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John Paredes Resume Sfnm


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Word document of current resume.

John Paredes Resume Sfnm

  1. 1. John Paredes<br />Pittsburgh, PA 15206<br />412-362-6739<br />813-784-7782<br /><br />SUMMARY <br />Over 20 years of experience developing decision support/business intelligence solutions. Big picture thinker, with a record of accomplishment that includes the design of several large-scale business intelligence systems that are sold commercially today, co-holder of a patent on CRM system for measuring and promoting customer loyalty, author of book on multidimensional data modeling, and speaker at conferences on analytical marketing and artificial intelligence. Experience includes deployment of financial analysis systems, design of custom OLAP applications for telecommunications and manufacturing, and development of courseware and instructor of OLAP technology and data warehouse courses.<br />Adept at working with native multidimensional data stores (MOLAP) complemented by significant experience in other analytical approaches including statistics, data mining techniques, and the application of artificial intelligence/expert system technologies. <br /><br />TECHNICAL SKILLS <br />Microsoft Technologies:<br />SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Performance Point Server, Microsoft Visio<br />Databases: <br />MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, Oracle10g<br />Software: <br />SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, Oracle Analytic Workspace Manager, Oracle Financial Analyzer, Oracle Express Objects, IRI Express OLAP database, SAS JMP<br />Query Languages:<br />T-SQL, MDX, Oracle OLAP DML<br />OLAP World, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 4/98 - Present Founder and President<br />Applied Microsoft SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) data mining algorithms (Microsoft Association Rules, Microsoft Clustering) to the development of market basket analysis procedures for major retailer of health and nutrition related products. Also demonstrated the use of SSAS data cubes for doing market basket analysis. <br />Developed an OLAP/Cube based business intelligence solution for producing advertising media purchase analytics. My work includes designing a leading-edge OLAP system using the Oracle 11g database, designing programming interface for generating industry-standard XMLA files for integration with Adobe Flex/Flash interface controls, as well as assistance in the design of the data warehouse staging area.<br />SetFocus, LLC. Pittsburgh, PA 06/09 - 08/09<br />Business Intelligence Master's Program<br />Implemented numerous components as part of an end-to-end implementation of business intelligence solutions including data mart design, ETL, designing and loading OLAP cubes, MDX and SQL queries, reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SharePoint, Performance Point, and Excel pivot charts.<br />Developed ETL system for loading a star schema data mart that served as a staging area for Microsoft OLAP cubes. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) transformation modules were used to create packages for data cleansing, loading, package execution automation, data error logging, create Database Maintenance Plans, and send automated emails. <br />Created data cubes, dimensions and KPIs using SQL Server Analysis Services. System included hierarchical and custom-grouping aggregations as well as MDX queries to implement calculated measures. <br />Developed detail and summary reports as well as line and pie charts, trend analysis reports, and sub-reports according to business requirements using SSRS. <br />Implemented business intelligence dashboards using MOSS 2007 Report Center and Excel Services. Produced different summary results based on user view and role membership. <br />Created score cards with executive summary dashboards using MS Office Performance Point Server 2007 Dashboard Designer that display performance monitoring measures for sales, sales trends, and book return rates for a fictitious book publisher deriving data from a SQL Server 2005 OLAP data source and deployed them to SharePoint sites. The dashboards also contained drill-down capabilities to view book sales by book category and customer through summary reports and sales trend charts.<br />Key product areas utilized also include data modeling, SSRS report subscriptions and data driven subscriptions, SSAS analysis services processing tasks, cube processing options and roles <br />OLAP World, Inc. Tampa, FL 4/98 - Present Founder and President<br />Redesigned large Oracle OLAP marketing analysis system, with over a terabyte of data. Activities included interfacing with analysts to gather requirements, formulating system enhancements, designing data warehouse, defining cube loading process, and extensive OLAP DML programming to pre-calculate advanced analytics. <br />Designed system to analyze call setup data for roaming in large cellular telephone networks. Was primary OLAP database developer and wrote the majority of the OLAP code. This system performed an incremental load several times hourly importing millions of records, 24/7.<br />Assisted in the development and data loading of an Oracle Financial Analyzer system. Activities included developing load procedure, resolving data discrepancies, and developing an incremental update process. <br />Designed and developed the Executive Information System (EIS) for sales tracking and business analysis at a major bank.<br />Developed a feature-rich system for analyzing costing data. The system created, displayed, and costed Bills of Materials (BOMS). It could separate material and transformation costs and compare data from different suppliers. The user could switch back and forth between flat and hierarchical displays of BOM data.<br />Develop a methodology for setting the values of numerical parameters used in the execution of an advanced data mining algorithm developed to monitor network traffic and signal alerts when an anomalies occurred. SAS JMP was utilized for data analysis.<br />Assisted in requirements gathering and end-user training for a pharmaceutical clinical trials analysis system using Oracle Financial Analyzer.<br />Helped support people work with a sales analysis system for a major beverage company.<br />Designed and taught a one week training course in OLAP programming for client company.<br />Instructor in data warehousing and OLAP database design for Oracle Education.<br />Assisted in preparation of data forms for a Hyperion Planning application.<br />Syniverse Technologies, Inc. (formerly Verizon, GTE) 2/92- 3/98 <br />Senior Manager, Business Intelligence<br />Head of the Business Operations Research Group, charged with providing strategic direction in the development of decision support systems utilizing OLAP, data mining, and artificial intelligence technology.<br />Developed various methodologies for analyzing customer migrations, analyzing advertisers purchasing patterns, and developing a product price elasticity model. <br />Developed systems for predicting customer service cancellations, assessing customer financial value, and creating a risk-based model for managing a customer contact program.<br />Developed algorithms and software for detecting fraudulent cellular telephone activity.* <br />Education <br />M.Phil. Statistics, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut<br />B.S. Electrical Engineering, Rice University, Houston, Texas<br />Publication<br /> <br />Paredes, John. The Multidimensional Data Modeling Toolkit: Making your Business Intelligence Applications Smart with Oracle OLAP. Pittsburgh: OLAP World Press, 2009.<br />