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  2. 2. Going Into Business for Yourself<br />I believe that when you deicide you want to own any business you should know a good amount about the business that you will be running<br />The more you know the more successful you will be<br />Actually working in the same environment that you want to own makes it easier for you to understand what going on if you have any questions <br />
  3. 3. Drawing Up a Lease<br />Most of the time when you own your own business you don’t own the building space<br />When you rent or or lease a space you must have and agreement between yourself and the building owner that has been well thought out between yourself and who ever your leasing the building from. (pg 845) <br />(Standard Cosmetology)<br />
  4. 4. Types of Business<br />Individual <br />Partnership<br />Corporation <br />Deciding what type of business you want to have my be hard <br />Looking into what each pro and con each business has, will help you to decide witch business plan is best fit for you<br />
  5. 5. Protection Against Fire, theft and Lawsuits<br />Must have Insurance<br />Make sure your business has the correct locks, fire alarm system, and burglar alarm system<br />Makes sure your insurance covers any burglary and damage to the business<br />Make sure you familiar with the laws governing cosmetology and with the sanitary codes of your city and sate<br />Keep accurate records of your employees<br />You will need a disability policies (Pg 845) <br />(Standard Cosmetology)<br />
  6. 6. Keys to being successful<br />Location location location!!!!!!!! where you work helps you to know what type of money you will be bring in.<br />Being able to make your customers happy is one of the most ways to be successful because they will keep on coming back<br />Having a clean and safe working environment helps for the customer to be relaxed<br />Opening up and full service salon makes it more convenient for your customers. Also the most services you have the more money comes in<br />The most important thing to know is that you might fail <br />(<br />
  7. 7. Working With Others<br />If you can not work with others then your business will never work<br />When you work with others you have to appreciate others ideas ands and opinions<br /> when you don’t agree with someone then you cant imbarras them at the work place of infront of anyone<br />
  8. 8. What You Need To Know!!!<br />“ The amount of capital you need to start the business depend on the type, quality and choice of salon design, rent and utility deposits, fixtures, leasehold improvements, opening inventory and equipment that you intend to use”<br />Most salons need a space of about 500 to 2000, square feet, the amount of space depends on the types of services that will be provided<br />Having a business out your house my be more difficult because of zoning restrictions some residents may not be tolerant of the flow of traffic as well as parking in the neighborhood<br />You most have the right equipment<br />(http://www.powerhomebiz)<br />
  9. 9. What Type of Salons are There? <br />Nails<br />Barber shops<br />Spas<br />Hair <br />Braiding<br />Full service salons<br />(Cosmetology Law Act of 2006)<br />
  10. 10. Market Developing for Salon<br />You must have a staff that makes you clients feel comfortable<br />The customers must have satisfaction, if the customers have satisfaction then they will keep coming back<br />Making up a compelling name will catch your customers attention<br />Create a logo<br />Creative style of your sign<br />Create a promote a website for your salon<br />Increase you cliental by regular advertising method (<br /> (<br />
  11. 11. State Requirements<br />Every owner of a salon must assign a person in charge of the salon in other words a manger of the salon must be present when the owner absence.<br />Every stylist in the the salon must have a cosmetology license and while they are working the license must be somewhere on their work station<br />In Pennsylvania if your are a stylist and want to own your own salon you must be twenty three years of age and been and have been experienced for five years with a licenses to own a salon<br />If you own a salon at your house the entrance to the salon must be located in a private home so that the clients enter the salon directly from the public thoroughfare without passing through any part of the home<br />No part of the salon including lavatories and laundry facilities may be used for other purpose<br />Every salon must display near its main entrance a sign that must clearly state that it’s a public salon <br />The salon must have lavatories on the premises<br />All equipment must be sanitized after use<br />U cant ever have the same name of any salon or beauty shop anywhere<br />These are the very few things that the state requires<br />(Pennsylvania Code)<br />
  12. 12. Salary Plus Commission<br />When owning a salon the best way to pay your stylist will be by salary plus commission<br />Pros and Cons<br />Cons of that is if I was to pay my stylist $200.00 and my stylist on had two clients and only made $170.00 on there own (commission) then I would lose 30 because because no matter what they get $200.00<br />Pros- when my stylist finally builds up his/her cliental and brings in $500.00 dollars in one week then I get half of what they made and my salon would have brought in $250.00<br />
  13. 13. Salaries<br />Salaries can vary from well over 100,00 a year to 15,000 a year most people that make good money had five to ten years of experience stylist that make 15,000 are usually just starting cosmetologist in a salon<br />Many salaries depend on the salons location<br />“It takes a few years for a beginning cosmetologist , barber or even makeup artist to develop a regular clientele.” <br />(Careers in Focus 21)<br /> (Careers in Focus)<br />
  14. 14. A Full Service Salon Includes…<br />Salon and Spa Services:<br />Hair Salon Business Services:Haircuts, styling and trims. Hair coloring and highlights Hair and scalp treatments. Hair shampoo and conditioning. Hair relaxers and perms. Hair curling, reconstructing and waving Nail Salon Business Services:<br />Manicures. Pedicures. Nail polish. Nail repair and sculpting. Hand conditioning. Day Spa and Beauty Business Services:Body scrubs. Body wrapping and herbal wraps. Massage and aromatherapy. Hot stone therapy. Acupuncture and Reflexology. Derma abrasion. Anti-aging. Facials. Makeup and makeovers. Skin cleansing and care. Body waxing. Polishing, buffing and bronzing. Tanning. Piercing. Salon and Spa Products:<br />Hair Salon Products:Shampoos. Conditioners. Extra hair treatment. Pre-styling products. Hair styling products. Hair finishes. Brushes and hair tools. <br />Skin Care, Nail and Beauty Products:Face skin care products. Body skin care products. Makeup. Makeup tools. Nail polish products. Nail finish products. Nail tools. Perfumes. Bed and bath products. <br />(<br />
  15. 15. Taking out a Loan<br />
  16. 16. Safety in a Salon<br />Sanitation<br />Sanitation is very important in a salon<br />If you happen to not properly sanitation a person hands, hair, nails, skin, work stations, and implements you will have a lawsuit on your hands.<br />You can many types of diseases from improper sanitation<br />Health <br />You must be aware of a of a person medical conditions<br />Example: if someone had high blood pressure and you performed a massage you could increase blood flow to there heart <br />
  17. 17. Accounting System<br />When researching for an accountant is important to look for and accountant that specializes in salon industry <br />You may have and regular accountant<br />
  18. 18. Salon Flooring and Spacing<br />You must have the proper amount of floor space for each stylist in the salon.<br />In a single owned salon there must be a minimum area of 180 feet and has to be a minimum width of 10 feet<br />For every additional stylist there must be and additional 60 square feet (Chp7-pg31)<br />(Pennsylvania Code)<br />
  19. 19. Keep up with Styles<br />
  20. 20. Customer Service<br />“<br />