Apocalypse and End Time


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Apocalypse and end time needs to be understood as biological phenomena comparable to a mother giving birth to a child. Here what is being delivered is the Living Light or Knowledge that can save humanity from self destruction. The moments prior to it could be violent. The earth contracts violently and quakes and the environment turns violent. These catastrophic periods opens humanities eyes to the “Truth of Nature”

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Apocalypse and End Time

  1. 1. Apocalypse and End Time – A Science By John Paily [This is a page from the site “Truth of Nature” Preface - I am tempted to write this short article as I was listening to talks on this subject in God TV. The full implication of this short article can only be understood when the “Truth of Nature” written in the site is comprehended. The Truth is simple and is a science. When this is understood, the Good News will break the barriers of religion and the Calvary Sacrifice yields its fruit, bringing Life to the world. The Truth To know the “Truth of Nature” we need to change the platform of our thinking. The modern world thinks that the universe is made from matter and is powered and controlled by material force. Thus it strives to gain money and material power. The ancient spiritualists in contrast viewed the Universe as living. To know the truth we need to review both theses sciences. The Living Vision of the Ancient According to the ancient the universe is conscious and intelligent system, capable surviving against time and perpetuate in it. This means it has a heart and mind and a body. It says we are simply individuated consciousness and intelligence born from a source consciousness and intelligence. In other words we form the body of one living entity that is conscious and intelligent. We have independent consciousness, intelligence and body that are not separate but exit relative to the universal consciousness and intelligence. This simplicity forms the core of all spiritual scriptures and the basis of the concept of God - the all powerful giver and maintainer of life. Material Vision of the Modern Man Modern man visualizes the universe as material. The energy or spirit of matter is gravitational or centripetal. It is directed to a center and collapse. In contrast to this life is anti-gravitational. To know this reality, look through your window and see the grass grow and lilies flower. You note that they grow against gravity [Anti-Gravity]. They work against time. This means the universe is supported by two opposing forces or spirits. One directed to center and collapse [death] the other working against it. The only exception to this is human being, who becomes slave to material force. The Secret of Time and Apocalypse and End Time
  2. 2. The second law of thermodynamics is a reality which speaks of time and flight of time. Both materialistic vision of modern man as well as the living vision of ancient comes within the fangs of this law. The theory of gravity visualized by Einstein when extended in time, lead to a situation where the energy or heat of the environment increases unilaterally creating disorder and destructions. This eventually leads to a point at which it shears down every system enclosed in it. This is known as “Heat Death”. The second consequence is that the matter looses the energy and tends to wind and collapse to a point. The Big Bang Theory of Origin comes form this reality. Now stand back and observe the nature in which we exist ask yourself theses questions. 1] Is not the heat of the environment increasing unilaterally and causing a shearing force on all the systems? 2] Is it not the cause for the increased climatic catastrophes? Can we not explain form this increased fire and wind bound destruction happening around the world? 3] Can we not relate and explain the increased earth quakes from the winding of matter or the earth forces that follows as consequence? Can we not explain the flash floods and crippling snows form this premises. Commonsense tell us that earth works by two opposing forces fire/wind and earth/water. These forces peak and give way to other, smoothly over a period of time, thereby sustaining life on earth. Earth is designed into two parts west and east or left and right. When the light peaks in the west and the earth and the environment is energized, the east peaks in darkness and the environment and earth is de-energized. Thee two opposing cycles balance the system. The four forces of nature peak and fall in these cycles supporting the whole system and life in it. When humans increase the temperature of earth unilaterally and intervene into the working of earth, the only way she can maintain her temperature is by unfolding her self. There is a limit for the unfolding. When this limit is reached the system reacts violently to reorganize it self. Today the four forces are peaking violently virtually destroying life. When the heat in the environment increases to a critical limit on one side, in the opposite it winds earth to some critical limit and it lead to shift in earth’s plate leading to huge earth quakes. The time direction leading to increased heat and winding in turn stresses the volcanoes within to burst. History shows that earth cools it self down by volcanic dust. Many of the big volcanoes are due for eruption. The future appears bleak for humanity. The scientific vision thus brings us a vision of total destruction where all forces of nature winds and points to a center beneath earth, leading to splitting of earth’s core and its environment in a violent way – Total Annihilation or Big Bang What is causing Mother Earth and the Creator Father, which other wise supports life, reacts so violently to destroy life and the whole creation. The answer is simple the human being, who has gone against Her Master and Her.
