2012 Gaia Hypothesis And Jesus Christ


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Advancement leading quantum science, non–linear science, system thinking and the Gaia hypothesis is increasingly forcing us to view universe as living one that is conscious and intelligent and is capable of self organization. This evolution can lead to uniting the ancient spiritual knowledge with modern knowledge and bring humanity into new level of thinking that can bring life back to earth

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2012 Gaia Hypothesis And Jesus Christ

  1. 1. 2012, Gaia Hypothesis and Jesus Christ Advancing Gaia to Discover the Living Universe Theory and Christ John Paily Grace New Age Research Introduction Modern world, is constructed on the preconceived vision that universe is the product of interaction of matter. The foundation of science consists in isolating mind and consciousness from matter and seeking the truth in matter. In this process human kind separated himself from his actions and brought immunity to himself and set about conquering nature through unleashing the material power. However after 1920’s with the advent of Uncertainty Theory and development of Quantum Mechanics, science came one circle back to realize that some how mind and consciousness cannot be separated from matter and its movement. But the truth of nature and how it exists and perpetuates in time cycle is yet to be understood. Since the above developments occurred, the foundation of science broke down. Human mind was liberated from the clutches of physicist. Consequently, the world became open. Development after 1940’s were more life centered. The Non-Linear Science, System Thinking, Computer Science is the resultant of this orientation towards life. Yet the divisive thinking of the west persisted. By 1970’s the scientist began to think beyond the boundary of science and look to nature as one living system, much in line with ancient knowledge system. This also became a period of revival of spirituality. One of the major contributors to this is Sir James Lovelock [a Chemist] and Margulis Lynn [a microbiologist] who got Noble Prize. They proposed the now famous hypothesis called Gaia Hypothesis Gaia hypothesis is a scientific models of the geo-biosphere in which life as a whole fosters and maintains suitable conditions for itself by helping to create a favorable environment on Earth for its continuity. Lovelock defined Gaia as: a complex entity involving the Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet. Gaia hypotheses speak a truth that the universe is a living and is self sustaining. This reality is well written in ancient spiritual scriptures. The Vedas and Upanishad of the east very beautifully and logically describes it. There was huge opposition to Gaia hypothesis. James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn, became eligible for Noble prize because they 1
  2. 2. developed a computer and mathematical modeling of this hypothesis. I cut and paste this experimental model as described in “New world Encyclopedia’ Daisy World simulations Lovelock responded to criticisms with the mathematical Daisyworld model (1983), first to prove the existence of feedback mechanisms, second to demonstrate it was possible that control of the global biomass could occur without consciousness being involved. Daisyworld, a computer simulation, is a hypothetical world orbiting a sun whose temperature is slowly increasing in the simulation. Daisyworld was introduced by James Lovelock and Andrew Watson to illustrate the plausibility of the Gaia hypothesis in a paper published in 1983. The simulated planet is seeded with two different species of daisy as its only life form: black daisies and white daisies. White daisies have white flowers that reflect light, and the other species has black flowers that absorb light. Both species have the same growth curve (that is, their reproduction rate is the same function of temperature) but the black daisies are themselves warmer than the white daisies and bare earth. A planet with preponderance of white daisies is cooler than one with more black ones. At the beginning of the simulation, Daisyworld is so cold that only a few black daisies, and almost no white daises, can survive. Whenever the planet's temperature decreases, the black flowers tend to predominate, they absorb a little heat from the sun, which causes the planet's temperature to rise, allowing a greater proliferation of black daisies, more absorption of heat, and so on. As the planet becomes hotter, white daisies begin to breed as well, and eventually the planet reaches a point of temperature equilibrium. Any increase in temperature is combated by a greater proportion of white daisies; any decrease leads to more black daisies. Such a system is remarkably stable against varying solar input; the entire planet maintains homeostasis. When the simulation is run without the daisies, the planet's temperature proceeds in synchrony with that of the sun. With the daisies, at the beginning of the simulation there is enhanced warming, and at the end of the simulation enhanced cooling, resulting in a close to equilibrium temperature for most of the simulation. In this way the daisies are modifying the climate to make conditions more hospitable for themselves. However, the Daisyworld system exhibits hysteresis: for some solar constants, the planet has two distinct stable states, typically no life and one almost 100% occupied with life. If the external temperature becomes too cold or too hot, it overwhelms the system. 2
  3. 3. The Living Universe Theory Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein The basic of spiritual reality on which ancient existed was that, there is a Master who is Conscious and intelligent and controls everything. But with the onset of science the table turned. I strongly believe the root of the work of James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn, is spiritual and sense perception of nature. But as scientist, they were bound by the principle to twist and fit what they see into mathematical model and explain it without giving it a touch of consciousness and intelligence. Gaia hypothesis is still has not been comprehended and adopted. Let me add the salient points of my own research in this direction so that we can come out of western divisive thinking to know the truth that nature is living, conscious and intelligent system, that is self organizing. I have attempted to prove this from quantum particulate level, reviewing the very foundation of science, incorporating every development in science and answering every question that science left behind in its quest for material power. It also incorporates the ancient spiritual knowledge. This is explored in depth in my sites Awakening to Truth – http://sites.google.com/site/awakeningtotruth Biophysics of Bible - http://sites.google.com/site/biophysicsofbible Simple Solution to Complex Problem - http://sites.google.com/site/simplesolutiontocomplexproblem And links there off The following point summarizes my observation and arguments 1] The modern vision of energy and nature is founded by west and is based on the thinking that nature is material and bound by a single force named gravity or centripetal energy. In short it visualizes universe by one form of heat and energy. The 2nd law of thermodynamics applied to gravity tells that the system should collapse to a point and originate in a big bang. Einstein whose research led to this conclusion was uncomfortable with the idea and thus he introduced a second force called anti-gravity. He introduced it and then retracted it. Probably he could not visualize the root for this second force. 2] I introduce this second force or anti-gravity. I point its root to life. For proof, look out of the window and see the grasses grow and a lily flower. All life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The second law applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. This necessitates that we need to understand nature not by one force but two forces or energy. 3
  4. 4. 3] Now two opposing force can never be equal and yet produce an action. This means one of the force at any moment should be dominant the other recessive. Now if you assume matter force is dominant, then it invariably means the whole system should collapse to a point and have no reason for origin and perpetual existence. Now if we visualize life as dominant and controlling, then we have the scope to visualize nature as intelligently designed, self organizing living system that conquer time and death and perpetuates in time cycle. This gives a whole new dimension to humanity to explore. This vision is supported by all the ancient spiritual scriptures. Even the emerging modern thinking such as non-linear science, system thinking, gives credence to the vision. This would lead the world to new order and take it into Golden Age. 4] Now to understand and develop the Living Universe Theory we must understand life and its process and draw some parallels with nature. No life is beyond time. But life is a dynamic, conscious and intelligent system that is designed to resist time and death. Three basic processes help the system to conquer time and death. • Breathing, which helps the system to sustain through constant exchange of energy and information between its left and right or inner and outer world • Mitotic division, which enfolds information and creates new worlds, thus grows against gravity or centripetal force • Meiotic division, where the “Essence of the Father” leaves its body or world and enters the world of the Mother and unites with its essence to create new body out of the old and thus conquers time and perpetuates in time cycle. I used the word “Essence of the Father” because, DNA and genes or the information is only a built up thing. Behind it there exists some thing subtle, which actually perceives controls and survives. This is a higher realm which science is yet to discover. The “Essence of the Father” is Light that Give Life. The Mother is the field in which the Light creates and exists. The whole plan and design of life is set when “Fathers Essence” enter the egg cell. Later the cell divides and begins to manifest. The Spirit or Light of the Father that created binds the cells formed and exists as balancing elements. It sits as the judge. This truth is explored from the quantum particulate level in the site. 5] Now to prove that universe is living we need to develop parallels. Stand back and observe the energy flow in nature in which all life lives. The earth in principle is divided into two parts – the west and east. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder and expands. The east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds. It acts as a sink for the energy and goes into ordering phase. Thus a disordering and ordering phase simultaneously coexist. The earth is designed such that, when west peaks in sunlight, the seed of darkness emerges in it, simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light emerges in it. The left and right are instantaneously communicated and information and energy exchange occurs between the two to balance it self. Now if we care to think deeply into this functioning of earth, we note it resembles the double pump or the working of heart. Further the position of earth in the solar system is off centered as the heart is off centered in life - Is it coincidence or design? We are now seeing the first level of parallel between life and nature. 4
