The divine of succession


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The divine of succession

  1. 1. Cronus was the Titan God of Time and the Ages,especially time where regarded as destructive andall-devouring.His father is Uranus,(Father Sky) and hismother is Gaia,(Goddess of Earth)
  2. 2. Uranus was a bad father andhusband. He hated theHecatoncheires. He imprisonedthem by pushing them into thehidden places of the earth, Gaeaswomb.This angered Gaea and she plottedagainst Uranus. She made a flintsickle and tried to get her childrento attack Uranus. All were tooafraid except, the youngestTitan, Cronus.
  3. 3. Gaea and Cronus set up an ambush of Uranus as he laywith Gaea at night. Cronus grab his father andcastrated him, with the stone sickle, throwing thesevered genitals into the ocean. The fate of Uranus isnot clear. He either died, withdrew from the earth, orexiled himself to Italy. As he departed he promisedthat Cronus and the Titans would be punished. Fromhis spilt blood came the Giants, the Ash Tree Nymphs,and the Erinnyes.
  4. 4. Their children were:Hades - (God of Underworld)Poseidon – (God of the Sea)Zeus – (God of the Sky)Hestia – (Goddess of the Hearth)Demeter – (Goddess of Agriculture)He married his sisterRhea, (Queen of Heavens)Hera – (Goddess of Marriage)
  5. 5. Cronus, having an uneasy conscience,was afraid that his children mightone day rise up against his authority,and thus verify the prediction of hisfather Uranus. In order, therefore,to render the prophecy impossible offulfillment, Cronus swallowed eachchild as soon as it was born, greatlyto the sorrow and indignation of hiswife Rhea.
  6. 6. When it came to Zeus, the sixthand last, Rhea resolved to tryand save this one child at least,to love and cherish, andappealed to her parents, Uranusand Gaia, for counsel andassistance. By their advice shewrapped a stone inbaby-clothes, and Cronus, ineager haste, swallowed it,Without noticing the deception.
  7. 7. Zeus grew into a handsome youthon Crete. He consulted Metis onhow to defeat Cronus. She prepareda drink for Cronus design to makehim vomit up the other children.Rhea convinced Cronus to accepthis son and Zeus was allowed toreturn to Mount Olympus asCronus cupbearer. This gave Zeus theopportunity to slip Cronus the speciallyprepared drink. This worked as plannedand the other five children were vomitedup. Being gods they were unharmed. Theywere thankful to Zeus and made himtheir leader.
  8. 8. Cronus was yet to be defeated. He and the Titans, exceptPrometheus, Epimetheus, and Oceanus, fought to retain theirpower. Atlas became their leader in battle and it looked for sometime as though they would win and put the young gods down.However, Zeus was cunning. He went down to Tartarus and freedthe Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires. Prometheus joined Zeus aswell. He returned to battle with his new allies.
  9. 9. Oceanus Cronos AtlasEpimetheusCyclopes Zeus Prometheus Hecatonchires
  10. 10. The Cyclopes provided Zeus with lighting boltsfor weapons. The Hecatoncheires he set inambush armed with boulders. With the timeright, Zeus retreated drawing the Titans into theHecatoncheiress ambush. The Hecatoncheiresrained down hundreds of boulders with such afury the Titans thought the mountains werefalling on them.They broke and ran giving Zeus victory.
  11. 11. Zeus exiled the Titans who had fought againsthim into Tartarus. Except for Atlas, who wassingled out for the special punishment of holdingthe world on his shoulders.