  3. 3. To obtain the answers to above questions and know God and Truth of Nature we need to evaluate the ancient spiritual and living vision of the ancient. The Living Vision of the Ancient The living vision of the ancient is not beyond time. But it explains the creation and existence in time sensibly. The modern science fails miserably when it comes to explaining creation and existence. To understand the beauty of living vision of the ancient spiritual scriptures, let us understand the life science. There are three basic types of life, the plant, the animals and the Humans. The ancient spiritual scriptures deals with the knowledge of relationship of human with a super human entity called God, which gives life and sustains life. Most scriptures basically have two parts. • Part one deals with guidelines to maintain and sustain life. It also deals with guidelines to deal with environment that includes other humans, other life, nature and eventually God. Here the Light and knowledge, law and justice become vital and becomes the Pivotal Reality. It calls for faith and a life in obedience to Central Reality or God. There is a boundary here, which is laid by Father, which should not be crossed. There is a restricted freedom. This restriction was for the good of Humanity. This actually is a phase that follows another phase called creation phase. • The Creation phase is actually the first phase. It is a hidden phase, where the Creator [Father] exists hidden in the womb forming new world out of the old. What rules this phase is the feminine aspect of the Creator - Love and Freedom. During this human souls are free to ask and gain what it wishes. What rules this period is human soul and mind that has become slave to material force. It by ignorance gives primal importance to material power and money and thus leads the visible world into disorder and destruction. Humanity here increases the heat of the environment and winds the material matter to a collapsing point. The inner world in contrast to this grows towards order and expands in space and time from within. When time in outside world tends to collapse, the inner world breaks and exposes to take charge. We can understand this reality from the biological science, where the Father’s Essence channeled through a single reduced cell enters the womb to combine with a selected single reduced cell to form one Primal Soul [Christ].This is conception of new world within the old. The Child being formed in the womb could be understood as unfolding of the conscious field of this Primal Soul. In this state of primal soul in the womb, what rules the world is the lesser mind and consciousness of the created. When humans, who have become slave to material force, winds and directs the world and time to a collapse, the time in Primal Soul actually unfolds to sustain the system. Time here directs from the center to the out side. Thus two distinct worlds exist. When the conscious field of the Primal Soul unfolds to the maximum it can no longer stay within. It beaks the womb and
  4. 4. emerges and enfolds to start a new life cycle. We can compare this to mother delivering a child. The Vedas, Bible, Koran and other ancient spiritual scriptures need to be understood form this context. There are two elements in here, the Creator and the created. The Creator Soul has two elements the Masculine and Feminine. The creation begins when the masculine and ruling element goes recessive to the recessive element. Here it exposes the Feminine face of His being. He unfolds the conscious field and Creates eventually at the birth the ne phase gives way to masculine. This then enfolds and the Creator rest in the middle as perceiver and controller with a law. A new time cycle then begins. This creation aspect is spoken in Bible in term of Adam and Eve. The creation here is done by using the two parts of one Soul as templates and involves the matter and energy [spirit or force] taken form the body. Here we can imagine DNA duplication and formation of two cells from the one celled zygote. The creation phase completes when the DNA duplication completes it self. This is fallowed by the emergence of radiating objects on one side of the cell wall. The object then splits into two moving towards the pole. In the process it twitches the one world into two. The emergence of Light or knowledge is Second Coming of Christ and the Judgment This separation of one undifferentiated reality into two actually gives life to the system. We can view this separation as judgment that gives life and order to the world. The judgment does not delete any soul, but every one gets appropriate position according to the intent one carries as he enters the New World being formed within. We must note that in the creation state the creator [His consciousness and intelligence] exist as internal entity. In the dual state He exists as external entity governing everything. The right and left are his parts and he exists in them as a perceiver and judge. The Biblical creation needs to be interpreted from this point of view. The universe is the conscious field of God divided into two. This Creation of two worlds involves material energy and matter taken from the body. Thus Bible says God created Adam and Eve in His image and gave them the dominion over His Kingdom. The dominion needs to be understood as His Light or Knowledge that bring order, peace and Life. This means in the past human had superior Knowledge of Life and Nature and this superior knowledge governed the world. God rested as external entity perceiving and judging everyone. He places a law not to eat from the tree at the center. This law is a resistive law, laid down in view of the fact Adam and Eve, has elements of matter and its energy in the soul and intelligence. Matter and its energy are centripetal forces directed to a center and collapse. Thus God forbids Adam and Eve eating form the tree at the center. It is a resistive factor for humanity from becoming slave to material force and leading the world to inferior knowledge and Gravitational collapse. But time is inevitable reality. A living system ages and goes through four phases, childhood, early part of adult hood, the later part of adult hood where his self or “I” manifests distancing him from Father and Mother, then the old age and death. Humans err, in the critical point of manifestation of “self”. What this means the purity of the
