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The Medical Affairs Company Brochure

  1. 1. OPTIMIZING It’s not just about assembling the right team with the right scientific expertise and business acumen, helping you define your goals, or developing an optimal program management structure. It’s about putting all of these elements together to form a medical affairs strategy that fits your business model and optimizes your results. SCIENTIFIC Led by a team of seasoned executives specializing only in medical affairs, The Medical Affairs Company is grounded in science and assembles some of the brightest clinically trained individuals to communicate your messages. EXCHANGE It’s about fostering the exchange of scientific ideas across the continuum — from research to clinical practice, and across industry sectors from pharmaceutical companies to third party payers — delivering messages that resonate with your stakeholders.
  2. 2. IT’S ALL IN Our NAME. AbOuT uS Medical Affairs – it is our greatest strength and our only business. The Medical Affairs Company LLC (TMAC ®) provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industry clients a complete array of outsourcing capabilities for medical affairs activities. Through strategic and tactical Medical Science Liaison programs, as well as Medical Science Liaison Consulting and Medical Communications support, TMAC provides both unmatched value and service to the pharmaceutical industry. Leadership Team Evan Demestihas, MD, rPh, Chief Executive Officer David Hahn, Chief Operating Officer Kyle Kennedy, Managing Director beth Price, Executive Vice President Jennifer King, Executive Vice President
  3. 3. uNMATCHED VALuE AND SErVICE We keep a constant check on the pulse of the industry. The Medical Affairs Company LLC (TMAC ®) has a seasoned leadership team who knows and acts on trends in the pharmaceutical industry. They recognized early on that many companies require outside assistance to capitalize on the value of their medical affairs functions and responded by creating the very first contract medical organization in 1997. We understand the industry from the inside out. TMAC’s strength is in our people and their experience on both the industry and client service sides. All program directors and the entire management team have significant medical affairs expertise, with an emphasis in iniating, Clients achieve their goals through the implementation of executing and managing (MSL) Medical Science Liaison and Medical Communications programs. scientifically sound and compliant MSL and Medical Communications solutions that are customized to their corporate needs, culture, and We believe knowledge is the key key stakeholders, and tailored to current market dynamics. to our success and yours. TMAC knows the importance of ensuring medical affairs teams have the knowledge they need to achieve their goals and operate within the most current guidelines, delivering critical information to internal and external stakeholders. To this end, TMAC offers clients the most current and robust training and reporting systems available.
  4. 4. ConTraCT-Based and ConsuLTaTive msL serviCes TMAC can help you form an MSL team from the ground up or optimize the performance of your existing team through seamlessly integrated programs that are available on an outsourced or consultative basis. Our MSL teams engage in the full spectrum of scientific exchange, including: new approaches to disease management; new product introductions; product expansions; and medically accepted practice issues. medical science Liaison services Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs) Managed Care /Managed Markets Liaisons (MCLs/MMLs) Field-based Outcomes research Managers (FOrMs) Clinical Specialists (CSs) program architecture Flexible Field-based Models Strategic Planning SOPs/Processes program management/support Seasoned MSL Leader Single Point of Client Contact TMAC SErVICES Expert recruitment & Expedient Deployment msL Training & reporTing sysTems mediCaL CommuniCaTions TMAC offers a comprehensive training curriculum and tools that enable TMAC understands the importance of strategic, compliant, you to capture and monitor the activities of your medical affairs team. scientifically sound and timely Medical Communications. Accordingly, we offer clients an array of Medical Communications services Core Competency & Advanced Training designed to meet your unique needs. Web-based Applications & Communication Portals Customizable reporting & Analysis Call Center Staffed by Experienced Healthcare Professionals Compliance Modules Medical Writing: Standard Letters/FAQs/SOPs Pharmacovigilance & Periodic Safety reporting Medical Meeting Surveillance
  5. 5. our mission: The Medical Affairs Company’s mission is to optimize the exchange of scientifically robust and vigilant communications on behalf of our healthcare clients and critically, their key stakeholders. We accomplish this through the provision of strategically-sound, expertly-staffed, and flawlessly executed medical affairs solutions. 225 TownPark Drive, Suite 300 Kennesaw GA 30144 Phone: 678-581-4400 Fax: 678-581-4401