as awakening of human consciousness and intelligence. Human being would be restored to the Glory or Light of Kingdom of God. He emerges back into realm “knowledge of Life” or “Superior knowledge” that was Lost from Him. For more detail read – “Creation and origin of Evil” and the links there off
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