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FAPS Qualifications To Serve Jn


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This PDF is an overview of First American Payment Systems; covering company background, product highlights and our service model.

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FAPS Qualifications To Serve Jn

  1. 1. Our qualificati Ons tO serve the right solution
  2. 2. CONTAC T FirsT AmeriCAN PAymeNT sysTems John Newton, manager of isO sales 100 Throckmorton street, suite 1800 Fort Worth, TX 76102 P: 817-317-2964 F: 817-317-9108
  3. 3. TAble OF CONT eNTs Confidence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 A Different Kind of Processor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 senior management Team First American's resource Assignment Approach security and stability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 set up Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 settlement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 reporting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 sales & marketing support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 exhibit A: reporting samples . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 exhibit b: marketing samples . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  4. 4. CONFiDeNCe 1 First American Payment systems The right solution For your business ...Dependability, Commitment, service and Products DeP e N D A b i l iT y ser V i Ce First American is renowned for our expertise, commitment, First American is dedicated to providing you with the reliability, credibility and ethical business practices. reliable service that you deserve. since 1990, hundreds of strategic Partners and more than Quality service is a top priority for First American, and you can 100,000 merchants throughout the united states have put their rest assured that your merchants will receive the highest level of confidence in First American Payment systems. As an industry service and support in the industry. leader with over $10 billion in Visa and masterCard processing PrOD uC Ts in 2007, First American is ranked as one of the top merchant Allow your merchants to choose from a variety of in-house acquirers in the united states and is one of the only merchant products to meet the specific needs of their business. acquirers in the industry to truly own and operate all of our core products and services. First American is one of the only acquirers in the processing industry to truly own and operate all of our core products C O m m i Tm e N T and services including credit/debit/ebT card processing, check First American provides you the service and support your verification, e-commerce solutions, gift cards, POs equipment business needs to grow. leasing, online merchant reports, ACh payment, ATm sales and When you partner with First American, you will gain access to placements, proprietary terminals, and government/enterprise a highly trained, experienced Client relations Consultant who e-payments. will start you down the path to a prosperous relationship. your Consultant will provide you with ongoing training, sales tactics, We know that it’s not always possible, or advisable, to do it pricing analysis, customized reporting and the tools you need all ourselves so we have also formed strategic partnerships to help your business succeed. Our strategic Partnerships are for additional products such as merchant cash advance, touch always developed with you in mind. screen POs, wireless solutions, equipment from hypercom, Verifone, WAy systems, 4Access, ViVOtech and more. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  5. 5. OVerVieW 2 — most of First First American Payment Systems American's merchants are acquired from isOs, telemarketing and direct sales. mostly small to medium sized merchants. Who We Are and What We Do Offers credit card authorization, payment processing, check First American Payment systems currently services in excess of guarantee, debit card processing, leasing, ATm processing, 100,000 merchants nationwide, and processes billions of dollars internet gateway solutions and electronic check conversion. in volume each year. in 2007, First American processed in excess merchants in all 50 states. 2007 average monthly volume per merchant: $8,350. merchant count as of Dec 2007: of $10 billion in Visa and masterCard and 138 million transactions, 80,500. 2007 average monthly transactions: 8,460,000. and is currently on track to exceed that number in 2008. — merchants acquired from Certified Payment Processing First American began business as a small credit card acquirer telemarketing and direct sales. mostly small to medium in Palm springs, California in 1990. it later relocated to Fort sized merchants. This is an attritting portfolio. All new business is added under First American. Offers credit card Worth, Texas in 1993 employing five associates. since then, First authorization, payment processing, check guarantee, debit American has grown by developing its own, in-house products card processing, leasing, ATm processing, internet gateway and gradually adding more services to its product line. early solutions and electronic check conversion. merchants in all products included secur-Chex®, our check guarantee program, 50 states. 