  5. 5. Life has a second level of stability that happens by renewal of information and growing against gravity through division. This phenomenon is known as mitotic division and renewal of information and growth. At the level of nature we note the 12 hour day and night cycle is embedded 12 month climatic cycle, where a disordering phase gives way to ordering phase reviving and expanding nature. Every time this happens, a second level of exchange and energy flow occurs in the system, which gives new stability and growth to earth and the whole natural system. – More clarity to this argument emerges as we proceed. Her we see a second level of parallel. Life conquers time and death by a process in which a reduced selected male [n] joins with a reduced female [n] to form one cell [2n]. Here only the “Essence of the male” enters the female. The union predetermines the whole system. From this cell in time a whole new system is differentiated which conquers time. The process is called dedifferentiation and differentiation of information or unfolding and enfolding of information. The question is, how we can comprehend it at the natural level. From both spiritual and scientific point, we know that 12 month climatic cycle is embedded in 12 years cycles and so on to form a big a cycle which has an end. This reality gave raise to origin and end to the universe. All spiritual scriptures speak about it. Mayan Calendar tells us that the present time ends in 2012 December 21. Christians may not accept it because it is written that only Father knows it. Spiritual world speak of spiritual action which actually precedes the observed action. This means they do not contradict. All spiritual scriptures speak the time nearing end would be highly catastrophic, but all the spiritual scriptures also raises hopes of Light at the end of tunnel. The instability, disorder, destruction we are witnessing today raises us a question - are we in end, If so and how end is conquered? Before we deal with this question let us look at our role in nature and its energy flow. Human Role in Nature and its Energy Cycle We saw a day and night energy cycle. If not for life, this cycle under the second law of thermodynamics, should have collapsed to a point in time. When sun emerges and the material world is disordered, the plants absorb the energy and matter thus acts against disorder giving stability to the system. When the darkness fall they convent the energy and matter and grows against the gravity. The earth with only plants is two dimensional in its energy flow. Now imagine the animals. The energy flow in earth with plant and animals becomes three dimensional and brings a control of unilateral growth against gravity. The plant and animals adhere to the energy cycle and cause nothing to disturb the energy cycle beyond a limit. Now imagine earth with plants animals and humans, now we see a fourth dimension to nature. The time dimension to nature comes from human’s beings that lives a mind centered life and aligns with material force or gravity by breaking the law. Here we need to admit to some of the key teachings of ancient spiritual scriptures, which states that there is a Creator or God and that we humans are created in His image and are all one in Him and that we should live in faith, love and respect to the Creator and the law. In short Creator calls us to live a heart centered, justified life than mind and self centered life. Forgive me to take you into spiritual realm. It is inevitable that we understand spiritual realm. This is the actual realm of energy that sustains the world. 5
  6. 6. Material force is centripetal and directed to disorder and collapse into a point or death. When human mind detaches from consciousness and aligns with matter the end is inevitable. Here the disordering phase of the energy cycle increases at the cost of ordering phase. The nature’s ability to sustain herself gets hindered and Nature violently reacts to sustain herself. The only way for us is to survive is to retreat, connect to the consciousness and discover the Light of the Father or the Mind of God that created. When we humans align with material force and direct to death, what is endangered is the Living Universe. The survival now necessitates the intervention of the Creator or the “Fathers Essence” or the Living Light. It should leave its central position and enter its own body to recreate every thing and restore everything to new order. In this phase what rules us is the Inferior mind and knowledge, which aligns with material power. We are in this phase. Yet I have hopes because, the Light of God is in creation mode and He would deliver us into New Time Cycle. The non-linear science tells us that when disorder peaks in a system a Great Attractor emerges in the system and the system collapses into new order around this Attractor. This attractor is nothing but the Light of God. This is the cause of revival of spirituality. The next step to this is to understand the secret of God as biological science beyond religion. This is bound to change the way humanity thinks and the world wound spring up to develop nature compatible techniques and technologies to sustain the world. It will give us new realms of energy generation and management which are nature compatible. Living Theory of Universe and Gaia The reader should have noted that there is not much difference in the Living Theory of the Universe and Gaia Hypothesis. The difference exist in the following points 1] In place daisy, it introduces the human beings. This gives Gaia New dimension of time that relates to mind of humans. 