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Introduction To Promotion Codes


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Introduction To Promotion Codes

  1. 1. Promo Code Strategy and Tracking
  2. 2. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingWhy do we use promo codes?• To create exclusivity• To avoid giving things awayAnd most importantly...• For tracking!
  3. 3. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingWhere do we use promo codes?Everywhere...
  4. 4. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingNewsletters:
  5. 5. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingOn Banners
  6. 6. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingOn UpSellIt
  7. 7. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingPromo Code Strategy and TrackingOn Product Pages
  8. 8. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingStuffers:
  9. 9. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingWeb Ads:
  10. 10. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingDiscount Types• Most common: free shipping• Flat rate shipping• % Off• $ Off• Buy one, get ____• Freebies• Combined codes
  11. 11. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingSelecting Promos• Campaign history• Customer behavior• Time of year• Competitor activity• Manufacturer opportunities• Overstocked
  12. 12. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingDiscount Codes Have to be Regulated• This is why we have a single field• And have so many disclaimers• Remember how we learned how tocalculate margins last week?• Which brings us to...
  13. 13. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingDynamic Codes
  14. 14. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingDynamic Codes• Cannot be used more than once• Usually have the same first threecharacters• Are created by a developer• More difficult to create
  15. 15. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingTesting – Removing the Element of Surprise• Front end• Back end• Updates to existing orders• Ensuring codes work as expected• Scenario testing
  16. 16. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingTracking: Different Codes• Each campaign is special!• We have to look at individualperformance for each promo• Different expiration dates• Combining functions• Different codes could be trackingthings as simple as a copy test
  17. 17. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingReporting• # of uses • AOV• Total revenue • Total discount• Total ship costs• Total wholesale costs• Total gross margin for all orders• New vs return customer
  18. 18. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingGiving Away Codes• Affects perceived campaignperformance• Can negatively affect margins• Makes future campaigns lessappealing
  19. 19. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingBut What About Loyal Customers?• We love our customers• Adjustments can be made• We are working on codes• We want to hear feedback!
  20. 20. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingIf You’re Curious, Just Ask• We’re happy to explain• We know it’s confusing• Let us know what we can do to help• Or let us know if you have ideas!
  21. 21. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingComing Soon:• Link in Madcow to existing promos• Will be updated with what codecustomers can use• Will be kept up to date by marketing
  22. 22. Let’s Walk Through an Example...
  23. 23. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingMemorial Day is Coming Up...• We just ran free shipping!• Customers will be traveling• Overstocked on mask wipes• Last year three competitors gaveaway free luggage tags
  24. 24. Promo Code Strategy and TrackingWhat Do We Do?• Competitors always run freeshipping, so we will too• Include travel themed products thatmight appeal to customers more• Promote mask wipes as an add onto move inventory• Check inventory to give away freeluggage tags, or one up competitorswith a different promotion
  25. 25. What are Your Thoughts?