Summery of audience research


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Summery of audience research

  1. 1. Summery of Audience Research
  2. 2. Audience Research• For my research I created a Wallwisher page to get responses by posting a link on my Facebook page which was used to get an overview of peoples thoughts.• I also posted a link to a ten question survey which I created by the use of survey monkey. This was posted on my Facebook page as well however I only got 9 responses for it which is a suitable amount but I was hoping for more.• Finally I filmed a focus group of three people to get a more open idea of what an audience of my product would like to see.
  3. 3. WallwisherFrom the comments lefton my wallwisher whereI posted the question“What Would You LikeTo See In A MusicVideo?”Most of the commentsleft said that theaudience wanted amusic video to consist ofgirls, a good narrative, agood pace of editingthat could be in syncwith the music and/orthe narrative.
  4. 4. SurveyThe first question I asked on Question 1my survey was “Are you maleor female?” 6The problem of only having 5about a third of the people 4 Peoplebeing female means I manly 3got answers from a male point 2of view. 1 0
  5. 5. Survey• The second question I asked Question 2 on my survey was “How old Age are you?” all of the people said 16-20.• This gave meant than the 16-20 survey was being answered by older teenagers.
  6. 6. Survey• The third question I asked Question 3 on my survey was “Whats Sales your favorite genre of Pop Rock R&B music?” Hip Hop Dubstep Indie• Here I got mixed results as 7% 7% there are many different 7% 14% music genres. 22% 43%
  7. 7. Survey• The fourth question I asked Question 4 on my survey was “What Artist sort of artist do you tend to like?”• The choices were between Solo solo and band. Band
  8. 8. Survey• The fifth question I asked on Question 5 my survey was “Do you 9 watch music videos?” 8 7• This was a yes or no 6 question. 5 4 No 3 Yes 2 1 0
  9. 9. Survey• The sixth question I asked Question 6 on my survey was “What do Girls you expect in a music video?”• Only 6 people answered this Narrative question. Relation to Song
  10. 10. Survey• The seventh question I Question 7 asked on my survey was “What attracts you to music videos?” Girls Narrative• I got about the same response to this as to question 6. Music Band/Artist
  11. 11. Survey• The eighth question I asked Question 8 on my survey was “Do you Pop Rock? like the genre of Pop Rock?” 0% 0%• This was a yes or no question. Yes 44% No 56%
  12. 12. Survey• The ninth question I asked Question 9 on my survey was “What makes Pop Rock seem appealing to you?”• I got mixed answers most of which were irrelevant as The Mix of the It Doesnt Genres work people didn’t know what well. Pop Rock is.
  13. 13. Survey• The last question I asked on Question 10 my survey was “Would you Video? like to see a new music Yes No video for a Pop Rock song?”• This was a yes or no question. 33% 67%
  14. 14. Focus Group From my Focus Group I fount out the views of three people on what they want to see in music videos and their opinion on the music genre of Pop Rock. The result of the Focus Group were similar to my wallwisher and Survey that I posted on Facebook.
  15. 15. Focus Group • I found out that to attract an audience of music videos I would need to include girls and a good narrative that’s related to the song to appeal to an audience of teenagers.
  16. 16. Focus Group • A problem that I may encounter by the use of my Focus Group is that it only consisted of males and if I included a female or more people I would have got a more range of a response.