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How to Claim Your Foursquare Venue


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I created this preso for @4sqdayLV 2012 to be held 4/16/12 at @CallawayGolfLV. As a foursquare super user level 2 and the Social Media Coordinator of Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada, I help to clean up foursquare's non-policed and user-generated service. One of the best tools I know of is for businesses to claim their venues. Cheers! Hit me up at @JohnMischief if you have any questions.

How to Claim Your Foursquare Venue

  1. HARNESS THE POWER OF 25M+ USERS Foursquare added 9M+ users in the last few months.Claiming your venue allows you to advertise to users with analytics such as:• The demographics and frequency of your customers’ check-ins.• The social streams with which they’re sharing these check-ins.• Trends in these numbers to act on them.• Program Campaigns ie. Check-in & Mayor Specials to attract potential customers.• Control your employees and vendors claims on specials.
  2. FIND OR CREATE YOUR VENUE ONBe sure thatthe phonenumber youlist matchesthe yp.comlisting. This ishow #4sqverifies it.
  3. What’s up?Is this REALLY yourvenue? Really?
  4. Create a biz account to manage your venueHere’s why your #must be correct!
  5. Congrats! You’re NOW a Location Based Marketer!
  6. Setup your specials ASAP. Be creative. Good luck!