2007 average monthly volume per merchant: and merimac Capital® equipment leasing. PiN-based debit card $4,300. merchant count as of Dec 2007: 8,300. Average monthly transactions: 874,000. Approximately $43 million processing was added in 1998, and our e-commerce payment of volume per month. gateway, online reporting, and enhanced electronic secur-Chex program was added early in the new millennium. First American — Caters to small to Eliot Management Group (EMG) continues to grow and add new products such as gift cards, ACh, medium sized merchants. Their portfolio also includes some larger, middle market retailers, which often have multiple and ebT processing to benefit its partners and eliminate the need locations. emg offers credit card authorization, payment for third party providers. First American has broadened its offering processing, check guarantee, debit card processing, leasing, with numerous acquisitions over the years, allowing us to expand ATm processing, internet gateway solutions and electronic into new markets and generate new business. check conversion. emg has 24 offices in 14 states, primarily in the western part of the country. Average/anticipated monthly quot;swipingquot;, quot;keyingquot; or internet volume for credit card The number of employees First American currently has is in excess transactions: 2007 average monthly volume per merchant: of 1,300 W-2 employees. The subsidiary companies of First $16,500. merchant count as of Dec 2007: 17,000. 2007 American include: average monthly transactions: 2,435,000. • Certified Payment Processing - 669 employees GoEmerchant — merchant base includes online companies, • elliot management group - 297 employees merchants with internet sales and brick-and-mortar businesses. • goemerchant - 27 employees 2007 average monthly volume per merchant: $3,700. • govolution - 26 employees merchant count as of Dec 2007: 4,200. They offer credit card processing services including e-commerce functionality and internet gateway solutions targeting e-commerce merchants nationwide. goemerchant processed approximately $15 million of volume per month in 2007. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  6. 6. A DiFFereNT KiND OF PrOCessOr 3 Our Approach is unique • utilizing our own proprietary front-end and back-end processing platforms allows First American to offer lower First American Payment systems is not your typical processor. We pricing and personal service to our merchants. process for financial institutions throughout the country, providing • Our govolution product enables First American to process a partnership that offers a complete end-to-end solution for for government entities, tax offices, and any institution that merchant services. Our extensive product line is developed and requires the implementation of a convenience fee. implemented in-house, which consolidates your client’s business • First American provides access to five front-end networks needs under your name and service. First American utilizes its while still retaining the service and support calls to ensure own proprietary front-end and back-end systems to process the stable service and continuous transaction flow. majority of transactions, and we have additional access to third- • The structure of our revenue share Program bank program party front-end systems with Chase Paymentech, global, 5/3, offers higher percentage payouts to our partners with buypass, and Tsys. Additionally, First American employs its own lower costs. 24-hour Call Center that provides customer service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Consider the following when comparing First American Payment systems to our competitors: Our extensive product line is developed and implemented • First American houses its own in-house Call Center in Fort in-house Worth, Texas. Our Call Center is staffed with knowledgeable • Credit/debit/ebT card processing First American employees and managed to ensure the highest quality service. statistics prove that our Call Center • Check processing and verification currently obtains a 24-second hold time and the majority of • e-commerce solutions inquiries are solved with one-call resolutions. • gift cards • First American has a complete suite of in-house electronic • POs equipment leasing payment products. We provide your commercial clients • Online reporting with all forms of electronic payments, from beginning to • ACh payment end, without involving a third-party. • ATm sales and placements • We offer competitive pricing for all POs equipment, as • Proprietary terminals well as our own custom units designed specifically for First • government/utility/enterprise e-payments American merchants. refurbished terminals are available • in-house terminal deployment for as low as $140 (Omni 3730le), and new terminals are • remote capture deposit (release date beginning Q1) priced as low as $205 (hypercom T4210). Our custom • in-house virtual terminal and gateway units are designed with special feature buttons to order • PiN-debit processing and cash advance processing supplies, contact a First American representative, or request (for financial institutions only) a call from Customer service. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  7. 