  5. 5. initial Living Light begins to diminish. Just as the sun light emerges and wanes in time to give way to the opposite. The Living Light or Knowledge is prone for deterioration in time under Human “I”. Thus the ancient enlightened ones wrote elaborate scriptures and introduced various culture and practices appropriate for that time. The fact that time direction is inevitable invariably means the created world and Kingdom God is bound to collapse and needs Gods intervention to recreate everything and restore it back to order. It is here the Calvary sacrifice emerges as the conceiving point of the living world. The Vedas support this reality. Yajurveda VS 30-31 says that Universe was created through the self sacrifice of the creator and thus this sacrifice of the Creator was done by his own people or the Illuminated, who became slave to material force and failed to perceive him. The post Calvary is devoid of law of God. This is replaced by Love and Freedom. In fact it calls out to eat and drink from the Central Tree, or the Tree of Life, which now forms Christ’s Flesh and Blood Bible says Christ conquered time and death and He is the path to Kingdom of God. It says that He comes again to lead the world back to order and peace or Kingdom of God. We need to interpret this as God revealing His Mind or the Light of Life and thus the “Truth of Nature” such that humanity can take control of the world and give it life. It can also be visualized as Birth of a Child and giving of New Breath to it. This will be followed by division of the undifferentiated one world into two to start a new universal life cycle To put it short, the Living Light that gives life encapsulated in the Primal Soul or Christ Soul unfolds the Universal consciousness and releases the Living Light to initialize time. This is how human enters the Kingdom of God and God gains victory over death. It can be compared to the birth of Child. But this Living Light or knowledge, just as sunlight wanes to give way to a period of darkness, wanes in time to go through a period where the evil and darkness flourish. What rule during this period is inferior mind and souls of humans. In this state of being in the darkness of the womb, it initializes every soul into new order by Love and Freedom. Every one is free to seek and obtains what he seeks. Since humanity is captive to evil and material force in this period, the material nature flourishes and the system leads it self to death. When the world approaches the critical end, the consciousnesses of the individuated souls are stressed and begin to awaken. The illuminati, who are close to God awakens first and those which are farther form the God and exist attached to material force awakens just before the End. The truth, justice and law are primal for existence of Kingdom of God. History speaks of war where Gods have participated to protect justice and truth. Bible tells us that Christ manifested when not one soul was left behind on earth who could be justified before God. When every one deserted Kingdom of God, the very existence of Kingdom is in danger and a necessity arose to salvage the souls and recreate the kingdom. Thus God sent His only son as sacrificial lamb, such that every one could be justified before God and restored to Kingdom of God. Bible tells us that he entered the hell and conquered death.
  6. 6. What this means the gravitational collapse or the victory to material and evil force is averted by the Calvary Sacrifice of Christ. But its full implication unfolds when God reveals His mind and illuminates humanity and thus initializes humanity into new time cycle. The best way to visualize this reality is from a pregnant woman. The new time belongs to the child. Beyond a point the Child cannot be held in the womb. When the pains of birth manifest the whole body shudders and contracts violently in order give out the baby. [Just think - Is this the cause of increased quaking of earth ?] The body of the child contains millions of cells as the mother contained in it in its life time, but the child has no independence from the mother till the appointed time, when she delivers. This is crucial time of immense uncertainty, pain and struggle. No wonder Christ compared the end of time to a pregnant woman. What is to be delivered is the Living Light or the Mind of God Modern world under ignorance of “Truth of Nature” is caught in a material vortex and is inching to self destruction. He is leading himself to gravitational collapse and death. As we discussed briefly, as the critical state of collapse approaches, the souls are stressed to evolve and take new life and position in the Childs body. Eventually before the material world tend to collapse under human ignorance, God would have illuminated human mind by His mind to defeat the death force and initialize to start a new time cycle. In short, humans awaken to “Truth of Nature”. God is realized as a science of higher order. The apocalypse that God TV is discussing related to this critical period of end time when the environment of earth creates shearing force on all life and ecosystem enclosed in it and alternately the earth winds leading to huge earthquakes, flash floods and snows and eventually huge volcanic out burst that shatters humanity and the society he has built on money and material power. All these situations sets humanity to awaken and see and comprehend the Truth of Nature Conclusion Universe is living conscious and intelligent system and it is a biological phenomena. The earth is endangered by reckless exploitation of material world and is edging to self destruction by gravitational Collapse and Heath Death. As a new born Christina, however, I keep hopes on God and believe that Humanity awakens to the “Truth of Nature” and transforms totally, before this Gravitational collapse manifests. There will be a revival and shift in thinking. This is already in progress and when this reaches a critical ratio of 3:1 in favor of Living Light, the Truth of God reveals it self and every one bows to it. The period approaching end time will be catastrophic, but that would be an eye opener for Humanity. We must note that Jesus compared the end time to a pregnant woman. Before, human beings drives everything into disastrous end, God works to awaken his consciousness and the spiritual instinct to save the world from the brink of disaster and lead them to Kingdom of God.
  7. 7. In this way the evil and its force is defeated and humanity enters the Golden period where truth and justice reign and rules. For more information read “ Biology and Physics of Bible”