2] Gaia is based on energy of matter coming form the sun. The Living Universe Theory speaks of an invisible energy or world that works against the energy of the sun and time related to it. Gaia we know speaks daisies [life] modifying the climate to make conditions more hospitable for themselves. Here we assume a third entity or life between the two daisies which actually controls the system. The daisies actually support the third or middle entity to perpetuate. 3] The world is self sustaining system as Gaia proposes, but becomes unstable tending disorder and destruction when we take into consideration human beings. Time direction and collapse becomes inevitable to the universal living system. A fourth dimension emerges. 4] The Living Universe Theory here takes clues from spiritual scriptures. Between Man and woman there is third entity or person called God who is the Master and controller. Among all creations, law is laid only for humans. The earth is designed to self organize. It has two parts a right and left or west and east. When one is in disordering phase the other is in ordering phase. This design is stable as long as life lives by its instinct and human abides by law. Spiritual scriptures tell us that, Humans were created in His image to the left and right. Both were dear to Him and He existed in the middle as the binding 6
  7. 7. force. The creation involved, matter or mud. This means there are four parts to Creator and creation, the right that consist of two parts and left consisting of two parts. [Ab and Ba] Here “A” and “B” belongs the Central Reality or God and “a” and “b” relates to matter or humans. The matter and its force are centripetal and life and its force are centrifugal. The Creator gives dominion to the created in his image to rule his creation, but places a law. This law needs to be interpreted as the law of resistance to human mind from aligning with matter and its force and thus create a time direction to the collapse. This is familial law that calls us to respect and love the Father and Mother and abide by his law. Universe needs to be visualized and explained as one family - One life that is sustaining in time. The perception that universe is one is lingering at the back of our mind - Thanks to the concept of God, held up by religions. This lingering has made many people scientist to air that universe a living system and compare it to one cell. The truth of nature is well described by Biologist. Lewis Thomas I have been trying to think of the earth as a kind of organism, but it is no go. I cannot think of it this way. It is too big, too complex, with too many working parts lacking visible connections. The other night, driving through a hilly, wooded part of southern New England, I wondered about this. If not like an organism, what is it like, what is it most like? Then, satisfactorily for that moment, it came to me: it is most like a single cell. Lewis Thomas and many more have aired this reality. Internet has set of talks by biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton pointing to this reality. Universe is Living the one celled state is transient state. But the reality is two world states that are balancing. The one celled state is formed when the law is broken and balance is upset. It is the sate when Father exist in the Mother. It is the creative state where everything is preprogrammed. The ancient called it, manifesting state and manifested state, Involution and evolution state and so on The reality of the world is two celled state Ab and Ba. This reflected in day and night cycle and the energy flow in it. The one celled state is formed when “A” the dominant leaves its body and enters “Ba” and to form “AB” and now “a” is dissolved with “b” to form “ab”. The AB is now becomes the seed in the womb and acts as template to recreate. This one celled state is temporary where the creation and restoration occurs. When the process of creation is completes the A and B separate to form two celled manifested state. Ab and Ba The reality of Gaia can only understood when we take material nature with humans. By creation everyone is good and has a role to play. However, when the law is broken and the two world differentiates into 4 celled state. A differentiation into good and bad people occurs. Ab, ab, Ba, ba. As the system grows by breaking the laws the quality of the system comes down and eventually this system tends to death necessitating the creator to act to recreate everything. Universe needs to be understood as living. 7
