How to be Social with My Sites in SharePoint 2013


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Introduction to enterprise social and how to be social with My Sites in SharePoint 2013

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  • Audience:
    Business Manager
    Information Architect/Business Analyst
    IT Management
    Topics: Enterprise Social
  • Thank you to CloudShare, my sponsor for SharePoint demo environment hosting
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    Self-service cloud
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  • Business / Government / Non-profit / Community?
    SharePoint 2010 / 2013?
    On premises / cloud?
    My Sites?
  • Twenty years ago social used to mean:
    Impromptu and informal discussions
    Getting to know your coworkers interests
    Office parties and lunches
    Organized team-building events
    Having fun together
  • Today people would say that social in the enterprise is:
  • Geographic separation – Multiple offices / Multiple time zones
    Cultural / language differences
    On-the-road / In-the-field
  • And many more
    But how do the features and capabilities integrate with the enterprise?
  • Jared Spataro, General Manager of Enterprise Social, Microsoft - Work like a network! Enterprise social and the future of work

    Why is Microsoft so focused on cloud – Yammer and Office 365?
    Innovate quickly
    Take advantage of viral user adoption
    Natural network effect that makes social so powerful
  • Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ
  • Hon. Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board of Canada, address to Cloud Factory Conference, 2014
    Corinne Charette, Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada, keynote to GTEC 2013
  • How to be Social with My Sites in SharePoint 2013

    1. 1. How to be social with My Sites in SharePoint 2013 John Calvert – Chief Architect, Software Craft Inc.
    2. 2. Agenda Intro What is Social in the Enterprise? Strategy and Choices Demo Focused: Common Work Loads Q&A
    3. 3. Overview Learn about the social features in SharePoint 2013 My Sites:  Follow people, sites and documents, and tags  Micro-blogging with mentions and tags  People search; and more Audience: Business Manager - Information Architect/Business Analyst - IT Management Level: Introductory, designed for SharePoint newcomers and beginners. 3
    4. 4. Thank You to my Sponsor
    5. 5. Who am I? John Calvert  .NET / SharePoint solution architect  Over 18 years experience developing business solutions for private industry & government  Recent clients include Justice Canada, National Research Council, Medical Council of Canada  Specialize in Microsoft technologies  Speaker at user groups and conferences
    6. 6. Who are you? 6 2013
    7. 7. What is Social in the Enterprise?
    8. 8. What is Social in the Enterprise? 8
    9. 9. What is Social in the Enterprise? 9
    10. 10. Business Value of Enterprise Social No single one-size-fits-all answer Some examples  Employee Engagement  Team Collaboration  Cross-Functional Collaboration  Business Agility 10
    11. 11. Obstacles to Being Social 11
    12. 12. Tools for being Social 12
    13. 13. Vision and Strategy For Enterprise Social
    14. 14. Governance / Plan Vision and Goals Goals (Sample)  Employee Engagement  Team Collaboration  Business Agility Strategy Adoption and Roll-Out Plans
    15. 15. Strategy for Enterprise Social Several choices to make:  On premises vs cloud services  Newsfeed vs Yammer feed web part  OOTB vs 3rd Party features
    16. 16. Choices – OOTB Social 16
    17. 17. Choices - Yammer 17
    18. 18. Choices – 3rd Parties 18
    19. 19. Choices – Pros & Cons On-Premises  Integrated with rest of SharePoint today  Basic capability with gaps; end-of-life Yammer  Rich capabilities; evolving  Not yet fully integrated with rest of SharePoint 3rd Party  Rich capabilities; evolving  Additional cost and 3rd party components 19
    20. 20. Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Roadmap Microsoft says  Go Yammer!  Investment in social will focus on Yammer and Office 365  Committed to another on-premises release of SharePoint Server [probably in 2015]  Will maintain its social capabilities  Not planning on adding new social features Are you ready and able to go cloud? 20
    21. 21. SharePoint On-Premises Lifecycle Microsoft says  Support SharePoint on-premises a minimum of 10 years  Mainstream support for at least 5 years  Extended support for at least 5 years  Until at least end of 2022 (SP2013) and 2025 (SP2015?) Is that long enough for your needs? Can you even predict your needs 5 years out? 21
    22. 22. Government of Canada Cloud-First Strategy Minister of Treasury Board of Canada says that government departments / public organizations:  “will be directed to consider cloud options during the IT procurement process”  “must have considered and evaluated potential cloud solutions before they consider any other option” Does this influence your strategy? 22
    23. 23. Adoption Plan – Some Elements Define the business case (vision and goals) Establish executive support Recruit enthusiastic early adopter Target leaders and events to gain visibility Identify and resolve adoption blockers Train and support (or not, if adoption goes viral) 23
    24. 24. Common Work Loads
    25. 25. Common Work Loads Asking/Answering Questions Working with Documents Finding Out More about People Managing Multiple Projects 25
    26. 26. Common Work Loads Demos 26
    27. 27. Wrap Up
    28. 28. Conclusion Choose between On-Premises vs Cloud Choose between OOTB vs 3rd-Party Plan, Sponsor, Champions, Measure, Adjust Get Social!! 28
    29. 29. Related Sessions on Social 6.3 Showcase your employees with a complete enterprise directory built on SharePoint 2013 (Tue 8:30 AM) 13.1 Real-life business value with O365 and Yammer (Wed 11:30 AM) 14.2 How to become a Yammer power user in 75 minutes (Wed 1:45 PM) 29
    30. 30. Links An Overview of the Personalized SharePoint 2013 Social Experience (SPC187 2012) Microsoft's roadmap for Enterprise Social (SPC282 2014) Current State Of SharePoint 2013 Social Collaboration (Jeremy Thake, blog Jan 2013) 30
    31. 31. Contact Me John Calvert  Chief Architect, Software Craft, Inc.  johnmcalvert (at) hotmail (dot) ca  softwarecraft (dot) ca  johnmcalvert  softwarecraft99
    32. 32. Please rate this session! Fill out the survey for a chance to win a Surface
    33. 33. Thank you for your attention! This presentation will be available on the Toronto SharePoint Summit web site a few days after the event.