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Social Media For Labor Unions


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The PowerPoint slides for John Nemo's presentation, "Getting Social: How Labor Unions can leverage Social Media to engage members, impact contract negotiations and create content that shapes public opinion and drives mainstream media coverage."

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Social Media For Labor Unions

  1. 1. Getting SocialHow Labor Unions can leverage Social Media toengage members, impact contract negotiations andcreate content that shapes public opinion and drivesmainstream media coverage.
  2. 2. The Plan 1. General Tips/Strategies. 2. Real-life examples. 3. YOUR situation.You never know who you’ll run into at the MNA Offices!
  3. 3. Top Strategies/Tips Put away the Bullhorn. Instead, Grow Bigger Ears! Listen. Engage. Respond. (Repeat.) Use REAL people: Humanize! Use Videos/Photos more than text. Mix it up. (80/20 rule.)
  4. 4. Top Strategies/Tips “Control the Message?” Forget it! Remember the Peanut Gallery. Don’t silence Critics – Convert them! Respond in real-time. Trust your people. Think Before You Tweet: Assume the Employer, Media, Public and even your Mom will see everything you post!
  5. 5. Top Strategies/Tips Dedicate staff FULL TIME to Social. Make it EASY to share/post. Go LIVE as often as possible. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Spend $$$ on Facebook Ads, not Billboards!
  6. 6. Tools of the (Social Media)Trade
  7. 7. Real Life Examples from MNAWatch and Learn how the Minnesota Nurses Association usedSocial Media during the biggest RN strike in U.S. history!
  8. 8. Your Situation How can I help?