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Online Course Creation - Ver.1 - April 2014


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Earning with eLearning - how to generate a passive income from your expertise.

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Online Course Creation - Ver.1 - April 2014

  1. 1. Record once. Sell often. Create a passive income from your expertise 29.4.14 Online Course Creation
  2. 2. Housekeeping 1. Introductions 2. Why create an online course 3. Address concerns 4. Workshop 5. Practical Examples 6. Q & A  Slides + Audio + eBook will be made available to download  Resource List  15 Minute Break @ 11am
  3. 3. Training/Mentoring in Digital Marketing/Social Media 2005
  4. 4. Diesel Driving Admin Rates Contracts Freedom
  5. 5. 2011 Digital Products Seminar
  6. 6. selling time for a living
  7. 7. Time is not money, it is much more precious
  8. 8. 2013Launched 2 Online Courses marketing
  9. 9. Earned €10,251 on the side
  10. 10. • NEW Passive revenue stream • Better cash flow - get paid in advance • Raise profile even further (Education Marketing) • Reach new markets – domestic and abroad • Leverage to acquire new offline clients i.e. 1-to-1 or Masterminds • More freedom and control • No expansion overheads
  11. 11. Concerns addressed Will my online course dilute my offline business and brand? No. It can increase your offline business. Does a book dilute an authors business? How long does it take to create an online course? Example: A course that will sell for between €95 to €495 should take no more than 20 to 40 hours to create. How much of my time will it take? Approx 50% of the time taken to produce the entire course
  12. 12. Concerns addressed Does it require a lot of technical knowledge? Some. Videos and links to courses will be provided where necessary. What are the clients expectations? It needs to be professional and engaging. It needs to meet the clearly stated learning outcome. Are online courses limited to specific topics? Informational and instructional courses are most suitable. Certain topics may require a lot of on-camera content which can increase the cost.
  13. 13. How much to online courses sell for? A 6 module course (30 minutes per module). €95 - €295 A 6 to 8 week intensive course with 24/7 access to videos and email support/discussion forum. €495 - €995 Marie Forleo’s B-School - $1999 B-School is an 8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.
  15. 15. Choosing your course – Conduct a survey I am currently creating new course which will help you with ______ Please take a few minutes to answer the following 3 questions so that I can create the ideal course for you. Q1. What are your top questions or frustrations when it comes to X? Q2. What is your ideal format for a course that helps you with the questions listed above? Option examples, eBook, Audio, Video, Group Coaching, Other Q3. Do you have any other questions or feedback about this course? Optional – Would you like me to inform you when this training is available? If so, please enter your email.
  16. 16. Establish Authority Online with a Website and Blog • Add value for your audience by sharing your expertise • Use course material as a source of content • Write 1 blog post per week • Blogs dramatically increase your search engine ranking • Blog content (video/text) = Social Media Content • Increase subscriber base (covered in email marketing) • Guest blog on other popular (related ) blogs • Use
  17. 17. Keyword Research • What words and phrases are people using in Google related to your expertise? • Google Keyword Planner • Include popular words and phrases in your blog • NOTE: Always write for your audience and Google will find you
  18. 18. Videos • 2 Main Types You on camera Animation • Landing Page (Introduction) Video • Call-to-Action in each video • Subscription Video • Sales Video • Branded Intro • Music • Avoid YouTube on homepage (Vimeo, JW Player) or • Turn off YouTube logo • Use YouTube for Search Engine Optimisation
  19. 19. List Building with a Lead Magnet • A Lead Magnet is valuable content you give away to encourage visitors to your website to subscribe (form on website) • The email autoresponder (covered in Step 6) handles the subscriptions and sends out the Lead Magnet • Promote the Lead Magnet by emailing your existing list • Promote using Social Media
  20. 20. Relationship Management using eMail • Set up email autoresponder (pre-written emails) • i.e. Aweber - $20 per month • Subscription form on website • Send valuable content on a regular basis • Blog Posts, Reports, Free Videos, Useful Resources, Interviews, Short Course • Upsell included at the end of the emails (not all)
  21. 21. Creating your Online Course • Choose your course (using survey results as input) • Use a MindMap to map out module headings/topics • Map out the key points of each module • Map out worksheets and supporting documentation • Offer accreditation or Certificate of Completion • Choose video format • All PowerPoint with voiceover (off-camera) [Recommended] • All PowerPoint with on-camera intro and exit (top & tail) • PowerPoint with on-camera inset • All on-camera • All on-camera with bullet point inset (or flip-chart) • Audio must be crystal clear
  22. 22. Choosing your course delivery platform Option 1 – Email 1 email per week for x weeks with a link to a video a) Fixed dates with a launch b) As people register Note: Manual registration handling Option 2 – 24/7 Access Learning Management System (LMS) a) Fixed dates with a launch b) As people register Note: Automated registration handling Option 3 - Paid Webinars (See Step 14) Option 4 –
  23. 23. Pricing and Upsells Consider • Value added • Current positioning • Competition • Offline alternative • Convenience factor • Price points €97, €197, €497, €997, €1,997, €4,997, €9,997 Upsells • 1-to-1, Group Workshops, Masterminds
  24. 24. Payment Systems Free Setup - Fees - 2.4% + 24 cents + VAT @23% Example: Sell @ €100 You receive €96.75 - €3.25 to Stripe New – further research needed Free Setup - Fees - 3.4% + 35 cents Example: Sell @ €100 You receive €96.25 – €3.75 for PayPal Compatible with some LMS’s
  25. 25. Sales Pages (Squeeze Page) The web page where a product is sold. It gives buyers all the information they need to make an informed decision to purchase the item and links a sales cart or payment method. People have 2 choices when they land on a sales page. 1. Buy 2. Leave
  26. 26. Sales Heading with details and sales pitch Sales Video Register and Pay More info More details, benefits Urgency
  27. 27. Generating Sales – Existing Network • Existing List • Send email • Social Media Marketing • Keynote Presentations • Networking Events • Affiliate Partners
  28. 28. Generating Sales – 1-to-Many • Business Networks • Corporates, Franchises, Buyers Groups • Business Customers of BSB Companies e.g. Banks, Telcos, • Government Initiatives – Springboard, Momentum • Enterprise Ireland • Trade Associations • 3rd Level Courses and Private Courses
  29. 29. Generating Sales – Webinars • Online seminar usually free • Very successful sales tool • Great lead magnet • Convenient for presenter and attendee (no travel) • People can try before they buy • Excellent for list building • Record and re-use for sales and marketing • Go-To Webinar – WebinarJam (Paid Access Option)
  30. 30. Automated Webinars • Pre-record and add to Evergreen Business Systems • Use videos from existing course • Run more often • More flexibility for attendees to choose a time/date that suits them
  31. 31. Joint Venture (JV) Webinars • JV with a connection who already emails their list • Offer to host (jointly or your own) a co-branded webinar • Revenue Share • Access to new audience and increase email list
  32. 32. Create a community • LinkedIn Group • Facebook Group • Inbound Sales • Share and Learn
  33. 33. Effective Social Media Marketing Facebook • Professional Facebook Page • Share content from your blog – ADD VALUE • Share related content from other sources – ADD VALUE • Engage in conversation • Run regular Facebook Ad Campaigns • Promote Facebook Page • Promote Webinar • Promote Course
  34. 34. Effective Social Media Marketing Twitter • Professional Profile • Share content from your blog – ADD VALUE • Share related content from other sources – ADD VALUE • Use #tags • Start a #tag • Automated Tweets • Engage in conversation
  35. 35. Effective Social Media Marketing LinkedIn • Professional Profile • Share content from your blog – ADD VALUE • Share related content from other sources – ADD VALUE • Create a Group • Contribute to existing groups
  36. 36. Effective Social Media Marketing YouTube • Professional Channel • Share videos from your blog – ADD VALUE • Share videos from your course • Share webinar recordings
  37. 37. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) VA’s are contractors for hire on a per hour or per project basis where specific skills are required e.g. WordPress set-up, Graphic Design, Copy Writing etc. Sites include • oDesk • eLance • People per Hour
  38. 38. Choose a mentor/model Choose a person who is already successful and model their strategy. Check for similar courses • Assess Quality • Length • Delivery Method • Price
  39. 39. Resource List – Further Education/Research Online Information Google Alerts – – subscribe to blogs Podcasts 1. Internet Business Mastery 2. Smart Passive Income 3. Online Learning Podcast
  40. 40. Resource List – Online Services Surveys • • Learning Management Systems • WordPress Plugins • S2 Member • LearnDash • BrainMob • Kajabi
  41. 41. Resource List Hardware USB Microphone or USB Headset Belkin TuneCast Auto Universal with ClearScan (for listening to podcasts in the car) - Software Snagit Camtasia
  42. 42. Thank You Call me 086 2242154 Email me Skype me johnny.beirne