Social media strategy marketing expo 231012


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Social media strategy marketing expo 231012

  1. 1. John OwensSocial Media Strategy(a whistle-stop tour!)
  2. 2. Agenda• The Social Media Landscape• Permission and Engagement (Participation) Marketing• What are the benefits?• What should you use?• FaceBook / Twitter / LinkedIn Example
  3. 3. Social Media Landscape
  4. 4. Participation• Interruption marketing – TV ads, radio, print, billboards etc• 3,000 + messages /day – but people tune them out......SO• Permission and Engagement (Participation) Marketing• Participating in a conversation – 2–way• Engagement• Can then lead to businessHave a look at
  5. 5. – “2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report”
  6. 6. Benefits - setting goalsBe clear about what you are trying to achieve e.g. • Create a buzz to improve awareness of your product /service • Establish yourself as a subject leader • Create prospective clients / generate sales • Meet like-minded people to share knowledge / experience • Be seen as being up to date • Because you like to socialise!
  7. 7. Most commonly used – “2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report”
  8. 8. An alternative viewpoint....
  9. 9. What should you do?• Select 2 or 3 types most likely to help you achieve your goals – B2B or B2C?• If possible - commit around 5 hours /week - be consistent!• Add relevant, quality content• Think of it like a commercial TV channel.....don’t “sell” all the time or people will switch (you) off – 30/70 split?• Add YOU to it – don’t be a “stuffed shirt”• You can have more than 1 account, so perhaps keep personal and business separate?
  10. 10. Keep the personal separate!
  11. 11. A few warnings• If your website is poor – sort it out before engaging hard with social media• Have social media as part of a strategy (e.g. including emails, offline news releases?)• Social media can be an enormous timewaster if it’s not tied in to your business• Be consistent across all the media types – you might want to “slice and dice” e.g. news items across different channels
  12. 12. Example –
  13. 13. How do ArtGrad promote themselves? • They need: • Artists (Suppliers) & • Buyers (Private and Commercial) • Both types – via Search Engine Optimised website, other online and offline marketing • Artists – via Word of Mouth, FaceBook, Twitter • Buyers (Commercial) – via LinkedIn, email marketing to Interior Designers etc • (The channels do overlap – so a consistent message is important!)
  14. 14. FaceBook
  15. 15. FaceBook
  16. 16. Twitter
  17. 17. Twitter
  18. 18. LinkedIn
  19. 19. Get started!• Go and get accounts at FaceBook / Twitter / LinkedIn – free• Watch for a while to get the hang of it• Then start to participate – “Like” things in FaceBook “Follow” people in Twitter “Add Connections” in Linked In• Then start to do things yourself – Tweet in Twitter or Make your own Business Page in FaceBook, Promote an event to your Connections in LinkedIn
  20. 20. Have a look at:••••••••• Gail Z. Martin “ 30 Days to Social Media Success”
  21. 21. John Owens tel: 01522 822 302 mob: 0780 9631597 email: web:“Converting the online..... the bottom line”