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Api Centric is a new paradigm extending API Management to include mobile apps and web apps and other enterprise assets.

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  • Wso2 v ision api centric

    1. 1. API Centric 12/9/2013 John Mathon
    2. 2. Complete Componentized Platform SOA, API, Cloud, DevOps, PaaS, Mobile, Social • SOA Middleware – gReg, Message Broker, ESB, Business Rules, Business Process Server, AS • Identity Manager – Authentication, Federated Identity, Authorization, Audit – OAUTH1&2, OPENID, XACML, … • API Management – Forrester calls #1 product – Social Store, Publisher, Subscriber, gateway • Cloud – DevOpsPaaS, Ecosystem PaaS • Big Data – BAM, Data Services, Storage Services, Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, Complex Event Proc
    3. 3. Complete Componentized Platform SOA, API, Cloud, DevOps, PaaS, Mobile, Social • Presentation – User Experience Server • Developer – Eclipse based dev environment w/drag and drop EIP and BPEL GUI or – CodeEnvy for in-browser development (next year) • Mobile – MDM, MAM (coming MEAP and BaaS) • Social – Enterprise Store, social connectors, bigdata social BI
    4. 4. WSO2 Technology Vision • API Centric Platform – • Connected Business Platform – – • • API Management for everything • Internal services, external services (REST or non-REST) • Applications, web applications, mobile applications • Enable re-use by creating a social Store to find and manage, monitor, subscribe, comment, re-use any enterprise asset • Internal or External publishing Connect (integrate) internal systems, Employees, Customers, Partners, Extended Partners, Potential Customers Anyway they want: APIs, legacy, Mobile or Web Applications, Email, social apis, PaaS, iPaaS, DaaS, aPaaS … Cloud Native – DevOps automated deployment private cloud, public cloud or WSO2 cloud Open Source, WYDIWYG
    5. 5. WSO2 App Factory Development Environment App/API Store Test Cloud Lifecycle Management Cartridges Stratos Platform Production Cloud Cartridges Cartridges Stratos Platform Managed APIs & Data Sources Development Cloud Stratos Platform App Command: Developer & Management Portal Source Code Management Continuous Build Cloud Issue Tracker Content PaaS Forums Developer Studio 1/24/2014 5
    6. 6. API Management Components
    7. 7. Publish and Socialize
    8. 8. Expose Services As APIs
    9. 9. CXO Dashboard
    10. 10. Complete Integration Stack –Transports: HTTP, JMS, AMQP, FTP, POP, IMAP, FIX, Custom! –Formats & Protocols: JSON, XML, SOAP, EDI, HL7, Binary formats, CORBA/IIOP, Custom –Legacy Adapters: SAP, PeopleSoft, CICS (via CTG), IBM WebSphere MQ, MSMQ –Cloud Adapters: SalesForce, –Paypal,LinkedIn, Twitter, JIRA, Twilio
    11. 11. Mobile • Mobile – – – – – • Support for Apple, Android Enterprise Store to download (Private store or Public Store) Security Device Control Disable Phone features MDM – Device Management – Security, Delete, Policies, Wipe… • MAM – Application Management – Store to download apps, upgrade, delete, compartmentalize • Future (MEAP, BaaS) – Integrated Support for Phone Gap,, others anticipated 2014 – Our own BaaS or other open source
    12. 12. API Centric / Connected Business
    13. 13. Boeing
    14. 14. Maximus Phase 1 Glossary: MB: Message Broker DSS: Data Services BRS: Business Rules Server BPS: Business Process Server SS: Storage Server to Cassandra BAM: Business Activity
    15. 15. Contact us: Follow us:!/wso2
    16. 16. API and SOA Governance • Manage Dependencies • Track adoption – Usage and Subscription Tracking • Manage Compatibility – Backwards or Forwards – Versioning • Communicate Migration Strategies – Deprecation, Retirement
    17. 17. Scalable Deployment Architecture
    18. 18. WSO2 Engagement Model
    19. 19. Complete platform