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The dynamics of brand attraction


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Presented at Marketing Leaders Masterclass #MLleeds

In this session, Simon and Sarah will be give an overview of how neuroscience informs the creation of emotionally engaging brands, and how marketers can use this to disrupt the market and build deeper consumer engagement to increase sales and market share.

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The dynamics of brand attraction

  1. 1. Unlocking the power of emotion A presentation by Elmwood THE DYNAMICS OF BRAND ATTRACTION
  2. 2. Overall wins to date 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pearlfisher The Team Lewis Moberly Coley Porter Bell BrandOpus Design Bridge Interbrand JKR Tayburn 28 20 18 17 16 15 14 13 13 ELMWOOD1 53 THE WORLD’S MOST EFFECTIVE BRAND DESIGN CONSULTANCY
  3. 3. PRINCIPLESAPPLYTOANYSECTOR •Corporate •Retail •Consumer
  4. 4. We could ensure brands could reach consumers at a deeper emotional level, so they love them more than others? WHATIF...
  5. 5. Business Consumer B i C Vs Logical & Rational Driven by reason Instinctive & Emotional Driven by the senses THECONFLICTTOEMBRACE!
  6. 6. SIMPLEDESIGNISMOREEFFECTIVE tl;dr too long; didn’t read
  7. 7. HOWDOESTHISAFFECTMARKETINGACTIVITY? Marketing is Stimulus Approach/avoidance Interest levels Length of stay Amount spent Like or dislike? Emotions & Feelings Response Behaviours Sight Touch Sound Smell Taste
  9. 9. • Stops - unconsciously stands out and disrupts • Engages - different, intriguing, calls to you • Attracts - appeals sensorially, aesthetically & emotionally • Reassures - makes sense rationally and emotionally SUCCESSFULBRANDCOMMUNICATION…
  10. 10. Biological and emotional responses to visual and other stimuli that can be used to trigger reactions and action
  11. 11. BIOMOTIVETRIGGERS... ...are subconscious, generating emotion and actions without using the conscious side of our brains, located in the cortex... ...these triggers cut through and create instinctive reactions before the cortex can respond.
  12. 12. CUSPS Grab attention
  13. 13. CURVES Convey softness Encourage interaction
  14. 14. Fight? Feed? Fear? Fancy? EYESTRIGGERARESPONSE
  15. 15. ANDREXBuilding big love and creating iconic assets
  16. 16. • Stand out • Emotionally engage • Justify price premium OURBRIEF
  17. 17. Volume growth +13.0% Volume growth +17% ANICONICBRANDLEADER...
  18. 18. Andrex grew share of the category by... 5% In the year of brand refresh, revenue was an all time record for Andrex. PROFIT&GROWTH
  19. 19. PROFIT&GROWTH improvement in brand bonding +32%400,000+
  21. 21. The End For your daily nugget of inspiration Director of Effectiveness Stuff