  8. 8. Time is inevitable reality of the Living Universe; the two forces that guide its existence are the light of matter [gravity] and Light of Life. When we break laws and seek self the Light of Life deteriorates. The Light of Life deteriorates when two worlds divides into four world. Here the enfolding of information occurs. When the criticality is reached, the only way for the Living Universe is to recreate it self. By unfolding information and the multiples worlds and recreating everything. Living Universe simply discovers and re -interprets, many of the visions, conclusions and thinking that exist in science and spirituality into perceptible reality. For example science concludes that universe originated from big bang. But fails to comprehend and explain it sensibly. The Living Universe Theory tells us that this collapse is a reality and that it occurred 2008 years back in Calvary on one to a single soul and mind. When Christ sacrificed the conception of New World occurred. In three days everything about nature became predetermined. The worlds now began to unfold and collapse to become one. The collapse is controlled and the energy released is used to build New World from within. The collapse is occurring because the lesser individuals “ab” and “ba” is ruling the world. The Truth that Calvary is the conceiving point of the universe is well written not only in Bible but also in Vedas. Yajur Veda Vs:30-31 clearly says that creation occurred through the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. Bible tells “My people are lost for lack of Knowledge” The knowledge that is now ruling us is the inferior knowledge but the Good News is that Superior Knowledge is growing from within and it will take over the inferior knowledge in time. The freedom of the modern world is facilitating the separation into two worlds. One who believes in the seen world will fallback and the one who believed in the unseen world will flourish when New Time Cycle emerges. Emergence of New Time Cycle is nothing but emergence of Living Light or Superior Knowledge or the knowledge of life and God Bible, Vedas and other spiritual scriptures predicts this reality. Isaiah 11:9 tells “The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” What this means Light of God or God prevails over the light of matter or the sun. This means the Global Warming will stop and Global cooling begins and the cycle continues. There is need to review and reinterpret the great ancient knowledge systems of the east as well as the west. In conclusion, I have to accept writings in the Vedas and Upanishad. It says that universe is one conscious and intelligent system. It has a heart and mind. We are simply an individuated system born from it to the left and right. We are supposed to live in faith and respect the Creator accepting His law. The Biblical Creation is true. But it needs to be interpreted as a science. My hope for the world returned from this revelation and I bet my life on it. The law God placed was resistive law against inevitable time force. We don’t need the mind to live. Look at plants and animals they live by instinct, the do not kill 8
  9. 9. unnecessarily. A deer can walk past a lion that is stomach full. They do not work to annihilate its own kind. The only exception I see is humans who lives by his mind centered life. The law was a resistance to humans leading to self destruction and destruction of the created world of God. Since time is inevitable. It meant God has to manifest to recreate the world. We must underline the fact that life is anti-gravitational. God is anti-gravitational. All life is anti- gravitational. Even a human child is anti-gravitational, but as human mind matures it becomes self centered and here the devil takes over his mind. Humans then get lost in darkness. But when the darkness peak the seed of light emerges in it and the world awakens to truth. The light that created us, now exist with us and it is working to transform we the humans who are lost to Him. We must note that science tells us that there are only two time directions to nature, one is expansion and the other is contraction. When time is directed to the center, then the system should collapse to a point and go into expansion. When the system is in expansion it also should have end to where it should turn around. In Living Universe Theory, this collapse was averted, when Christ sacrificed himself at Calvary. One soul was involved in the transformation and creation of New Wave within the old. When this wave warps and transforms in the end to initialize the whole into New Time Cycle, everything in this universe is stressed to transform. The atoms and molecules, the plants, animals, the insects and birds they are aware of the time and transform spontaneously. But human kind who lives a mind centered life and attached to life fails. This calls for giving New Life to Human soul and illumination of His mind. God reveled His Soul and Feminine Reality through Christ and when the Mind of God reveals He reveals his masculine reality. The time initialization or successful transformation of the universe can only occur when the Mind of God or Truth is revealed. Knowing the truth the whole will bow to truth, beyond religion and the whole world will come alive. This is entry into Kingdom of God or Dharma yuga. We are in the edge of it. 2012, is critical. Approaching it, the four forces of nature and the whole will de disturbed as never before and in the midst of this the, truth will emerge and life will return. I work in faith against many odds, that there is Light at the end of the Tunnel. 9