BRAINRIDER ONE-PAGER SERIES                                     “Why do you have a website? Whats your goal? In other word...
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Brain rider one pager b2b website best practices


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Brain rider one pager b2b website best practices

  1. 1. BRAINRIDER ONE-PAGER SERIES “Why do you have a website? Whats your goal? In other words, when its working great, what specific outcomes will occur?” Seth Godin 7 Proven Best Practices For Your B2B Website If the purpose of your website is marketing your business, then its goal should be to help you attract, nurture, and close more customers. Make it easy to contact you. Fewer than 10% of website visitors want to Contact Us On contact you but if they do want to speak to you, you want to speak with Every Page? them! Put it in your header, your footer and have a bold “to contact us” call to action button on every page. You website can help your story break-free of the brochure format. Present Smart Credentials & your credentials in several ways. Show products, solutions, and even sectors. Product Collateral? And let customers drill deeper according to their needs. Link them through your story. Have you planned your content to target what your customers want to know? Is Your Content Do visitors come back for more information? Do they share it with other Valuable Enough? prospects and influencers? Most prospects do not convert to sales opportunities on their first visit. But Are you building they will buy, so you don’t want to lose them. So ask them to opt-in to your your contact list with contact list. But let them choose how they want to stay connected by prospect opt-in? offering different contact options: Twitter, your blog’s RSS feed, email updates, even a full sales call. While there are hundreds of analytics options for your website, these 4 Are You Measuring measurements matter most: Is your site attracting the right visitors? What & Optimizing does your customer want to know and are they finding it? Are you Results? converting anonymous visitors into qualified prospects? Is your website helping you create new customers? 85% of all B2B purchase decisions start with research on the web. Your Do You Target & prospects are looking for information and expertise that you can offer. Make Track Inbound Traffic sure your website is pulling in inbound traffic from your most valuable To Your Site? prospects. New web technology including content management systems, marketing Is Your Website automation and social media mean you no longer have to have an expensive, As Agile As hard-to-update, out-of-date website. Match your website to your strategy Your Business? instead of bending your strategy to fit your website. Can you update your website with just a few minutes of investment? Want to learn more? Click any of these topics to access valuable resources: 1. How To Use Knowledge Marketing To Create B2B Customers 2. Understanding Your Prospect’s Decision Stages & How To Target Them 3. Evaluating Marketing Automation and CRM Marketing Services Blog Post 4. More About Us: How BrainRider Can Help You Get More Customers TodayBrainRider Knowledge Marketing Group | 175 Bloor Street East, Suite 705, South Tower | Toronto, ON Canada M4W 3R8 |