Introducing DoES Liverpool


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DoES Liverpool is a new Community Interest Company that has been formed to set up a workshop and co-working space in Liverpool. We tell you more about the company, who is behind it and the events we put on.

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Introducing DoES Liverpool

  1. 1. Introducing DoES Liverpool
  2. 2. About Hack(er)spacesA hackerspace or hackspace .. is a location where peoplewith common interests, usually in computers, technology,science, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialiseand/or collaborate.
  3. 3. What facilities do Hackspaces provide?➲ Machine Tools➲ Audio Equipment➲ Video Projectors➲ Game Consoles➲ Electronic Instrumentation➲ Internet Access➲ Electronic Components➲ Desks➲ Meeting Rooms➲ 3D Printing➲ Laser Cutting➲ Libraries➲ Storage➲ Kitchen Facilities
  4. 4. What does DoESLiverpool hope to achieve?➲ Growth of a community of people interested and involved in technology➲ Creation of successful businesses in Liverpool
  5. 5. “Who” is DoES Liverpool➲ DoES Liverpool is a “Community Interest Company” (CIC)➲ Organisers are currently John McKerrell, Adrian McEwen, Paul Freeman, Ross Jones, Hakim Casimally & Andy Goodwin➲ We are just helping to influence the community and start stuff off, the whole thing only works if other people are in- terested and get involved➲ The people who use the space are the ones who will get to decide the future direction
  6. 6. What facilities will we offer “now”?➲ City-centre location➲ Co-working desks, available to rent on a monthly basis➲ Hot-desks, available to rent flexibly by the day➲ Meeting Room➲ Workshop space ● Internet access & power ● Access to soldering equipment, bench power supply, drill and a variety of other tools and equipment ● Library of technical books➲ Small events space➲ Reception service including postal deliveries
  7. 7. Future facilities?➲ 3D Printer➲ Laser Cutter➲ More technical books, donated by you?➲ Any hardware that youre willing to let others use➲ Bigger space➲ All future facilities will be guided by and dependant on the users of the space.
  8. 8. Details on facilities for members➲ DoES Liverpools initial home will be Gostins Building on Hanover Street➲ We will offer three membership levels: ● Co-working desks – offers a desk, drawers and access to all other services● Workshop access – access to the workshop and a storage box for your project● Hot desks – a desk in the workshop to work from for a day
  9. 9. Facilities for the wider community➲ The workshop space will be available for events too➲ Still working on specifics but if you want to run an event in the space get in touch➲ Aim to cater to different types of groups so theres a good chance well be able to help
  10. 10. Prices➲ Co-working desk: £150/month➲ Workshop access: £30/month➲ Hot-desk: £8/day➲ Events space: ASK➲ DoES Liverpool CIC is not VAT registered
  11. 11. Get in touch➲ @DoESLiverpool on twitter➲➲