Kitty cat 2


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A childrens picture book written by 11 year old Beth Murfitt from Napier NZ.

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Kitty cat 2

  1. 2. This is Kitty Cat. She lives in a small cottage near the sea with her kindly owner Beth.
  2. 3. However there was something bothering Kitty Cat………..
  3. 4. “ I don’t like the sea, the sound scares me,” thought Kitty Cat. I want to move away.
  4. 5. “ I might go to that big, flash mansion where Imogen the movie star lives.
  5. 6. Kitty cat stayed the night there. On a big pillow next to Imogen’s bed. What luxury. Hello Kitty Cat
  6. 7. Kitty Cat got up exhausted, she had NO sleep at all. All night she as awoken with paparazzi flashes and the pillow was stiff. Morning Kitty Cat
  7. 8. Kitty Cat couldn’t stand that for even one more night so she moved….. I have to move
  8. 9. “ I know I’ll go to Lily’s house in the country. I am sure nothing will bother me there!” Hello Lily, can I stay with you please?
  9. 10. Lily let her stay and gave her the spare room to sleep in. You can sleep in the room next to mine.
  10. 11. Kitty Cat had a big roast dinner and went to bed, tired but satisfied. Goodnight. Thank You Lily.
  11. 12. WOOF Kitty Cat tried so hard to get to sleep but couldn’t. The dog was barking noisily and Lily was snoring loudly . SNORE….. Zzzzzzzzz
  12. 13. Kitty Cat was not happy in the morning. She was even more tired than before. So she moved again.
  13. 14. Kitty Cat was so tired she decided to take a bus to the city. Maybe she could live with Carl.
  14. 15. Kitty Cat arrived in the city and found Carl, who lives on the street. Carl let Kitty Cat stay with him. Hello Kitty Cat how funny to see you here.
  15. 16. Carl gave her his best box to sleep on. She had a rat for dinner and thought she might have been born to be a street cat. Here is your bed BOX
  16. 17. In the night she heard rats scattering and people yelling. Worst of all Carl smelt so bad. Even worse than the smell of rotten eggs. BOX BIG BOX
  17. 18. However when the sun came up Kitty Cat left the street quietly so as not to wake up Carl. BIG BOX BOX
  18. 19. Kitty Cat didn’t know where to go next .
  19. 20. She was lonely. She missed the not so scary sounds of the sea and her kindly owner, Beth.
  20. 21. She was lonely She missed the not so scary sounds of the sea.
  21. 22. Slowly she realised what she had to do.
  22. 23. Kitty Cat raced back home to find Beth still in her little cottage near the sea!
  23. 24. Kitty Cat promised not to ever move away again and that night she had a mouth-watering, filling dinner and had the best sleep ever in her soft, cosy bed!
  24. 25. From that time on Kitty Cat has never been afraid of the sea.