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Stress Management - Ciunas Business & Personal Coaching

  1. 1. Stress vs. Wellbeing Fear vs. Adapting Delivered by: Thérèse Hackett, Ciúnas For: Leitrim Business Network April 2012
  2. 2. Asset ManagementYou are the greatest asset in your businessYou are the most important aspect of yourcustomers’ experience of your businessYou are your business brandHow do you invest in this asset?
  3. 3. What is stress?Stress is the damage to your body in response toyour experience.HSE UK definition: The adverse reaction peoplehave to excessive pressure or other types ofdemands placed on them.Wellbeing allows ideas to form
  4. 4. Stress Statistics?4 out of 5 people suffer from stress (W Health Org)Senior Mgrs in Ireland are so stressed that theyhave a lower qualify of life than the terminally ill.(Article from People Mgmt Mag 2006: Research by Kieran O’Boyle Professorof Psychology at the Royal College of Surgeons)73% of Americans name money as No 1 factoraffecting stress (American Psychological Association 2004)Wellbeing leads to Empowerment
  5. 5. Stress Triggers? If you are waiting for your situation/environment to improve so that you feel better about yourself, you’ve put yourself in a very “powerless and stressful” place.Wellbeing leads to Positive Thinking
  6. 6. Stress Triggers?• The Event• Your perception of it• Your body’s reaction to your perception of it (fight orflight response)You have no control over the event – BUTYou can control your perception of the event & yourresponse.Stress Triggers are different for everyoneWellbeing leads to Creativity
  7. 7. Fight / flight response1. HypothalamusSecretes hormonecorticotrophin-releasing-factor (CRF) whichactivates the pituitary 3. Adrenal glandgland. Also Secretes hormones;releases endorphins •cortisol •adrenaline •noradrenaline2. Pituitary GlandSecretesadrenocorticotrophin(ACTH) which activates theadrenal glandWellbeing calmness Solutions
  8. 8. Result of fight or flight response• Immune system suppressed• Cortisol turns carbohydrates into sugar (good in the short-term)• Can withstand pain• Increases blood pressure & heart rateWellbeing creates rational Thoughts
  9. 9. Result of fight or flight response• Airways widen to improve breathing• Blood flow increased to our large muscles• Blood vessels narrow in digestive system and in the rational parts of the brain• Experience a high – can be addictive.BODY MUST HAVE RECOVERY TIME - 20 minutesNB: LONG-TERM EXPOSURE = “BURN OUT”Wellbeing = Health
  10. 10. Responses vary but examples are:• Anti-social, Difficulty concentrating• Excessive alcohol and/or food intake• Feeling “out of control”, very sensitive• Aggressive, panic attacks• Worry• Perspiration, negative internal dialogue• Constant tiredness, Irritability, InsomniaYour body is signalling you – how do you respond?Wellbeing leads to Focus
  11. 11. Responses vary but examples are:• Depression, back pain, shoulder pain• Susceptibility to flu and other viruses• Stomach problems, e.g. IBS, Ulcers• Headaches, High Blood pressure• Collapse• Heart diseaseYour body is signalling you – how do you respond?Wellbeing creates Energy
  12. 12. Wellbeing strategies• Change state, e.g. – Breathing exercises – yoga, pilates – Active relaxation – meditation – Sport, Gardening – Laughter / Fun• Take breaks – know when to stop! – Do something different – Talk to someone who understandsWellbeing leads to Productivity
  13. 13. Wellbeing strategies• Change your perspective – Get into the “Present” – What can I do right now? – What are my opportunities right now? – What do I have control over right now?• List your resources and skills• Become proactive as opposed to reactive• Be grateful• Use external supports, e.g. Coaching, Massage, Reflexology, Healing
  14. 14. Wellbeing
  15. 15. Wellbeing strategies: Big Picture• We create our lives through our thoughts and consequently through our choices and actions• What are your thoughts?• Be your life designer - What do you really want to create?Wellbeing leads to Profitability
  16. 16. Wellbeing leads to:Positivity EnergyCalmness RelaxationFocus FunSolutions ActionCreativity EmpowermentProductivity ProfitHappiness Health