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Best Practices - Barcode Strategy


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Leverage your mobile rollout with an effective barcode strategy. This presenation will focus on opportunities not always clearly gained when applying barcodes in your organization.

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Best Practices - Barcode Strategy

  1. 1. The Barcode Effect Operational Efficiencies Gained Through Barcode Strategy FMMUG - Maximo Best Practices Conference Las Vegas, NV Monday, October 1st, 2012
  2. 2. • MAXIMO Version 7.5.0 • Mobile Solution – DataSplice 4.0 • 14,625 total Students • 142 Buildings – 7.2 million square feet on 202 Acres • 3 Primary Campus Locations – Main, Newton, Brighton • 6 Trades Shops – 60 Full Time Trades Personnel • HVAC • Plumbing • Carpentry • Electrical • Housekeeping, Grounds and Athletic Maintenance services performed internally (200 staff) • 60,000 Annual Work Orders • 45,000 Academic Year • 15,000 Summer work orders identified through inspections • Work Order Center Staff of 3 – Staffed 6 AM – 8 PM (with student support) About Boston College
  3. 3. • Barcode Known Use Cases • Developing your barcode strategy • Effectively leveraging your mobile rollout • Thinking outside the box – non standard barcode uses • Change Management • Questions Presentation Goals & Objectives
  4. 4. • We should barcode it! • I’d like to have all of our assets barcoded by the end of the year! • Why don’t we barcode all of our (insert ridiculous item to be barcoded)! • Why should we barcode it? • If we only had barcodes it would be so much easier to get things done around here! Heard Around The Water Cooler…
  5. 5. • Barcoding is not an object or idea – it’s a tool that can be used to (when done properly) improve your business process • There is no right or wrong way, there is no best practice – only leading practices to aide you in developing your own strategy • It’s all about CHANGE MANAGEMENT First Things First…
  6. 6. • Assets • Inventory - Item / Bin Locations • Performing Cycle Counts • Property ID’s (IT equipment and other rotating assets) • Invoices • Shipments / Receipt of goods Barcode Known Use Cases
  7. 7. • Step 1 – STOP what you are doing and get a pad and a pen • Barcode strategy is about business process improvement – you need to know your business process first! • Key Stakeholders – establish a group of key individuals involved in your strategy and process • Consider overall Maximo strategy • Auto Key versus Smart Keys • Who are your data stewards and how will they manage this information / update barcodes / update assets? • Consider your mobile strategy • Where do I need to improve the business process to ensure my mobile rollout is going to be successful Developing Your Barcode Strategy
  8. 8. • What type of barcode labels to use? • Printer selection • Application? Integrated to Maximo or standalone? • Label type (can it withstand heat/moisture)? • Who is going to do all the barcoding! • What to barcode? • Critical pieces of equipment • Locations • Don’t go out an barcode everything if you can’t make the case that it adds value • Where to put the barcode label? • Consistency in location • Conspicuous (more for locations) • Where should you barcode on equipment? • Device Selection • Will your device be able to scan whatever / wherever you plan on barcoding? • Will the device rely on ‘camera’ based scans, laser or RFID? Leveraging Your Mobile Rollout
  9. 9. • Assets • Is the barcode label going to be informational or just a means to associate work orders or inspectional rounds? • Are you going to be tasked with collecting asset data? • Can you barcode label before you create new assets? • Locations • Where are your barcode labels going to go so they aren’t removed or painted over? • Item/Inventory • Is the barcode label going to indicate more than just what should be in the bin? • Counts? Thresholds? • Other locations where stock may be located? Important Things To Consider
  10. 10. Examples To Consider
  11. 11. • Invoices • Can your vendor print invoices with barcodes? They should be able to! • Receiving of Goods • Does your receipt/bill of landing indicate the PO or requisition number with a barcode? • Last but not least… • What if you’re not going mobile? There are still efficiencies to be gained! Important Things To Consider
  12. 12. Barcoding Work Orders
  13. 13. Barcoding Work Orders
  14. 14. Work Order Completion Utility © JFC Associates / Boston College
  15. 15. • Saving Time with Inspections • With barcoded locations for building inspections (and a mobile solution) we are now able to quickly create inspection records / work orders • Reduced inspection time of building from a 3 day process to a 6 hour process – inspect, photograph, enter work orders, assign to shops • Saving Money • Paint Inspections • Able to complete inspection 2 days earlier which translated to building paint out complete 4 days ahead of schedule (able to sequence work). • Savings – 4 days of overtime normally required for housekeeping services eliminated – 80 people at 8 hours per day times 4 days = $81,920 – FOR ONE BUILDING!!! By The Numbers
  16. 16. • Accuracy in Reporting / Inspections • Exact location is captured • Worker will be sent to the right place – the first time! • Eliminates ‘call backs’ (inspect it once and done) • Volume of work / wrench time will increase as the means of entry is improved • End of summer saw at 99.3% completion rate of identified work versus previous year of 83% - all due to the ability to quickly and efficiently complete work orders and have ‘real time’ data (that and we have some really great workers!) • Reduction in ‘Opening’ Work Orders • Due to operational efficiencies gained there was a 29% reduction in the amount of requests made by students when they moved in the Fall • Loosely translated – we were much better at identifying problems and seeing them resolved due to an effective mobile strategy based on an effective barcoding strategy By The Numbers
  17. 17. • Saving Time / Improving Accuracy With Data Entry • Average summer completion rate ~300 work orders per day to be completed by work order center staff manually • Old methodology – 2 to 3 hours of time and many times a day or two later • New completion methodology – 6 minutes for 300 work orders • Supervisory staff have instant feedback on what remains in the cue to be done – this translates to nearly 100% accuracy of work order cue • Customer is informed of completion immediately versus days later • Happier staff! By The Numbers
  18. 18. • This entire topic is really centered around Change Management • All of these concepts are wonderful but how do we implement them? • What are our barriers to change? • How do we get buy in? • Developing your business plan within context of your problem…You need to know what your problem is! • Strategy without intent has little power to make change that sticks • Center your strategy around your intentions – have them be your ‘North Star’ throughout your strategy development • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… Chinese proverb ~ Laozi Change Management
  19. 19. • Create a sense of urgency • Help others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately • Pull together your ‘strategy team’ – your ‘Champions for Change’ • Decide what to do • Develop the Change Vision and Strategy • Clarify how the future will be different from the past • Make it happen! • Communicate for understanding and buy in • Empower others to act • Produce short term wins • DON’T LET UP • Make it stick! • Create a new culture • Hold onto the new ways of behaving and make sure they succeed, until they become strong enough to replace old ways of doing business. Creating The Change Source – John Kotter – ‘Our Iceberg is Melting’
  20. 20. • Be vigilant in your approach to these concepts • Recognize your organizations needs first – where are the business problems and how can processes change as a result of this new strategy? • Develop a strategy that produces short term wins • As with all things mobile – know your options, be prepared and don’t let technology drive your decision making • Fully understand the impact of Change Management across your organization • Benchmark your success Wrapping Things Up…
  21. 21. Questions… FMMUG - Maximo Best Practices Conference Las Vegas, NV Monday, October 1st, 2012 “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” - William Arthur Ward