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Best free-google-seo-tools

  1. 1. © www.webseoservices.inBest Free Google SEO ToolsMost common myth is that Search Engine’s abhor SEO. However as we said already, this is amyth. Right from Google to Yahoo, all major Search Engine’s have always maintained thathealthy SEO practices and using ‘White hat’ techniques are always welcomed by them.Google has gone ahead and provided various tools, which in right hands can make SEO muchmore in-depth and effective. Here’s a list of the tools we found to have maximum utility toanybody seeking to implement SEO for their website/blog.These Google tools can and should be used by everybody who’s into SEO. Enjoy the booty :)1. Google Webmaster ToolsThe God of all SEO tools, Google Webmaster is a boon from Google. Its comprehensive andhighly in-depth. Once you master how to use it, its myriad functions can take your website/ blogfrom good to perfect in SEO terms.This tools helps in identifying numerous technical issues right from ‘broken links’ upto ‘reasonsfor your website’s slow speed’. Beware if you think of this as a mere technical tools, it’s a vastdata mining resource center too. This tool can tell you what search queries lead to your pages, soyou can fine-tune your keywords.2. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics analysis your website/blog for you. It’s a very useful analytics tool. So long asyou use ethical SEO techniques, you are absolutely going to love Google Analytics. I mentionthe ‘ethical’ part because Google Analytics brings your website, under Google scanner; and ifyou are up to any mischief then Google is quite likely to get hold of it and punish youappropriately.Google Analytics acts like your free Analyst; it tells you exactly what’s going on with yourwebsite. There is a whole gamut of information you can access ranging from ‘source of visitor’to ‘bounce rates’. These data enable you to measure the performance of your website mostaccurately.Webshot of Google Analytics DashboardHere is a screenshot of Google Analytics Dashboard, which offers a host of features to performin-depth analysis of your website/ blog.
  2. 2. © www.webseoservices.in3. Google Website OptimizerGoogle Website Optimizer name sys it all. This tool is what every website should be using. Itallows for you to test different versions of your pages. Once you select the pages you want towork on. The optimizer will suggest various permutation & combination you can use to designthose pages. Best is yet to come, the program tests your chosen combination against your realaudience. The audience response is monitored to produce a wealth of data which is analysed andpresented to you; to make informed decisions.This tool is a lifesaver, as it allows users to test various versions of their website, and thenimplement what audience likes most. Thus improving areas like sales, leads and decreasing thecost for the same.Webshot of Google Website OptimizerThis is a screenshot of Google Website Optimizer. It works by treating each website foroptimization as a experiment. When you click on create a new experiment you are provided twooptions to choose from on which you want to base your experiment.
  3. 3. © www.webseoservices.in4. Google TrendsThis tool is designed to allow comparative analysis of search terms. It allows you to enter single/multiple keywords and then generates a chart showing their comparative popularity. This toolcan also be used for comparing websites too. This tool helps you in determining the populartytrend of a keyword/website and if the trend follows a particular pattern, like cyclical/ weatherbased etc. For optimum results combine results from this tool, with its more advanced versionGoogle insights. This will provide more detailed analysis.Webshot of Google Trends PageHere we have compared the Terms SEO & Search Engine Optimization to see their usagetrend and comparatively decide which term is more popular and if any of them show somepattern in their trends.
  4. 4. © www.webseoservices.in5. Google Insights for SearchAs we mentioned before, Google Insights is the advance version of Google Trends. This tool isslick and exhaustive. It allows for comparison by Keywords, Location & also Time range. Thistool is meant for everybody, as its coverage is visrtually all inclusive. In case you are designing amarketing campaign, 1st use comparions by ‘Search terms’ and determine which keywords willoffer you maximum audience. Next use comparison by ‘Location’ to find the location mostsuited to launch your campaign. And finally fine-tune your campaign by using compare by‘Time ranges’ to determine the best time to launch your campign. And voila! You are all set.Did we mention the various filters you can use to tweak your search results!! They are like icingon the cake. This tool is perfect for bloggers too, as they can use it to gain insights into what arethe topics catching public fantasy and cover the same in their blog.Webshot of Google Insights for Search PageHere we have compared the Terms SEO & Search Engine Optimization to gain better insightson their usage as Search terms.
  5. 5. © www.webseoservices.in6. Google Keyword ToolGot a keyword and want to find related keywords, here’s the tool just meant for you. This tool isdesigned to help you find related keywords. In worst case scenario, suppose you have no clue ofany keyword, then just enter your website address and the tool will generate a whole list ofsuggested keywords and their global and local search figures too. Neat isn’t it!!This tool can help you in spotting some perfect ‘keywords’ which you might have missed in yourown search. Use it as a sounding board, and it gives amazing results.Webshot of Google (Adwords) Keyword Tool PageHere we have used the Search Term SEO to get a list of suggested keywords from the GoogleKeyword Tool
  6. 6. © www.webseoservices.in7. Google AlertsYour very own mailman. Google alerts is a highly under-rated tool, its utility is best known to itsusers. This tool can be used to set-up alerts, for any topic/ word under the sun. It can even befiltered for sending only ‘news/ images/ real-time’ etc alerts. For companies this tool is the bestinvention, as it helps them in keeping a ear to the internet chatter, and monitor where all its nameand brand is being mentioned and take action regarding the same if required. For bloggers, thistool can help them get an idea of the popular topics being discussed in their field, and the viewsand opinions floating about it. This will aid the blogger in writing more relevant and informedposts.Webshot of Google AlertsA Screenshot of Google Alerts, which can be used to the optimum by setting various filters tofine-tune the alert results and its place of delivery too.
  7. 7. © www.webseoservices.inAll these tools are great; they do just what they are meant to do, help out the human workingwith them. But do not over-estimate the tools; they are as useful as you make them to be. Thenumbers generated by these tools are not always accurate and should be taken with requisitecaution.These tools are designed by experts, so we would highly recommend them to all our readers.Each tool has its own user guidance section as well as Help section to guide you in using thetool. Use these tools judiciously and they can provide you with amazing results. Right fromfinding keywords, to ensuring technical soundness of your website, these tools provide a gamutof options. And heck, these tools are free so why not use them :)Visit :