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Impro service design & systems thinking



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Impro service design & systems thinking

  1. 1. Current design New design The What & the Why The How The Systemic Change For black background Change perception New practice
  2. 2. Staff levels of engagement in change John Mortimer Oct 2020 Ver 1 Ask what ‘they’ think Inform Manipulation Placate Involve staff in change Staff and managers create together Staff create some change Type of involvement 1. Staff are emailed the changes to be done 2. Staff are asked if they like the new changes 3. Managers ask for feedback on the changes 4. Managers engage with and discuss the changes with staff after the event 5. Certain staff are brought in to help with the design 6. Some staff have a role to play in designing the change 7. Both staff and managers work together, decisions are negotiated 8. Change happens together, with an open and trust based environment. True respect for people Tokenism No participation No participation Tokenism Limited engagement Power removed C-working with managers in change
  3. 3. Me The development of a service design methodology Systems theory Change & transformation techniques Design thinking Experience & learning Intervention or application in an organisation Learning from Successful organisations Systems thinking principles John Mortimer ver2.2 Learning Change & behavior theory Systems concepts Systems approach Systems practice Problem type Systems perspective
  4. 4. 4 Sequence of a service re-design 03 Challenge our assumptions we think about our underlying thinking, and how we have cognitive biases. 01 Understand we create services based on Command & Control thinking, we analyse how our current service works. 04 Prototype we put this into practice with prototypes, to test our new assumptions. 02 Experiment we widen the boundary of what we are looking at, to attempt to understand the service as a system. 05 Roll-in The prototype becomes the operational service

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  • It’s the assumptions that the decision-makers have. What are they?
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