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Project Portfolio for John Newman

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  • My name is John Newman. I am a project management professional with over a decade of experience looking to direct a broad range digital projects, including: application development, mobile, content management and search engine marketing.
  • Two page spread done for Golf For Women magazine (Conde Nast). The piece included an interview and a customer testimonial.
  • Achieved 300% increase in press clippings through media relationship building and managing tight deadlines.
    Above Left: Sport Haley is recognized as a best seller in professional golf shops.
    Above Right. Colorado Golf Magazine previews both Ben Hogan and Sport Haley’s collections.
    Publications: Golf For Women, PGA Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf World, Cargo, Details, Travel & Leisure, Colorado Golf. Worked with many other regional and customer owned publications to drive local brand awareness and shop visits.
  • Managed web content for web site and on-line store. Including: branding, copy, photography, store configuration, Credit card processing, SSL certificates, McAfee security, forms, charts, blogs and social media.
  • Branding and design combine in this beautiful site.
  • These two brands are actually managed by the same company (Sport Haley, Inc.) and had distinct images and messages. This co-branded piece kept the integrity of each brand while saving costs.
  • Sport Haley corporate overview writing sample.
  • Direct mail pieces of all sizes in support of events, product launches and new collections.
  • Flash elements (animation) were displayed throughout pages on the site to keep things fresh.
    Search engine optimization was employed in the site using creative copy and links to SEO/Keyword landing pages.
    Analyzed web metrics using Google Analytics and managed SEM/PPC using Google Adwords.
  • Sport Haley email newsletters. Cross branding was done to increase brand awareness and online sales.
  • While with Page Digital I worked with customers such as: Lands’ End, IBM Direct and EAS to develop customer profiles and success stories.
    Newsletter continued companies theme of color - royal/black and of sports. Advantage was the name of the software product.
    Responsible for content including: Customer profiles, executive interviews, industry trends, training quick tips, training schedule, new customers and user conference updates.
    8x11 size and 6-8 pages.
    Developed Quarterly
  • Newsletter was redesigned along with companies theme. This was the height of the dot com boom and the company developed a very high tech conceptual image using contemporary illustrations.
  • Trade show mailer.
    Trifold with perforated business reply tear card.
    Newspaper theme inside with articles about Y2K, Oracle partnership and booth Information.
  • CRM Seminar Series support mailer.
    Industry consultant hired to speak at events.
    This was also followed up with a telemarketing campaign to drive attendance.
  • Development of new corporate brand image for Page Digital. Back of brochure shown.
    Insured business partner brands (IBM, Oracle) were represented per license agreements.
  • Strong integrated brand image was carried through all communications pieces including, brochures, pocket folder, advertisements, letterhead, envelopes, trade show booth, business cards and web site.
  • Strong integrated brand image was carried through all communications pieces including, brochures, pocket folder, advertisements, letterhead, envelopes, booth, business cards and web site. In this example Microsoft Visio was used to illustrate data flow.
  • Project Portfolio

    1. 1. PROJECT PORTFOLIO JOHN NEWMAN – I am a project management professional with over a decade of experience. This presentation provides viewers with a preview of what I can bring to the table. It is not an all encompassing list of skills or projects. Types of expertise and projects enclosed include: • Project Management • Application Development • Web Content Management & Development • Search Engine Marketing / Optimization • Risk and Stakeholder Management • Release Management • Advertising Strategy • B2B & B2C Marketing • Trade Shows & Events • Experiential & Sponsorship Marketing • Media Relations & Press Releases • CRM and PPM Database Management • Web Analytics
    2. 2. Online Self Diagnostic Application
    3. 3. Driver’s License Online Scheduling & QFlow Program Project management / Interface / Calendar / Web service / Database / Queuing
    4. 4. Department of Revenue / Gambling Intercept Application Development / Database integration / Data migration / eCommerce
    5. 5. Colorado Department of Labor & Employment Custom CMS w/ News Aggregate Feature
    6. 6. Colorado Department of Military & Veterans Affairs Custom CMS
    7. 7. Town of Bow Mar Template CMS
    8. 8. Golomb & Honik Custom CMS Design / SEO / Video / Content - Attorneys specializing in tort law and class action lawsuits
    9. 9. Dr. John Corey Custom CMS Design / SEO / Video – Plastic Surgeon
    10. 10. Wapner Newman Custom CMS Design / SEO / SEM / Video / Content– Attorneys
    11. 11. Van Dorn & Curtis Custom CMS / SEO / Live Chat / Content
    12. 12. Dr. Tom Tomlo, DDS Custom CMS / SEO / Content – General & Cosmetic Dentistry
    13. 13. Dr. Greg Miyake, DDS Custom CMS / SEO / Content – Cosmetic Dentistry
    14. 14. Print Advertising – 2 Page Spread for Golf Magazine
    15. 15. Press Clippings & Media Relations
    16. 16. eCommerce Management & Web Content Development
    17. 17. Branding & Web Content Management
    18. 18. Co-branded Company Overview
    19. 19. Co-branded Company Overview – Layout & Copy Writing
    20. 20. Direct Mail – Sport Haley / Ben Hogan / Top Flite
    21. 21. Web Development, Flash & Search Engine Optimization
    22. 22. Email Campaigns & Online Newsletters
    23. 23. Customer Profiles & Newsletter Copy Writing
    24. 24. Newsletter Redesign & Copy Writing
    25. 25. Trade Show Promotion - Direct Mail w/ Call to Action Card
    26. 26. Seminar Series - Direct Mail and Telemarketing Campaign
    27. 27. Brand Compliance – Oracle, IBM, Page Digital
    28. 28. Branding - Integrated Communications Page Digital
    29. 29. Branding - DataFuzion
    30. 30. CONTACT INFORMATION John Newman Project and Program Management 303-921-9146