An Open Letter to President of America


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Humanity, his mind and consciousness plays an important role in the way nature unfolds and enfolds. Earth is collapsing under human material quest and his thinking that is disconcerted from his consciousness and intelligence. The transformation in the thinking of White House and the President of United States of America is crucial to human survival on Planet Earth

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An Open Letter to President of America

  1. 1. An Open Letter to President of America To Mr. Barack Obama The President United States of America 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington D.C 20500 Dear President I write this letter with great respect to you. The world looks at you to bring Change. Our world is inching towards disorder and destruction. Our Earth is collapsing. The signs are evident every where. The increase in natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number in the past 10 years speaks the truth. A greater concern is the growing instability of human mind manifesting into hatred and violence. The deep division of humanity in the name of religion is fuelling war and terrorism and is dangerous in view of built up weapons of mass destructions. Modern world stands on material power and knowledge contributed by science. Science views nature as material and is engaged in exploiting matter and its power to rule. Leaders of leading nations should know that science does not know the Truth of Nature, its functioning and its oneness. Science’s foundation broke down at Copenhagen Quantum Summit of 1920’s. Science began its quest by isolating mind and consciousness from matter and seeking Truth of Nature in matter. In the process humankind made himself immune to his actions on nature. Quantum Mechanics has clearly shown that mind and consciousness cannot be isolated from matter. This means human mind and consciousness plays vital role in the way nature unfolds and enfolds. This also means earth that inhabits human beings takes a vital position in the universe. A criterion of true knowledge is that it should bring Love, order, peace, happiness, control and so on. Modern knowledge is bringing the opposite results clearly speaking that we have gone wrong at the fundamental level. The mind of humanity under modern knowledge is enslaved to money, markets and material exploitation. People are trained and engaged for self advancement. Thus nations are turning against nations, religions against religion, individuals are turning against family and society. The cause exists in the fact that, at individual level human beings are de-linked from their consciousness and intelligence and exists in fear. If the modern world has to survive then there should be paradigm shift in thinking. Modern science has made nature complex and beyond comprehension of common man. I speak to you from over two and half decades of selfless research and a journey form complexity to simplicity. Let me speak to you briefly the crux of my work. I request you to give it a kind attention. Central to everything in the universe is Energy and Matter. Earth struggles to maintain certain balance of energy to matter or the temperature. There is a design to earth 1
  2. 2. which facilitates this energy management. Earth is designed into right and left, west and east. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it unwinds to go into disorder, simultaneously east sleeps to darkness and winds to new order and vice-versa. The left and right are communicated instantaneously and there is an information flow between them. The information here begins form a point but is communicated to the whole in time through 12 points. This forms the day and night cycle. This 12 hour climatic cycle is embedded in 12 month climatic cycle, which is further embed to 12 year cycles and so on to form a huge universal cycle with a beginning and end of time. Both modern material science and spiritual science of the ancient records this reality. Interestingly the energy flow and working of the earth resembles a double pump or heart. Gaia hypothesis and the ancient spiritual scriptures figure universe as living and intelligent being. Modern Science may not accept it. But it is argued logically convincingly from the root level in my site. Much of the problems of the world, such as Global warming and Climate Change, instability of human mind manifesting as war and terrorism and so on, could be directly be deduced to disturbance to energy to matter ratio and earth’s functioning to maintain it. When human forces intrude into earths functioning to sustain the temperature, it unwinds in order to survive. But beyond a critical limit it becomes inevitable it collapse and go into reorganization. Earth is collapsing because of our ignorance of Truth of Nature and its functioning. It is happening as predicted by “General Theory of Relativity” of Einstein. GTR, when extended in time says that as the universe tends to its end, the environment begins to shear because of the increased temperature and the material matter which looses energy, begins to wind to collapse to a point [Big Bang Theory]. This point of collapse by all logical arguments seems to be hidden in earth. The second law of thermodynamics is inevitable reality of nature. According to it material force and matter, in time directs to gravitational collapse or death. In contrast to this all life works against gravity. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living systems and material systems shows this opposition. The only exception is adult humans, who seeks self and comes to live a mind centered life and aligns with material force directed to collapse. The law to Adam and Eve, not to eat from the tree at the center needs to be understood from this point of thinking. Time and time direction is inevitable and this means end and collapse is inevitable. The collapse has begun when humanity disconnected from his consciousness and intelligence and began to live a mind centered life that has become slave to material force. We are in the end of time, where earth is collapsing to go into reorganization. The destruction is coming our way as double edged sword. On one hand the temperature of the environment is peaking drastically leading to increased fire and wind bound disasters. It is shearing various ecological systems. On the other hand, the matter that looses the energy is tending to wind and collapse. This is leading to plate shifts and huge earth quakes. The rain and snow per unit area in unit time is increasing as never before causing huge destruction. Earth is becoming fragile leading to huge mud slides. The drastic 2
  3. 3. climatic changes are expected to cause mutations in micro organism leading to epidemics. The instability of environment also tends to cause restlessness in human mind leading to war and terrorism. The winding of material world eventually ends in igniting volcanoes and thus turning earth inside out. This logical conclusion is supported by the fact that volcanic ash is known to decrease the temperature of earth. History speaks of many civilizations being buried under earth and the present source of hydrocarbons [oil and gas] is related volcanic eruptions of huge magnitude. Note- We have records of huge natural catastrophes in the past. These catastrophes are resultant of dynamics earth’s efforts to release the accumulated negative energies disturbing its functioning. The present ones however are related to the collapse and reorganization during the end of time. This is explored in detail in the site It is time we review the very foundation of knowledge on which we stand and function. It is time to bring a paradigm shift in thinking. We have hopes to survive the disaster and enter the Kingdom of God, if we Awaken to Truth of Nature and its functioning. The next three climatic cycles are vital and could be disastrous to humanity. The more we delay to know the Truth of Nature and its functioning, the greater will be the destruction. Your office’s role is vital to human survival. Much depends on you and the intellectual force at your disposal. The transformation in White House’s thinking can bring Life back to the world. Universe is a Quantum Living System, which undergoes periodical collapse and reorganization. It is my pleasure to answer any questions and clarification. My site does explain the Truth of Nature elaborately My sites are 1] “Awakening to Truth” – 2] “Truth of Nature” -- Yours truly John Paily Date 23/04/2010 3