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Videos that work - Leitrim Business Network


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Delivered by James Martin of TeamLife Training & Coaching

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Videos that work - Leitrim Business Network

  1. 1. How Website Videos Increase Sales
  2. 2. School of Coaching / Training School For Digital Business“Leveraging Psychology & Technology for Optimum Business Success” Daily QuestionHow can I do this easier & better?
  3. 3. Why Video?• Retail visitors stay longer - +2mins (comscore)• Viewers 6X more likely to buy (comscore)• Increased conversion +30% (L2 Speciality Retail Report)• 50% smartphone users watch web video (Google Blog)• 90% Shoppers found video useful pre-purchase (Internet Retailer)• Videos increase CTR by +96% (Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey)• 90% of Internet Traffic will be video by 2015 (Cisco) SEO Rankings
  4. 4. YouTube StatisticsCreated in Feb 2005 – Sold in Nov 2006for 1.65bn dollars to Google•800m+ unique users / month•4Billion+ hours video watched / month•72hours video uploaded every minute•YouTube localized in 43 countries & 60Languages•500 years of YouTube videos arewatched on Facebook every day
  5. 5. Types of Video• Introduction Video• Call To Action ‘Opt-in’ Video• Testimonial Video• Interview ‘The Expert’ Video• Content Video• ‘How-To’ Video• Product ‘Features & Benefits’ Promotion• Product / Service Launch Video
  6. 6. The Price of Petrol Now a huge cost of doing business in Ireland“Rather than travel searching for clientsUse Video to Get clients to come to you”
  7. 7. Fuel Price Fluctuation ( Date Petrol (C/L) Diesel (C/L)Oct 2nd 2012 169.9 157.9Jan 1st 2012 149.9 148.9Jan 1st 2011 141.9 134.9Jan 1st 2010 122.9 109.9Jan 1st 2009 94.9 94.9Jan 1st 2008 114.9 120.9Jan 1st 2007 103.9 ??Jan 1st 2006 99.9 103.9
  8. 8. Key TeamLife Marketing Strategy using Video• Simple ‘Targeted’ Advert in Facebook• Clicking on Advert  TeamLife Website –• Website – Viewer guided towards 1.5 Minute Video• Call to Action at End of Video – To Fill out Webform• Webform  Sends email to TeamLife – New Prospect Name – New Prospect Email – New Prospect Tel (Optional)• TeamLife Follows-up with Prospect within 24hours
  9. 9. Facebook Ad Trials
  10. 10. Mini-Promotional & Opt-in Video
  11. 11. WebForm
  12. 12. See Video - Go to http//
  13. 13. Daily Emails Received(New Prospects Nationwide)
  14. 14. People buy when they are ready to buy NOT when you are ready to sell Below are times in the last few dayswhen new TeamLife clients signed-up Date Time Oct 1st 2012 20:28 16:57 16:50 11:30 Sept 30th 2012 23:33 Sept 29th 2012 18:03 09:21
  15. 15. What Stops Business Owners Making Videos?• Fear of Rejection• Judgment from others• Anxious about one’s Appearance / Voice• Perfection• Remembering Script• Lack of Structure• Technology Challenges
  16. 16. Video Technology• Quality Video Camera• Wireless Lapel Mic• Teleprompter (For Reading Script)• Background Screen / Backdrop• Lighting• Video Editing Software
  17. 17. Videos A Key Strategy For Business Growth Create it onceReach Thousands ‘Day or Night’