7. A DiFFereNT KiND OF PrOCessOr 4 First American’s sales, marketing and Product Development personnel have numerous contacts within the industry and participate in industry-related professional and networking organizations. Our Operations personnel have high-level contacts with all major networks and processors, and continuously maintain regular communications regarding trends in the industry. First American provides ongoing personal service and assistance that your organization deserves when entering a partnership. A Client relations Consultant is assigned to your account to assist in the management of your portfolio. The goal of our Client relations Consultants is to proactively support and drive our sales partners to maximize sales volume and revenue production. Our associates assist with marketing development, portfolio analysis, training, information disbursement, and proposal preparations. Jason Putnam, Director of Client relations, heads the department and he and his team have nearly 40 years of combined industry experience. First American continuously analyzes industry trends, and requests feedback from its sales agents, merchants, bank partners, processors, and other partner relationships to determine direct trends in the marketplace. based on the feedback we receive, our team determines the best solutions to exceed our clients’ needs. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  8. 8. eXPerieNCe 5 Our seNiOr mANAgemeNT T e Am First American’s senior management Team has a combined industry experience of over 71 years. Neil l. rANDel Chairman & CeO hOWArD W. herNDON riCK riZeNbergs DebrA A. brADFOrD eVP & general Counsel eVP sales & marketing President & CFO KeViN JONes miKe lAWreNCe briAN DOrChesTer VP of sales & marketing eVP & CiO sVP of Operations rhODA sTeWArD Director of sales F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  9. 9. eXPerieNCe 6 Neil l. rANDel hOWArD W. herNDON Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice President & General Counsel P: 817-317-9130 F: 972-428-5252 P: 817-317-9153 F: 972-428-5252 Neil l. randel has been in the industry for 22 years, beginning howard W. herndon has 20 years experience in general his career as a merchant level sales representative. in 1987 Neil corporate, securities and m&A matters involving the payments founded National merchant services, a Texas based isO. in industry. he has represented many leading payments companies 1990, he founded FirstNet Corporation, which provided credit including PmT services, iPayment, link2gov (now metavante), card processing utilizing a nationwide sales force. Neil purchased and Network 1 Financial (now sage Payment solutions). 50% of First American in 1993 and became President and Chief howard joined First American in 2004 as the legal counsel. executive Officer in 1998. his current position as Chairman and Chief executive Officer of the board and is responsible for overseeing all sales, operations, marketing, investments, and overall company direction. miKe lAWreNCe DebrA A. brADFOrD Executive Vice President & Chief President & Chief Financial Officer Information Officer P: 817-317-9140 P: 817-317-7244 F: 972-428-5252 F: 972-428-5252 mike lawrence joined First American in 2006 and is responsible Debra A. bradford has also been in the industry for 22 years. for the strategic direction and vision of information Technology Debra came to First American in 2001 as senior Vice President initiatives across First American's multiple business channels. and Chief Financial Officer. Previously, she maintained a mike was new to the processing industry with two years accrued. 15 year career with iPs Card solutions, a division of First he has worked in a number of different business segments, most Data Corporation. Debra's responsibilities entail overseeing all recently working at ACe Cash express where he served as Vice financial data for First American, and guiding the companies’ President of retail store systems. direction in sales initiatives. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  10. 10. eXPerieNCe 7 riCK riZeNbergs KeViN JONes Executive Vice President Sales & Vice President of Sales & Marketing Marketing P: 817-317-9167 P: 817-317-9149 F: 972-428-5252 F: 972-428-5252 rick rizenbergs began his career with First American in 2007. Kevin Jones joined First American in 2007 and has 8 years of he is focused on setting and directing a strategic path for First industry experience. Prior to working at First American, Kevin American's diverse sales channels, and responsible for managing built the Financial institutions program at Chase Paymentech, all of the subsidiary sales channels of First American. rick has where he worked for seven years. Kevin is responsible for over 20 years experience in sales management. most recently he developing and ultimately achieving all sales initiatives within served as Vice President of sales for North America at siemens the strategic Partner Channel including isO offices, financial medical solutions, where he was responsible for managing institution offices, association offices, non-traditional referral multiple distribution and sales channels. partners and internal sales. he is additionally responsible for overseeing the Client relations team and all marketing efforts. Prior to the payments industry, Kevin held many positions within different banks in North Carolina, most recently as a regional manager for Central Carolina bank. briAN DOrChesTer Senior Vice President of Operations P: 817-317-9124 F: 972-428-5252 brian Dorchester currently serves as the senior Vice President of Operations and oversees the risk management, Operations, Compliance, Quality Assurance, Deployment, system implementation, and Customer service departments. brian joined First American Payment systems in 2001 after working at First Data Corporation for 13 years, and Comdata Financial services as the Director of Operations. brian possesses over 20 years of industry experience, with expertise in management and operations. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  11. 11. eXPerieNCe 8 FirsT AmeriCAN's JOhN NeWTON resOurCe APPrOACh Manager of ISO Sales P: 817-317-2964 in addition to our senior management team, John Newton will F: 817-317-9108 be instrumental in working with your business. As needed, we can draw upon an extensive team of technical and industry specialists to provide additional value and insight. John Newton has over seven years of industry experience, all of which have been working towards establishing, maintaining, and First American's goal is to match our team’s industry experience developing core relationships. John comes to First American from and qualifications with your needs, expectations and objectives Chase Paymentech where he was instrumental in developing — and to keep them dedicated to your success. Throughout our referral partnerships. his role with First American is to establish business partnership, we will periodically add new staff to isO and Agent partnerships across the united states, along our organization. in an effort to maintain relationships and with continuing to enhance our current product offerings and knowledge levels, we are committed to providing a continuity services. of personnel from year to year so that your associates will be interacting with the same First American associates. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  12. 12. seCuriT y & sTAbiliT y 9 Keeping everything safe and secure • in the event that normal processing of critical systems could not be performed within the recovery window identified for • First American's primary back-up and redundant systems are each system, the Disaster recovery Plan will activate and housed in a data center located in Fort Worth, Texas. Critical the recovery of critical systems will initiate at First American’s infrastructure components including power, air conditioning, co-location data processing facility in Virginia. internet and specific partner data communication circuits are provisioned with redundancy. • Critical systems will recover in a priority sequence, with the first systems becoming operational within 24 hours following • All production systems are backed up to disk and tape media the beginning of a processing interruption. regularly to protect data in the event of a system outage. Tape media is stored in a secure off-site facility. • many critical systems are hosted on hardware platforms using clustering technology to provide resiliency in the event of hardware failures. For many years, First American has had • First American’s business continuity and Disaster recovery representation on the PCI Security Program is currently in progress of completion. A test of the restoration of critical systems is planned for Q4 2008. Standards Council and we are currently in the process of renewing our membership. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  13. 13. seT uP PrOCess 10 The entire Account set-up process is completed within 24 to 4. if the application is pended by NAP or by Credit, it is 48 hours after the application is received. if the application is forwarded to the Application Care Team (ACT). Once ACT received by 12:00 noon (CsT), the application qualifies for same- approves the account, the application is forwarded to the day setup. Applications received after 12:00 noon (CsT) will roll File build Team. over to the following day for completion. 5. A file is then built specifically for this application, then forwarded to Quality Assurance (QA). if the File build Our process is as follows: Team finds any discrepancies, the application is sent back to 1. After the application is faxed to the New Application ACT. Processing Team (NAP), it is keyed into the merchant system 6. The night shift QA team reviews the file build front-end (this process takes up to 1 hour). settings and ensures that it is correct, and then organizes the 2. After the application is keyed into the system, you can view system implementation process. New merchant Kits and the application online as it moves through the approval Deployment tickets are ordered. however, if anything is process on our Daily Dashboard. incorrect the application goes back to ACT. 3. Once the packet is complete, the application is then forwarded 7. The day shift QA team sends the application to imaging after to Credit for approval (NAP Approved). if the application is all pertinent information is verified. missing information, it will not be ‘NAP Approved’, and a 8. The original application is then sent to a bonded log note is entered and the application is forwarded back to warehouse. credit. The NAP Processor must sign off on the account before the next step may occur. The FlOW OF A FirsT AmeriCAN APP Applications are logged into a spreadsheet, The application is forwarded to Credit for approval. if merchant & rep fill out equally assigned to NAP Processors then the application is not NAP approved, the file is pended. and sign the application keyed into our merchant system. A log note is entered and the application is forwarded to credit. NAP processor will not sign off on the account. Applications that are pended by NAP and/or Credit get forwarded to the ACT department. Once ACT approves, they forward the application to File build. Applications that are both NAP & Credit approved get forwarded to the File Build department. if File build finds a discrepancy, they will re-pend the application File is sent to QA for verification. if complete, QA will and forward it to ACT. check the “QA Complete” box in the merchant system which will create si/Deployment tickets. if incomplete, QA will re-pend and forward to ACT for resolution. QA sends the app to Imaging where it is The original application then goes to our storage facility. scanned into Fortis. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  14. 14. seT TlemeNT 11 First American’s settlement platform cycles daily, creating a daily ACh payment to merchants for Visa/masterCard and Discover transactions (except Discover retained merchants). The ACh file is transmitted daily to Keybank, who then sends it to the Federal reserve at the close of each day excluding saturday. unfortunately, the funding schedule is non-negotiable. Our settlement platform allows merchants to use up to six DDA’s to capture various components of the settlement ACh. For example, deposits can be directed to a different DDA than the account from which fees are withdrawn. The ACh is created at the settlement total level, therefore, card brands cannot be directed to different DDA’s. FuNDs AVAilAbiliTy ChArT mONDAy TuesDAy WeDNesDAy ThursDAy FriDAy sATurDAy suNDAy mONDAy TuesDAy mO1 mO2 mO5 mO3 mO4 Tu1 Tu2 Tu5 Tu3 Tu4 We1 We2 We5 We3 We4 Th1 Th2 Th5 Th3 Th4 Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr5 Fr4 sA1 sA2 sA3 sA4 sA5 su5 su1 su2 su3 su4 1 = bATCh ClOseD 2 = PrOCess 3 = ACh 4 = Frb POsT 5 = merChANT POsT • merchant closes batch monday ............................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am Wednesday • merchant closes batch Tuesday .............................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am Thursday • merchant closes batch Wednesday ......................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am Friday • merchant closes batch Thursday ...........................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am saturday • merchant closes batch Friday ................................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am monday • merchant closes batch saturday ...........................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am monday • merchant closes batch sunday ..............................................................ACh File to FeD by 2 Am Tuesday F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  15. 15. serViCe 12 Quality service you Can Trust year to date, the average wait time is 25 seconds to reach a First American houses and employs its own Customer service Customer service representative. Our abandonment rate is 3 Center. An automated phone greeting allows the caller to select percent and the average call time is six minutes, 21 seconds. what type of assistance they need, then routes the call to the first available Customer service or Technical support representative. Once a call is answered by a First American representative, All Customer service and Technical support representatives to gain access to the account the merchant must provide their are required to attend training and receive certification prior to merchant number, name of business, address, phone number, answering any phone calls. and name of the caller. if the merchant number is unknown, a search is conducted using the business name, contact name, tax in order to provide the most efficient service, First American uses identification number, social security number, or business phone a pool of representatives to support our customers. in some number. if the caller is requesting sensitive information, such as situations, we may assign one of our supervisors as a central point transaction information, the Customer service representative of contact for escalated issues. We can also provide support via verifies the Tax iD number or social security Number listed on email. the account before providing any information. The Customer service personnel are responsible for both Customer Our partners have a separate support line to the Agent support service and Technical support inquiries. if a level i or level ii team, who works directly with Customer service to resolve any representative is unable to solve a technical issue, it typically issues. you have the option to call into Customer service and escalates to a Team lead, then to a supervisor or manager, ask to speak to a Team lead or supervisor, depending on the and finally to our Product Development group. Our Product issue. in some cases, we may assign a supervisor or Customer Development group works closely with equipment manufacturers service representative as the main contact for escalated issues. when a resolution cannot be reached in-house. if a customer We are willing to work with each customer to ensure we have an requests to speak with a supervisor on a non-technical issue, escalation process in place that benefits all parties involved. we make every effort to immediately transfer the call directly to a supervisor. unresolved supervisor calls are escalated to a Over 20% of our staff is bilingual, speaking both english and manager, and then to the Director of Customer service. spanish. All Customer service representatives have access to a translator for virtually any language translation. This service is Our on-call representatives typically provide suggestions or provided to our customers at no additional charge. feedback to questions from our customers. in the case of downgrades, we would research the cause of the downgrade Customers may contact Customer service as often as needed on and explain how to avoid it. We also house a separate our toll-free number. Our center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days Chargeback department that handles calls regarding retrievals a week, and 365 days a year. and chargebacks. We provide certain types of education, such as fraud notices, on the monthly merchant statement. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  16. 16. rePOrTiNg 13 reporting at your Fingertips • The Daily Dashboard features a tab for the Administration First American offers the convenience of FirstView online reporting of Profile information and user management, which allows to the merchant for a small fee paid monthly per account. it is all levels to maintain their own profile information and optional to raise this charge to generate additional income. administer an assistant. • The residual report is under the Portfolio Data tab allowing you can view your reporting online via the Daily Dashboard at the download of residual reports. The link is only visible to no additional charge, and serves as your source for up-to-the- owners and their assistants (if permission is granted). minute information and sales tools. The Daily Dashboard allows • The New merchant App summary report resides under you to view and track new applications, equipment/lease orders, the Portfolio Data tab and displays a consolidated view of maintenance requests, and retention statuses. Different tabs and merchant boarding status by data range. This report allows reports are used to help navigate and provide easy accessibility all levels to view a running count of the merchant boarding through the Dashboard: deals by status (e.g. pended, approved, and activated). • The Portfolio Data tab allows you to obtain information • messaging capability is available for email and sms/Text specifically about your merchants. messaging. it allows users of all levels to be alerted on • The New App status report shows all activities pertaining merchant retention status notes. to boarding a new merchant account. in general, the new • The residual reports are structured to display the merchant application status shows on the New App status following: report for 7 days. • The equipment status report displays notes pertaining to equipment leased through merimac Capital for 30 days after sales Office submittal. • The maintenance status report contains notes pertaining to Office group the maintenance of an existing merchant for 30 days. This sales rep Number includes items such as address changes, DDA changes, card adds (after initial activation), equipment adds and more. merchant • The retention status report displays notes generated from merchant calls to obtain contract information or to close their samples of these reports can be found in exhibit A on page 15. account. • The merchant inactivity report allows you to design a query on merchants that have not sent transactions for a defined period of time (e.g. shows all merchants in the portfolio that have not processed for the last 7, 30 or 90 days). F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  17. 17. sAles & mArKeTiNg suPPOrT 14 support you Can Count On First American utilizes several departments to provide direct assistance to our partners. Our Client relations Consultants act as a liaison between you and First American. Our consultants provide training, assistance, and answer any questions that may arise. Additionally, First American houses its own marketing department to fill any marketing requests for the company and its partners. Our marketing team develops, designs and implements all of our marketing materials including direct mail pieces, brochures, flyers, letters, press releases, print and web advertising, newsletters, mass emails, posters, etc. Our team can fill virtually any request as long as we have the resources and a reasonable amount of production time is permitted. There is no cost for our time, work, or design; however we do pass on the printing and production costs to our partner. Our team can also customize any existing marketing materials or create customized pieces specifically for your office. samples of our marketing collateral can be found in exhibit b on page 21. F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  18. 18. eXhibiT A 15 APPliCATiON sTATus rePOrT eQuiPmeNT sTATus rePOrT F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  19. 19. eXhibiT A 16 mAiNT eNANCe sTATus rePOrT re T eNTiON sTATus rePOrT F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  20. 20. eXhibiT A 17 merChANT iNACTiViT y rePOrT merChANT APP summAry rePOrT F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  21. 21. eXhibiT A 18 resiDuAl rePOrT my PrOFile F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
  22. 22. eXhibiT A 19 ChANge PAssWOrD user mANAgemeNT F i r s T A m e r i C A N P Ay m e N T s y s T e m s — T h e r i g h T s O l u T i O N F O r y O u r b u s i N e s s
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