Brain rider one pager series pipeline challenges


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Brain rider one pager series pipeline challenges

  1. 1. BRAINRIDER ONE-PAGER SERIES Across industries, the marketing and selling context has changed. Buyers are connected to more information earlier in the sales process, and making a sale is becoming more complex.” Harvard Business Review How To Fix Pipeline Challenges To Get More Customers Selling to businesses is getting more difficult. What to do? Work smarter, with better marketing and sales support. Poor Visibility – Want more intelligence on what’s happening in your pipeline? What are your prospects interested in? When are they thinking about you? And who else is involved? Fix – Get more prospect insight by tracking their digital footprints. Sluggish Pipeline – Do prospects move through your pipeline slower than you’d like? How do you stay top of mind through their decision process? What can you do to accelerate the buying process? Fix – Nurture your prospect relationships until they are ready to buy. Artful Dodger – Your prospects aren’t ready to talk to sales, so they don’t share their contact details. They by-pass your booth without dropping a card, or complete forms with inaccurate information. Fix – Give prospects multiple ways to connect with you on their terms. Bailing Out – After a great first contact, prospects become more difficult to reach, calls go to voicemail, emails disappear without a trace, sales collateral sinks into a black hole. You worry that you’re starting to lose momentum – or worse: that they are talking to someone else. Fix – Stay connected with smart collateral that tracks engagement. Cold Feet – You’re about to sign a new customer, but just as it gets to decision time the prospect walks away. Chances are they didn’t know enough about you or you didn’t know enough about them. Fix – Learn more about your prospect while educating them. Not Coming In – Do you have an awareness problem? Prospects not entering your pipeline. You don’t know who they are so they don’t learn about you. Instead they stumble on your competition or do nothing at all. Fix – Get more prospects in your pipeline at each stage of their decision process. Want to learn more? Click any of these topics to access valuable resources: 1. How To Use Knowledge Marketing To Create B2B Customers 2. Understanding Your Prospect’s Decision Stages & How To Target Them 3. Evaluating Marketing Automation and CRM Marketing Services Blog Post 4. More About Us: How BrainRider Can Help You Get More Customers TodayBrainRider Knowledge Marketing Group | 175 Bloor Street East, Suite 705, South Tower | Toronto, ON Canada M4W 3R8 |