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Birth of DoES Liverpool - Ignite Liverpool


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Birth of DoES Liverpool - Ignite Liverpool

  1. 1. John McKerrellHow to launch an awesomecollaborative co-workingcommunity workshop eventshacker space
  2. 2. Community๏ Most important thing in any collaborative project - OSS, events, etc.
  3. 3. Community
  4. 4. Legal๏ Speak to a friendly legal professional๏ (Squatting is illegal and fairly easy to stop)
  5. 5. Practice
  6. 6. Practice๏ Do as much as possible to have people ready to pay you before you start paying rent
  7. 7. Pa nic !
  8. 8. Form a Company๏ Get someone else to do it!
  9. 9. Get a Bank Account๏ Do it early or you can’t pay your bills (or be paid!)
  10. 10. Find a Venue
  11. 11. What can you afford?๏ Boring slide... but important๏ What are you charging?๏ Will anyone pay more than the standard fees to get the place off the ground?๏ Do you need seed money to bridge the time between paying the rent and being paid?๏ cost * members = your budget
  12. 12. Pick a Venue๏ Important Constraints - Accessibility - Opening Hours - Reception Service - Size - Condition - Light - Rent!
  13. 13. Move in๏ Hire a van๏ Recruit some friends๏ Go the gym first๏ “Find” some furniture๏ “Find” some more furniture (Thanks Aiden)
  14. 14. Prepare๏
  15. 15. Launch!๏ Free Open Day
  16. 16. Pa nic !
  17. 17. Cake!๏ Hire a van๏ Recruit some friends๏
  18. 18. Market!๏ Social Media๏ Newspaper Coverage๏ Tell everyone!
  19. 19. Events!๏ BarCamp Liverpool๏ Maker Night, Maker Days๏ GEC2012๏ Sewing Club๏ GeekUp๏ Ada Lovelace Day๏ Lean Liverpool๏ .....
  20. 20. Settle in๏ It’s going to be a long ride๏ There’ll be plenty of stressful moments๏ You’ll need to rush to get things ready!๏ But some things will develop slowly๏ It’ll all be worth it in the end!