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Agile retros


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Agile retros talk at xpman 2013

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Agile retros

  1. 1. Agile Retrospectives :5 Golden RulesLuke Brabin & Juan Pozo
  2. 2. Agile Retro. What’s that?A special meeting at the end of a period ofwork where the team steps back and:• Examines the way they work• Analyse and identify ways to improve
  3. 3. Is your retro a waste of time?Lack of...• Focus• Participation• Insight• Buy-in from the team / manager• Following through on actions
  4. 4. ...why should you really care?• Continuous team improvement!• Over time, they help good teams becomegreat teams.
  5. 5. The 5 Golden Rules• Set the stage• Gather data• Generate insights• Decide what to do• Close the retrospective
  6. 6. 1) Set The Stage• Establish peoples focus / topic for this retro• Communicate the plan for the meeting• Get everyone involved and ready• Remove other concerns and distractions
  7. 7. 1) Set The Stage - Technique
  8. 8. 2) Gather Data• Data is relevant to the FOCUS set on the STAGE• Collate both objective and subjective experiences• Get the facts out and visible, e.g. Whiteboard• Both positive and negative outcomes
  9. 9. 2) Gather Data - TechniqueCreative data categorisingtechnique - Top Gear style‘Cool Wall’.
  10. 10. 3) Generate Insight• Discuss why the team needs to improve withinestablished facts• Understand influences and root causes• Identify patterns or toxic practices• Share awareness of problems
  11. 11. 3) Generate Insight - TechniqueInsights written onboard next to data
  12. 12. 4) Decide what to do• Transfer discussion to solution focused action• Agree one or two actions or experiments tofix an agreed problem• Team commitment to shared actions• Target realistic and tangible outcomes withenergy
  13. 13. 5) Close the retrospective• Re-iterate outcomes• Confirm communication of actions (addto sprint board)• Identify ways to make next retro betterRetro actions clearlyvisible on sprintboard
  14. 14. creative!Thanks (:Retrospective – 5 Golden Rules