My 2011 @DWExpo Location Based Marketeing Deck


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I was the speaker/educator for Location Based Marketing at @DWExpo with a focus on Foursquare. This year DWE returns to the Mirage Sep 27-29. More info at

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My 2011 @DWExpo Location Based Marketeing Deck

  1. 1. Location Based Marketing @JohnMischief Digital World Expo September 26, 2011
  2. 2. What is Location Based Marketing?• The ability to market your business to users in your direct geographical vicinity.• Apps like:
  3. 3. G.P.S. – The Key to L.B.S.Global Positioning System (GPS)• U.S.-owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services.• This system consists of three segments:Space Segment• 24 operating satellites transmit one-way signals that give the current GPS satellite position and time.Control Segment• Worldwide monitor and control stations that maintain the satellites in their proper orbits through occasional command maneuvers, and adjust the satellite clocks.• Tracks the GPS satellites, uploads updated navigational data, and maintains health and status of the satellite constellation.User Segment• Navigational Devices• Phones
  4. 4.
  5. 5. GeofencingCellphones or vehicles using GPS tracking• Alerts• A record of movement• Blackberries equipped with geofencing help track our merchandisers at SWS- NV.
  6. 6. Welcome to• Foursquare changed the face of LBS with one simple idea: PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A BADGE.• And they will DEFINITELY check-in for a Crown• 10 Million plus users as of June 2011• Over 1 Billion check-ins as of last week
  7. 7. How do I use ?What can do for you? • Specials Nearby • Mayor Specials • Check-In Specials • Brand Pages • Badges
  8. 8. @EllisCasinoLV uses
  9. 9. @EllisCasinoLV’s stats
  10. 10. Become a Superuser!Apply at Level 1 • edit venue addresses • correct the map pin • request venue merges & deletions • close venuesSuperuser: Level 2 • merge duplicate venue listings • adjust the lat and long of a venue • remove tags • add a web address • add categories
  11. 11. vs.• Why some marketers will NEVER use foursquare…• Foursquare is winning the user game• Personal Notes – on Gowalla• Foursquare opens API – Gowalla integrates This info-graphic shows the state of the LBS war after SXSW 2010 – 4SQ sentiments might be larger but the chatter beat Gowalla by 4 to 1.
  12. 12. How do I market through ?• works with stamps instead of badges and can customize one for your business for approx $150. Some examples include: Users are awarded other ways: • pins for completing “trips” • And by fulfilling certain “challenges.” For instance Checking into 10 bars, or riding all the thrill rides at a Disney park.
  13. 13. places is NOT dead!! Places evolves into Parent/Child Pages Corporate pages become a Parent and each location becomes a Child page. They are listed under the new Locations tab. Corporate news can be relayed on the Parent Wall while individual Locations can keep a local edge. These are just for high-ticket advertisers for now. Smaller businesses can still claim their locations via Places. Facebook is cleaning up duplicate places. Help them out.
  14. 14. Create your Deal! Facebook deals are just like foursquare deals - special offers rewarded for checking into your establishment. Once you claim your FB place, you can begin instituting specials. Be creative and switch them monthly or weekly just like your foursquare deals.
  15. 15. ! I need somebody!• Yelp: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly• 52 million monthly visitors to• Monitor and respond to criticism ASAP• Keep info current – Directions• Be active – Don’t wait for business to come to you• A Yelp ad could be just the affordable solution you’re looking for to increase sales! We’re talking $300-$1000 for premium placement.
  16. 16. More than just a game…• SCVNGR was launched in 2008 and founded by 22-year-old Seth Priebatsch.• It engages users on multiple levels completing custom challenges for points ie. – Have them twitpic a photo of your establishment for 5 points – in effect sharing your business with their 1000 friends• Allows them to create challenges themselves
  17. 17. *case study*How we used SCVNGR at a tweetup:• The Goal: Tweet out the logo.• Each SCVNGR solution unlocks the next clue.• Result: 30 participants tweeted out the SINNER logo to approx 30,000 followers.Think outside the box when it comes to
  18. 18. Whrrl is a tale of caution. Whrrl was launched on July 10, 2008 by Pelago. A Geo-Social Network that centered on societies which were customizable. Games could be initiated when checking in to a venue. I watched numerous properties institute Whrrl specials and sink a lot of time & energy. Whrrl was purchased by Groupon and announced on April 18, 2011 that it was suspending its services. Watch where you focus your efforts.
  19. 19. This ain’t your mama’s QR code…
  20. 20. Any questions? Check out my website: